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Spontaneous people are determined and ensure that they have all the experience that comes their way. Spontaneous people are highly creative in that they try to come up with solutions to problems they may face. This is the tendency of having emotional instability and it is a trait that is mostly exhibited by spontaneous people.

Spontaneous people have got a high sense of flexibility in that they can handle any kind of challenge that the world may throw at them however disappointing they may be. Spontaneous people have got a high sense of humor where they ensure that everybody enjoys what they are saying. Spontaneous individuals are always humorous and they remain creative, open minded and lively. Spontaneous people tend to show this trait as they are not likely to be affected by the kind of stimulation found by staying in one place.
For instance if you plan to do something in the next В month, it is easy to say that that is not spontaneous. Despite this, you will find that people within society or just within your circle of friends, that show tendencies of being spontaneous are very few. They also appreciate the works of art and it has been argued by English writers that this trait stems from the openness the spontaneous people have.

It has been discovered that people who are spontaneous score highly in the test and they are prone to anxiety stress and even depression when compared to those who score lowly. There greatest pleasure is being with others and they carry with them the pleasant desire of achieving their potentials. All these cases may not be considered to be spontaneous because you have spent some time to plan on what you what to do. Spontaneous people are those people who do something that they did not plan about for instance you just decide to go the mall right now, right away this is something you did not plan and you go.

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