Thomas Beatie went on to become the first man in the world to give birth – and then produced a further two children. Sadly for the 38-year-old, his marriage to the mother of his three children– Susan, four, Austin, three, and Jensen, two – broke down earlier this year.
This time Thomas, who had a sex change 15 years ago but kept his womb, hopes it won’t be him carrying the baby. If all goes to plan and Amber does get pregnant, Thomas says that having been through it all himself he’ll be able ­to empathise with her if she suffers from morning sickness or has cravings for strange food. The couple plan to use the same sperm donor Thomas used for his existing children – a 6ft blond ­Lithuanian who has a black belt in Taekwondo. When Thomas first ­became pregnant in 2007, he was married to Nancy, who was 11 years his ­senior and already had two daughters. But in spite of everything he and Nancy had been through, their marriage broke down after she ­started to drink too much and became aggressive.

Thomas lodged divorce papers in March, and was granted sole custody of the children in May. He had already met Amber, who runs the day care centre his children used to go to, and she soon moved in with him. Thomas admits he’s yet to properly explain to his kids how their ­family is different to others. Thomas says he regularly reads to Susan from a book called Mr Seahorse, which explains that it’s the male who gives birth, not the female. While the kids appear to be thriving now, Thomas admits they may ­struggle as they get older and realise just how unique their family is.
The morning-after pill has been made officially available in all pharmacies to girls under 16 for the first timeA girl looking to buy the pill will be asked whether she is willing to tell her parents that she has had unprotected sex, or if not, whether she is willing for somebody else to tell them.
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Amber suggested we both try to get pregnant and В­whoever gets there first goes through with it. He had his next two children in quick succession to limit the length of time he was off his hormone treatment. He knows they may get bullied or stumble across some of the thousands of negative comments about him on the internet.
Even though I’m the first legal male on record to have a baby, I’ve been contacted by ­dozens of ­transgender men who want to do it too. Girls don’t go to the pharmacy unless something has happened and they need care’.Britain has one of the highest rates of teenage pregnancies in Europe.

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