R&B singer Robin Thicke recently admitted during an interview with Essence Magazine that dating his African American wife Paula Patton for more than 18 years was one of the driving forces behind his successful music career. Although Thicke’s wife Paula is bi-racial, he continued by confessing that he in fact has never dated a white woman. Thicke also switched his focus by claiming some black woman may need to humble themselves if they wish to find quality black men. You can tell Robin was just saying this to appease his black fans and his black male friends he has. What is up with black magazines and talks show hosts such as Chelsey trying to get these nothing to do with anything celebs to talk on matters on black relationships, the black community, and what people should and should not do. Robin thick encourages black women to date black men (he does not discourage them to date white men, how grotesque!).
This is just another advertisement to diminish, get rid of and or eliminate the BLACK race.
What i do see is any time the subject comes up regareding black women and other races black men usually react with name calling like sellout and other such names(you tube,topix) or in reality if they see a black woman with another race they really behave badly sometimes even to the point of violence(like the black marines that killed the ir couple in san diego). To state that rap music is an entity that identifies blacks or identifies reasons for a relationship with blacks is insulting and ridiculous.
Actually Jazz was global and blacks that was doing it was accepted world wide rap is mostly crap. Black women should be open to dating other races because when you know your beauty is admired and appreciated by different types of men, it’s powerful and you grow from the variety. It’s interesting to see how obsessed black people are about interracial relationships. When I was single, I dated mainly white guys, a few Latinos, a couple of black men, but no Asian (even though I was asked out by two).
The way Black men and Black women argue and slang mud at each other, it’s no wonder there are so few Black marriages.
The point of the articles is not to encourage anyone to do anything , it’s simply stating that black women should explore more options, that’s all!!
People have a right to date who they want to date, just do not use it as an excuse that their is no available black men, and for the record not everyone wants to get married. I’m not sure if there is a movement so to speak for black women to date interracially. I appreciate the article for the simple fact that it sheds light on certain stigmas about black women in interracial relationships (which are very real). And if you are, as you say, weary of the subject of interracial dating, do yourself and the reading public a favor and stop talking about it! I think what Christelyn is doing is offering black women an option, not forcibly telling them what to do. The sad part is that many top blacks marry poor others (white, Latino, Asian), but rarely do rich whites marry poor blacks. A white saying that about another white dating a black is horribly racist, but when a black says that about another black, its righteous indignation.
At the end of the day, I’m happy and proud to see this beautiful fellow black woman experiencing love and success and I know she feels the same way about me. This is probably why most of the relationships involving blacks don’t do well because many are built on false or silly pretenses.
I actually think white men who choose to date inter-racially are more likely to go for dark-skinned women. I just want to find whoever started that “70 percent of Black women are single” conversation and put them on a rocket ship to outer space with whoever first volunteered that “the solution is to date outside of your race” remark.I don’t even remember when it started, but apparently, of all of the solutions presented for this so-called “issue”, interracial dating somehow emerged as the groundbreaking cure-all.
I, personally, think that, for every Black-women-bashing male, there are at least 10 Black-women-loving men of other races.
I do think that single black women shouldn’t date interracially just because their single, but it also makes sense that if one opens up their dating pool that they will better the odds of them finding a mate.

A woman who knows her self worth and can be realistic with a person and his character can see past his color. But the problem with that is that they may be throwing away a chance good, man who can love and treat them the way that every woman want to be treated.
I don’t feel that it added anything to the conversation about race and love in regards to black women and white males in particular. She wants black women to gain insight into the fact that black men are not the only choice. It talks in detail about vetting your men, and not just picking up any old non-black guy just because he’s not black. We scoured the interwebs and our own treasure trove of celebrity knowledge to bring you 15 women who shocked us just a bit when they stepped out with white men. He’d be ran out of town on a rail labeled as a racist, but you can say that to white men all day long with no worries about being labeled a racist. The biggest prison sentence (11years) handed down on Wall Street in many years was recently given to a Hedge Fund manager from Sri Lanka named Raj Rajaratnam , who is as dark as the average black American.. I am surprised that a shallow article on interracial dating could even result in some of the disturbing views being posted below. And he fights a major insult to black American men whom are constantly being told that they worth nothing. This is particularly true for women, whom society seems to make responsible for a significant portion of our moral underpinning, particularly when it comes to ideas surrounding dating and sex.
But I am watching for other black women out the corner of my eye, concerned she might view me as a traitor, or go Sister Soulja and make a snide remark. The black woman I was most attracted to was successful, confident, funny easy going and all in all a good person to be around. Even if a black female only dates black men i would think as a human-when a non-black guy is interested,cares and loves her and she return finds herself attracted and begin to care and love him she will be with him!
I find that I love them more because the connection is less distant than other types of men. I don’t like it because then it makes it seem like women (like me) who happened to be married to someone of a different race did so because that’s the popular advice of today.This “should we” or “shouldn’t we” interracial dating debate goes on ad nauseam in the black blogosphere with people speaking out passionately on both sides. Black women have too many better things they can do and too many better men they can spend their time with to be wasting time on these sorry, Black-woman-bashing punks who try to downplay their own male inadequacies by exaggerating the failures of Black women. But I must say the whole idea of the book and movie is that some white knight (literally) will come in and swoop all forlorned sisters off their feet.
It seems to me that this irrelevant artiicle is trying to prevent the black women community from knowing irr between bw and non bm exits!
104,000 people I am a black police officer there and state so that you know who I am and how I know these facts. He was given the long sentence because his crimes were so huge monetarily and so extensive, Wall Street is no longer all white.
If this is true they must hate Black Men judging by what you guys do to them in the present day. Not to mention she could drain a mean jump shot having played collegiate b-ball in her early days. Until one day I ran into an asian girl who was one of the funniest, most confident, must unconventional and kick-ass women I’ve ever met. Those men who scrutinize and generalize negative things about Black woman are simply showing their misinformed nature. I'm sick of being victimized because of the bastards that these women have dealt with. Therefore it makes more sense for them to date someone with dark skin than someone who looks almost white. When often the issue with the less than 42% of sistas who never marry (does not mean never find sustained relationships…nor mention the fact that the percentage is less than the brothas who never marry) is that many have issues that should be worked out internally, and cannot be fixed through marrying anyone else.

If she only speaks negatively about black men who are not related to her, she has an issue. I don’t like people telling women or men to date outside their race because men and women have the wonderful opportunity to meet so many different people of different cultures. Being apart of the Beyond Black and White community, I know the women there on a whole did not need anyone to tell them to be interested in interracial dating or marriage. We dont HAVE to have articles that tell people that tells us AA females to stop waiting and limiting your happiness with black men and date outside. The only black women that i see white men with almost look exactly like them light skinned, mixed, or latino.
You’ll learn why there are books and websites reaching out to some of those black women who are not so open minded about dating non-black men. There are many women out there who make bad decisions when it comes to relationships period and they need to heal and look at themselves before dating anyone.
Blac k men were also included for me however I married the man I loved because he is the most compatible with me. Most of the women there express having a preference in attraction toward non-black men from a young age, myself included. I am a Caribbean American with mixed heritage which inspires me to seek out what's in the world that will make me happy. Not that they don't go for light-skinned women too, but in a way it defeats the purpose (as far as looks are concerned). No other information on the movie has been released yet, but the author says the book is  “a dating wake-up call for African American women”.
Because people who think they’re giving well-meaning advice by saying “Black women should date outside of their race” are really just perpetuating the fallacy that Black women (who want to)В don’tВ date outside of their race already. And you know what if a guy comes whose non black and can give me what I’m looking for and more no question ask im opting for happiness.
You have a black man raised by a single mother and than when he gets older he not only refuses to date black women, but also speaks poorly of them. I feel when i read articles like this, its basically telling me not to care who im attracted too just date outside your race because alot of you black men is doing it. The other day we were discussing one woman’s story about how her family ran her white boyfriend out of their house and out of her life when she introduced him. Since this “Single Black Women” conversation started, women who happened to have married outside of the race begin being used by both sides of the useless argument.
A while before that we had a discussion with black mothers sharing their stories about being in public and white people approaching them to ask whether their kids were actually theirs. If there weren’t real discussions in the broad topic of interracial dating, we surely would not be talking about it. Some Black women want her to give advice on how to meet White men and others want her to prove she doesn’t have something against Black men. People assume that she is in it for the “pretty babies” and others say that she doesn’t want her children to have black features.
Personally, I am sick to death of people expecting me to either encourage them to “leave these Black men alone” or insinuating that my marriage is some sort of gimmick and a direct response to trendy advice.
Maybe there are some Black women who have taken a look at their lackluster love lives and decided that Black men were the problem, so they made a conscious decision to date or marry someone of another race. Good men and women with solid futures are found working their butts off in universities, offices and workplaces.
In fact, I think that any woman who believes that a husband being White (or Black) will insure her against infidelity or divorce or general unhappiness is just delusional.

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