Cherish and grow your relationship with your Asian millionaire (instead of exploiting him for his money), and together you can reach heights that you could never have imagined before. The obvious upsides are the feeling of protection and security a girl can get from being on the arm of a hulking, muscular Asian man, as well as the washboard abs and toned muscles. These days, there is a thriving international subculture of women who love stylish and beautiful men from Korean and Japanese media, and many young Asian men are emulating these actors and musicians in anticipation of this demand by females.

In addition, American notions of attractiveness in males are heavily skewed to suit Caucasian tastes (and lately African-American tastes, due to the explosion of hip-hop culture), and it never hurts to introduce a more diverse sexually attractive aesthetic to the American eye.
There are two types of Asian Over-Achievers: the first type is fiercely competitive and strive to be the best at everything they do, and this often translates to professional and social success. Christopher has 80+ answers in Asian People.We can talk endlessly about the physical stature of Asian men.

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