A New Zealand scientist is spending thousands of dollars on a study of zebrafish in an effort to find out why some females are attracted to older males. Dr Johnson says that seems a relatively obvious attraction and even makes evolutionary sense in terms of safety and protection. Some call it the “Sugar Daddy Syndrome” while others call it the “Daddy issues” complex and it seems like everybody has a strong opinion about it.В  A lot of people have no problem with it, while many find it sick and perverted. I’m going to come off as sounding cold here but the cold hard fact of the matter is that YOU, Elizabeth, need to grow up and start providing the stability that you and your 15 year old son need. Instead, you entered another romantic relationship (under circumstances which ensure that it will fail) and simultaneouslyВ moved in with the man.
There are lots of gay men who get married to women and don’t feel attracted to their wives. I’m not so sure marriage back then was any happier just because more women settled for men because they had no option. My ex told me- after a good long period of marriage and me wondering why he was not very interested in sex- that he thought of me as his best friend, but I really wasn’t sexy.
The truth is, I and many men hate that game, that even we must play even just s little bit.
And so, as a guy who has done plenty well for himself without ever reading a PUA manual, the only thing I had in my arsenal was the fact that I was really confident, liked myself, had opinions and boundaries, was a direct communicator, and had a sense of humor.
The lesson I learned has helped me to support many men as they enter this period of their lives. A lot of young women are bored with their immature young men and they are hoping that their older guy can teach them something about the world. The societal implications of women needing to be young and beautiful to attract a man is really at stake here and it's annoying that no one seems to notice.

I find it really creepy when older men hit on younger women and expect them to be into them (and find it even more irritating when they are).
And my daughter's mother is 13 years older than I am and we raised an incredible child together. Truly, I believe anyone should date whoever they want, any age etc, if they love them, but when older men only date younger women, it doesn't sound like finding love despite age but only chasing after younger women to make themselves look good and in the process hurting women as a whole.
In Taiwan, up until a generation ago anyway, it was always preferable if a woman married a man close to her age.
To a woman struggling to make ends meet, I don't know how you can say a young man with a crummy job would be as attractive as a man who is well established in his career. Younger girls will generally HIDE their interest from older men for fear of being judged, even though it’s something they’d secretly like to try. Ever since being with that 19 year old I know I can not say that all younger men are inexperienced in the sack.
And back in the day, when women were bartered in marriage, I suspect it was a very common scenario for the woman to be repulsed by her husband. Karl has suggested that people try to adjust their level of attraction through mindfulness. In Roman times and probably earlier there was a belief that if an older person slept next to an infant, that person would somehow absorb youthful energies and rejuvenate. Yet for many, it’s an attempt to recapture and reignite those youthful energies, especially as we feel ourselves approaching old age.
How a man responds to these urges depends on his relationship to his urges and how he handles them. Maybe find some stability without a man, and teach your son that he comes first in your life.

But when you grow older, you may be surprised how appealing and even essential friendship becomes, especially if your spouse is your closest and dearest friend.
I imagine this experience might be similar to the manic episodes some of my bipolar patients have experienced. Some of them have married wealthy men for their cash and then created so much havoc in the men's lives that the guys had no choice but to divorce them, essentially paying them to leave.
Older men are only competing with younger men for certain women who are looking for a much older man (which I think is a minority) Anyway, if you want to defend it, that's your choice but the whole thing is still a very obvious double standard that does not benefit women. I just feel like I could fall in love with an older man, but to actually have sex would scare me. I don’t have daddy issues whatsoever, I just want a more mature man in my life for myself and my kids. John Peek, group manager of Fertility Associates, said a man's age did increase the chance of a cell disorder, but not as much as a woman's age. Baldwin is intelligent (love his blogging), handsome, talented, successful and obviously has had his choice of many women.
I have a very high sex drive so that would hurt if the older man was not interested in sex regularly. I have never gotten good oral from any guy (never finished) so I figured this young, 19 year old wouldn’t know what to do.

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