Brother and sister duo Liam and Naomi Broady will become the first British mixed siblings to step out onto Wimbledon’s manicured lawns for 37 years on Monday. And obviously, nowhere is this trend more hilariously mined for instant drama than in teen soap operas. To do so, he sold the family home and downsized to a modest red brick terrace, funding their travel and coaching out of the money left over. Shannon and Boone, Lost, season one (2004-2005)Boone (Ian Somerhalder) and Shannon (Maggie Grace) arrive on the mysterious island of Lost bickering, though Boone, at least, clearly feels affection for his standoffish traveling companion.
Shannon eventually uses her upper hand in her relationship with Boone to repeatedly con her smitten step-bro out of money, with the help of numerous dirtbag boyfriends. But he feels so guilty about sleeping with his half-sister that he hides that information for most of the first season.
The episode is about how friendships wax and wane, so the incest gag is mostly a way to undermine the old friend in favor of the new one. At a Halloween party, Meg and Chris accidentally spend seven minutes in heaven together, not recognizing each other under their costumes. Little Charles (played by Benedict Cumberbatch in the Wells film) is unemployed and constantly berated by his mother Mattie Fae for being a screw up. But Ivy is, in fact seeing Little Charles, who, as his mother reveals, is actually the product of an affair she had with Beverly, the patriarch whose disappearance is the catalyst for the entire story.

That makes them not just first cousins but also half-siblings, for those keeping score at home. The final shot of the scene is of Iris, staring upward at her looming brother, face unreadable. Son, Older Daughter, and Younger Daughter, Dogtooth (2009)Incest goes Greek in Dogtooth, the Academy Award-nominated ultra-black comedy from filmmaker and theater director Yorgos Lanthimos. The setup is simple: Insanely overprotective Father and Mother confine their three unnamed teenage children to a stately house that is more enforced compound than home. Christina trades oral sex for a headband with the eldest daughter, and the Eldest takes this newfound sex-for-trade scenario to her younger sister. The squirmiest scene, in a film full of them, features mechanical, unsimulated sex between Son and Older Daughter. They understand bodily pleasure, but have no concept of sex outside of immediate gratification.
Lucrezia and Cesare, The Borgias (2011-2013)The Borgias spent two seasons promising audiences that the intense sibling simpatico between Cesare and Lucrezia Borgia was never going to cross the line into the incestuous relationship that started as a political smear campaign and became an eyebrow-raising fixture of the family legend. No one told Holliday Grainger or Francois Arnaud, though, and they played every scene with the sort of calculated yearning that left little room for doubt.
Cathy and Chris, Flowers In The Attic (2014) and Petals In The Wind (2014)Lifetime must be patting itself on the back for jumping on the incest trend with its adaptations of V.C.

Morgan and Arthur, Camelot (2011)The role of Morgan in the Arthurian legend has undergone significant changes over the years.
Even after sibling knowledge, both Matt and Emme continued to declare their love for each other, unable to listen to reason from any of their parents.
The back half of the season introduced Charlie (Jack Falahee), a character who knew not-so-twisted Danny from their time in juvie and developed an obsession with him and his life. Robin and Johnno, Top Of The Lake (2013) Detective Robin Griffin (Elisabeth Moss), the beleaguered heroine of this complex miniseries from the mind of writer-director Jane Campion, spends nearly every second processing the trauma of her adolescence while investigating a mysterious crime in a quiet, gray town in New Zealand. Her investigation of the strange pregnancy of a young girl named Tui forces her to play power games with old acquaintances during her small-town investigation while trying to heal from the scars she still bears. Wright), her erstwhile ex and the son of the town druglord, who very quickly enters her orbit and ends up staying, either to save her life or because she feels connected to him, which they both recognize as a rare thing. While in the hospital, Jeremy (Raviv Ullman) begins suffering the same symptoms; in true House style, their symptoms escalate quickly, and the climax poses terrible questions about finding your true love and facing death. On the other hand, though, Tony looks just like Sarah and her clone-sisters Alison, Helena, Cosima, Rachel, and, you know, the list goes on.

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