There are few public figures in this world that are as polarizing as Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter. I don’t think songs like Grown Woman and Bow Down (I Been On) were made to denegrate other women or establish dominance. As someone who has dipped their toe in the pond of feminist media, I have witness scores of debates and articles written about Beyonce and validity as a feminist. I wouldn’t call it a hit and the lyrics were simplistic but it was cute and the beat was catchy.

Perhaps, they are Beyonce’s form of self-definition and a middle finger to people that seek to challenge her definition. That said, when her new song Grown Woman was leaked to the media earlier this week and I saw her grace the cover of feminist magazine Ms., I knew this week was gonna be a doozy in Beyonce news. Underneath the picture, scores of feminists expressed their displeasure with Beyonce being on the cover. This song comes on the hills of the controversial Bow Down (I Been On) and has received its fair share of criticism.

Many believed she wasn’t a feminist because they deemed some her behavior as problematic.

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