It takes great effort and time to build, but it can be broken quickly.Almost every relationship has encountered difficulties over broken trust.
I would even argue that most difficulties in relationships stem directly from a breach of trust. We want them to feel the pain that they have caused us, but this kind of thinking hurts everyone involved and damages trust even more. I was angry, disgusted and hurt and spent quite some time trying to punish him (which I know was a poor choice but I can’t change it now). Prayer is essential, but its me who carries this pain everyday, this is why I have to forgive. People make mistakes, I have to forgive and see the love that is still there… Just keeping in mind, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

The first few months or these months coming up to the year mark where you remember the episodes where you thought something was up but if course, didn’t expect that!! Neither wants to be apart but yet sometimes it takes great effort to just be in the same room. He tells me that I have nothing to worry about and that he’s honest with me but I still struggle with trying to trust him again. If she were, there would be no hesitation in deleting this man not only from her phone, but from her life. I hate to read but the contents of that book and praying and crying out to God for strength to forgive and trust again after my husbands emotional affair with a coworker a yr and s half ago, saved my marriage. The words I heard that night are words you never want to hear from the person you love am trust with all you have.

Marriage has always been a struggle for us but it seemed we were always able to make it through. A part of me always have a bit of sadness carried around do to this, but I also have learned to that at times when these rush of feelings and thoughts come to me that I have to take control and push it away. I find my self getting angry at times and wondering why me, but I do t want to play the victim card.

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