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In addition to possessing probiotics and a great, acidic bite, kefir is also lacking in lactose (most of it is converted during fermentation), meaning some people with lactose sensitivities can partake. The first of its kind in all of Canada, YoYo's Yogurt Cafe has set the standard in self-serve frozen yogurt. Delivering a premium healthy product that tastes great is our inspiration and an area that is never compromised. Our proprietary blends, combined with an endless number of flavour combinations and ever-changing toppings are all about creating a new favourite with every visit to YoYo's Yogurt Cafe!

Our research and development team are dedicated to continuous research and testing, making the creating of new products and options an endless experience. Use it in place of buttermilk, spoon for spoon, in savoury dressings and dips, or as a tart milk substitute in smoothies, lassis, or even frozen yoghurt. We're fans of an easy, "set and forget" portfolio that you can set up once and benefit from over time, and index funds are the backbone of this kind of investing. Our yogurts are fresh, meaning a fresh liquid based yogurt that is full of health benefits and probiotic cultures.

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