So without further ado, here are the 3 simple shifts that will transform the Average Frustrated Chump into the High Value Man That Women Love.
At this point, I'm sure you're thinking, "But wait a second Pete - women speak in some bullsh*t code that only other women understand!" And you're right. Practice awareness, be present and let her know that you're listening to her and understand that she wants to be heard. Ask 10 women what's most important to them in a relationship and 9 of them are almost certain to say "communication". It's truly ironic how many people know full well that a relationship without trust is a proverbial house of cards just waiting to topple, and yet will tie themselves to someone they have almost zero ability to trust. A High Value Woman is never (ever) going to give you the two most important things a man could endeavor to elicit from a her - #1) Her respect, and #2) Her trust - if she senses that you're just another shameless fraud who's looking to derive, extract, take or only give with the expectation of getting in a relationship. A woman wants a man who can love her completely with all his heart and soul.Every woman wants a man who falls in love with every bit of her.

Simple - because most men idealize and hex their women with ridiculous expectations of how or what she should be, think or do. Most men who are completely clueless about how vastly different women are psychologically and emotionally tend to underestimate them in the worst way possible - with lies, lies and more lies.
A man who would make her feel like the most special person in his life and give her all his attention, time and affection.
Contrary to popular opinion, when a woman vents to you, gets over-emotional, complains about her family, friends or co-workers, she's NOT looking for you to 'FIX her problems'. If you want your woman to feel loved and appreciated (something most guys try to buy their way out of), have the emotional intelligence to realize that what she really wants is to be understood - and to feel safe in the process. Every woman wants to be respected for her ethics and values and she wants a man who will be her best friend forever and accept her just the way she is.
Some yahoos took it even further and offered literary and graphic sketches of the ideal man and woman, which developed into standards and then rules were made to enforce the standards.

At the beginning of this subject, it was mentioned that it wasn't easy for a man to get out of his skin and walk around in a women's high heels.
By letting you know how she feels and where she stands, a woman feels validated, important.
Women really want a man who is kind to her, nice to other people, and doesn't lie, cheat or steal. So we'll repeat the advice we offered for women almost verbatim here for you guys:Never break the trust, no matter how tempted, or things will never be the same in your relationship, emotionally or spiritually.

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