These days there are many women who are not married at 40 but are still eligible and attractive. A midlife singles survey reported that 31 percent of 3501 singles ages through 40 through 69 across the US have never been married.
They realize that there are more benefits and advantages of being single compared to the disadvantages and drawbacks. Only 13% of Wikipedia editors are women, according to a 2011 census, a statistic that prompted the Art+Feminism group to spearhead and sponsor worldwide “edit-a-thons” to encourage the creation and expansion of Wikipedia content related to women and feminism in the arts.
Like women’s work and artists’ work, art writing involves the transmission of a message, is likely to be viewed only by a small network of devotees, and is of questionable value. Well, I have been single then married, then single and now in a 17-year relationship that is better than all of them. After 30 years of marriage I can still say that I still love being married to the woman I'm married to!
But, if you really don't want to be single anymore, but you fear that you've lost your attraction and your ability to attract back a mate, you can read Tigress' advice and learn more about how to win back your attraction here!

One of the things I need to learn, though, is really try and appreciate the advantages of being a matandang dalaga because I really have no choice.
You are given the perfect excuse and perfect platform to know what really makes you happy without being dependent on someone else.
There is no better time to explore every possibility life will give you but when you are single.
Accounting for the learning curve and the chatter in the room, this isn’t really as inefficient as it sounds, but it did prompt me to question the value of my time and work — as a woman, and as a writer. Were it not for the edit-a-thon I would have devoted that time to writing this article for artcritical, an article that I’d promised my editor would survey a number of exhibitions featuring women artists in the greater Los Angeles area. One of them, using the pseudonym Kathe Kollwitz, a founding member, has devoted a career to anonymously fighting for equal representation of art by women and people of color. See, you shouldn't hate being alone - your money is YOUR MONEY and your time spending it is YOUR TIME SPENDING IT!
You don't waste your time going out with people that you have no business dating other than being available.

Being single (hopefully successful) will let you give more back and, frankly my dear, they deserve it more. Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer’s essay in the accompanying single-sheet catalogue, “Sculpture…,” perfectly encapsulates the condition of constant questioning that comes with the desire to see beyond gender while recognizing the effects of the gender gap: “Being sick of crude binaries, false oppositions, extrinsic responsibilities and coerced competition,” she writes, “She wants a break from options phrased as this ‘or’ that.” Most pointedly she writes, “…or bypass phallogocentrism altogether! Whatever it is, it is helping me survive the incredible loneliness that comes with being away from my family. SCUM says, ‘What will liberate women, therefore, from male control is the total elimination of the money-work system, not the attainment of economic equality with men within it.’” Amen. The value of her work, rather, could be seen in the faces of the hundreds of young women in the audience — young artists and curators, ready to embark on their careers in an environment that is steadily getting better, more inclusive, but not perfect yet.

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