Whoever the guy is and whatever the situation, if you are conscious that the failure of your relationship has been more difficult to get through this time versus the previous ones, it may be time to gather the help of your fellow sisters. You were your own unique and interesting person long before this guy’s opinion ever meant a thing to you; the more you remember and act on that, the stronger and more attractive you’ll feel. Some guys will pretend they like a girl because they don't have the guts to tell them the truth. Find a new hobby, get a different haircut, get in shape,sign up for a dance class, cook a gourmet meal, or buy a few clothes. Once you take off your heartache blinders, you’ll realize that there are more guys out there than you can shake a stick at – and a few that you might not even want to.
Remember that there are over a billion guys out there, and many might be better than that guy.

He’s an Admin, New Article Booster, and Featured Author, and he has started 25 articles and reviewed over 82,000 edits on the wiki for accuracy and helpfulness. The only thing that differs is the longer you were in that committed relationship, the longer you need to get over it. Personally, this is the best distraction because abandoned or neglected animals are receiving much needed love, and you are getting to play with furry little balls of joy that will put a smile on your face. In fact, it may help to think back on all the other ways that this guy demonstrated his poor judgment. If you simply cannot function around him, find (inconspicuous) ways to avoid him until you feel more centered. Falling for a superficial guy who walked straight out of a Nicholas Sparks movie does not compare to falling for a guy who you were emotionally, psychically and intellectually attracted to.

When you are feeling bogged down by a guy, it is crucial to build up your motivation and feeling of independence. Then we grow up and reality hits, which often times leads to you or both eventually getting hurt.

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