Christian Premarital Counseling Manual for Counselors, An Introduction to Christian Premarital Counseling by Rev. You might just be one of those church leaders looking for free online resources for premarital counseling. Introduces a premarital Christian counseling manual to aid pastors, elders and other church leaders involved in premarital counseling to challenge and prepare engaged couples to have good and godly marriages. Premarital counseling is best seen as a specialized discipleship course that enhances the truths relevant to establishing a good and godly marriage for the couple. Premarital counseling is a highly specialized but important form of mentoring for the church. You can order the Building a Great Marriage printed seminar materials including handouts at the BFF Resource Center.

And to top it off, BFF has provided many top quality articles on marriages sorted in three categories: 'Preparing for Marriage,' 'Strengthening Good Marriages' and 'Renewing Poor Marriages.' Click on our marriage book above!
In 2009 sociologist Mark Regnerus writing for Christianity Today suggested that American churches failed to teach Christians how to get married. For Christian singles preparing to get married there are counselors that provide biblically-based pre-marriage counseling such as Marriage Missions International.
One can see by the festive manner in which the couple holds their wedding that they have a lot of hope for their marriage. Although the couple will not remember much, we as the counselors must help them see what obstacles they might find in their early marriage and give them hope and means to overcome them. Many churches are starting to implement premarital counseling but have very limited resources.

Or even bettr get the BFF Marriage Digital Library which includes the Christian Premarital Counseling as well as all of our many marriage resources like this book and its powerpoints, handouts, audios and videos.
The more the society and families break apart, the more a study of what God says about marriage is needed.

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