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The lawsuit, which was filed by Montreal resident Emmanuelle Sonego in October 2009, challenged the advertised benefits of Activia yogurt products and DanActive probiotic drink products – specifically that they aid digestion or prevent colds.
In both cases, Danone settled the lawsuits without admission of any wrongdoing, but agreed to adjust the advertising claims of both products. Under the terms of the settlement, anyone who bought or will buy Activia yogurt or DanActive drinks between 1 April 2009 and 6 November 2012 is eligible to claim between $15 and $50 – depending on how much they spent during the period. Before claims can be made by the public, the settlement must first be approved by the Quebec Superior Court at a hearing on 6 November 2012. Danone’s US subsidiary, Dannon, settled an identical lawsuit in the US in September 2009.

In December 2010, Dannon also agreed to pay an additional $21m to 39 state attorneys in relation to their work with the US Federal Trade Commission, which filed the initial lawsuit. We continue to believe in our products and the many clinical studies supporting their benefits,” the statement added.
Even if you are lactose intolerant you may be able to drink it as those microorganisms break down the lactose. We recommend buying the four-pack because trying just one probiotic drink will not have much effect.
Dannon yogurt are very good, especially the taste of the Dannon Activia yogurt, which is so mild and smooth.

Try the Activia yogurt by taking part in the Danone Activia 14 Day Challenge and win a prize package worth up to $1,000, including a 16 GB iPod Nano.

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