Ask to exchange numbers for homework purposes: "Hey, I'm gonna miss class next week and I don't want to fall back.
Ask to exchange numbers to organize rides for sports or school: "I could give you a ride after the game. Getting someone's phone number from a mutual friend or from Facebook is much less desirable than asking them upfront. Never try to start a text conversation with "Hey." It gives the other person nothing to respond to, nothing to say, and suggests that you're a boring person, or--worse--that you're just wasting your crush's time. This will give your crush the impression that you're thinking about them often, but not obsessing. Once you've thought it through and you can tell they are interested in you, don't worry about asking when you can see each other after this. If there doesn't appear to be anything distracting your crush and his or her annoyance with you still seems to be heightening, excuse yourself politely, make a quick escape, and consider trying another day. There's nothing worse than feeling unrequited love for someone who's completely unaware of it, so if your crush friend-zones you, just accept it and move on. Your appearance isn't nearly as important in this context as your ability to carry on a conversation, but looking nice can't hurt, so spend a little extra time on your choice of outfit, hair,how you smell, and makeup (if you wear any). For anyone who's seriously worried about talking to a crush, ask one of your friends to scope out the situation before you go up to your crush. If you do not want to talk directly to your crush, talk to one of their friends and maybe your crush will chime in. Starting good text conversations and learning proper texting etiquette will help keep their interest and give you a whole new opportunity to flex your flirtation skills. If you want to text with someone you're crushing on, it's usually better to get to know them a bit in real life first.
When the conversation is flowing smoothly and you're having a good time, ask to exchange numbers. If you're shy and intimidated by the idea of approaching your crush and starting an analog conversation, consider waiting for a situation in which it would be less awkward to ask for their number for practical reasons. Sorry to bother you, but Steve gave me your number because I just had to ask about this math problem. If you want to start texting your crush, come up with some good reasons to talk and some good conversation topics to stimulate a text exchange, just as you would when you're starting a conversation in real life. When you're texting, you have to control your tone and make sure that your exchanges appear light and won't be interpreted any other way than what you mean. You took a few minutes out of another activity to make conversation with them, but you didn't overstay your text welcome or just text them out of boredom. Express your more-than-a-friend interest in your crush by being playful and teasing them in a fun and polite way: "I mean, I'm not really sure what happened in the play because I had trouble paying attention to anyone else. Overusing omg's and lol's may seem like a shortcut to your crush's heart, but it may be a bit of a turnoff for some. If you think things might be getting serious between the two of you, don't risk a misinterpretation of an "I like you text" and declare your undying love for someone who's just being casual and saying they like your sense of humor. Learn your crush's texting style and frequency and stay within the boundaries of your texting relationship.
From introducing yourself to making conversation, it can be difficult to put your best foot forward. Your crush likes getting the extra attention you want to give them, but they don't want to feel like you've been thinking about them every single second for the past three days.

You can get over your nervousness — or eliminate it altogether — by taking a moment to consider your options. One of the reasons you're probably afraid of being crushed is that it will hurt your confidence.
Studies have found that simply looking at your Facebook wall for 3 minutes can significantly boost your self-confidence.[1] It's worth a try! If you've already formally introduced yourself, then all you need to do is say a simple "hi" or "hello." Remember to look your crush directly into the eyes when you say hello. Ask thought-provoking things that relate to your current situation—"why" and "how" questions are typically best if you want to talk for awhile.
If you feel like the conversation is going well, don't hesitate to ask when your crush is free again. If your crush does any of these things, take note—it likely means that he or she is nervous around you, too. If they are in the mood to talk, your friend should be able to pick that up and let you know. They simply may not know how they feel, but if you do, keep showing your feelings and they might discover their feelings to. Sometimes you can get too deep with this imaginary relationship and will end up gettig crushed easier. Even if you think you can make your crush like you if he or she talks to you enough, that kind of strained relationship will inevitably end in heartbreak. As long as you've practiced and prepared enough, this won't be a problem—in your head you should already know what to do under any circumstances.
You can learn how to get your crush's number, start conversations, and keep it flirty with wikiHow.
Just asking questions will make them feel like they're being interrogated (creepy), especially if you respond with "Oh" or "lol".
If you're trying to catch the eye and the attention of your crush with your words, make them stand out. Make funny observations, tell stories, and ask open-ended questions if you want to have a text conversation.
If you want to get flirty with your crush, starting with a compliment is always a pretty safe bet: "You were so awesome in the play. Don't text your crush in class or when they're busy doing other things and risk getting them in trouble. If you want to make a good impression on your crush, try using some of these different ideas. Practice at home before actually approaching your crush, and you won't be caught in an awkward moment of silence. Imagine a variety of situations in which you might have the opportunity to talk to your crush, and act these out in front of the mirror. It means put yourself in a position where you don't care whether your crush likes you back.
These often lead to in-depth discussions that both of you can participate in, which is ideal when talking to a crush. If you come up with a story to tell, make sure your crush has finished talking before you begin, and keep it short and sweet so your crush doesn't think you're full of yourself.
This can be anything from a couple of minutes at lunch tomorrow to a bona fide date with movie and dinner — your request will depend on how confident you feel and how your crush acts while you're talking.

If your crush seems disengaged or bored, ask if anything is wrong; maybe it's been a bad day, maybe they've got something on their mind.
If your crush has posted their number on their Facebook page, or wouldn't be offended if you got it from a mutual friend, you could take it from there to text them. Your chances are not as bad as you think they are (especially if you and your crush are already friends). The people who put time and thought into winning their crush usually have a better shot at winning them.
Take your time, especially if you're about to make a first impression on someone who's important to you. But a lot of the time, if you're aware of what your body is saying, you can correct it if you ever notice it betraying you. She loves how everyone in the wikiHow community is so friendly and willing to help and answer questions.
With this in mind, get ready to strike up a conversation with your crush that won't end in you being crushed! But sometimes, we think about our crushes so much, and we imagine what life would be with them, that we start to develop unhealthy relationships with their imaginary selves. If you can get your crush talking about their favorite things, you can get the conversation going fairly quickly. That way, you'll be more attractive to your crush and you won't be crushed if something bad happens. These cute expressions are your initial step toward getting a phone number or date, but they are not the last step. Instead of building the crush up to be a superhero who will save everything in your world, you treat them like a normal, but special, person instead. All I want is to be the reason that you fall asleep each night with your phone held in your hand.
Take a look at your laptop and you will see that “U” and “I” are placed next to each other. As a rule, start by asking her about her hobbies, favorite places to travel to or her dreams in life. I have just recently started getting into contact with her again last Thursday via text and she knows that I still love her but questioned me if our relationship would work as she has just recently moved to New Zealand. By doing things this way, you will be able to stay in touch with her, get to know her better and keep your options open in case she moves back to your country (or you move to hers). Throw in more emoticons or end your text messages with a heart if you do not know how to say it in words.
When you ask him out, you can also explain that you still want to be friends if he says no. That way, you can reduce the chances of it being awkward if you get rejected–although I really think that he is more likely to say yes to you than you think.

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