The same could be said for helloSMS - given that Hangouts is rather hit and miss in how it handles messaging, a one-time fee would be worth it for the well-designed texting app.These practices aren't good for the Android ecosystem. With a ton in the Google Play Store, here are some of the best backup and utility apps around.
The formerly free app suddenly began asking for a monthly tithe of $3, $9, or $19 in order to keep it "ad free." The ads didn't appear right away, but I didn't wait around.

They feel like a bait-and-switch, which can just turn people off next time they are tempted to hit that "Install" button.В  Yes, developers should get paid for their apps, and too many people have been conditioned to expect free software. He is the author of Learning MIT App Inventor, a hands-on guide to building your own Android apps.
When an app launches, it should say up front what the situation is with regards to asking you for money.

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