They found that having more than 20 male partners doubled the risk of prostate cancer and made an aggressive cancer five times more likely. Testosterone Use and CancerThere's some concern that long-term use of testosterone may cause prostate cancer in older men.
Men taking testosterone will need regular checkups to look for early signs of prostate cancer.
This covers: All men over 50, men over 40 with a family history of prostate cancer, and all African American men.

Sexuality is often an expression of intimacy, but intimacy isn't necessarily about sex. In women's bodies, the ovaries and adrenal glands make small amounts of the male sex hormones (androgens). Cancer and its treatments can affect women's hormone levels in the short and long term, sometimes causing early menopause (when the ovaries have ceased releasing eggs and the menstrual cycle has stopped) or menopause-like symptoms.
Testicles (also called testes): make and store sperm and produce the male sex hormone, testosterone.

Cancer can, however, affect your sexuality and your ability to be intimate in both physical and emotional ways.

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