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And indeed, the BIOS setup utility information screen appeared on my notebook, see above photo. Next, after clicking on the Forward button, I was able to select the right keyboard layout. The solution was to use F5 and F6 keys as also instructed on the same screen at bottom :) . This is just one of the many helpful tips we have posted, You can find more stories here, Do subscribe to updates using your favorite RSS feed reader or using the secure FeedBurner email update form on top of this post. Because of the wide variety of computer and BIOS manufacturers over the evolution of computers, there are numerous ways to enter the BIOS or CMOS Setup.
Note: Apple, or Mac, computers do not have a BIOS and instead utilize an EFI, which does not need to modified based on the hardware in the computer, like a BIOS. Computers manufactured in the last few years allow you to enter the BIOS setup using one of the five keys shown below during the boot process.
Tip: If your computer is new and you are unsure of what key to press when the computer is booting, try pressing and holding one or more keys on the keyboard to cause a stuck key error.
Note: If you are still unable to enter the BIOS using the methods listed above, check the motherboard's manual for the appropriate key to enter BIOS. Once you have successfully entered the CMOS setup, you should see a screen similar to the example below. Once in CMOS setup, the method for changing the settings often depends on the BIOS manufacturer. Tip: All manufacturers show which keys navigate on the bottom or right-hand side of the screen.
If you are trying to change the clock, speed, or other settings and do not have the option available, it is because it is not supported by the motherboard.

Tip: If changes you made appear to revert back to default settings or the date and time setting in the BIOS keeps falling behind, you may need to replace the CMOS battery. If any changes are made, you need to save those changes, which is typically done by pressing the F10 key on the keyboard.
Unlike the computers of today, older computers (before 1995) had numerous methods of entering the BIOS setup.
ACER BIOS If your computer cannot boot or you want to restore the BIOS back to its bootable settings and your computer uses an ACER BIOS, press and hold the F10 key as you turn on the computer.
Some early IBM computers require you to press and hold both mouse buttons as the computer boots to enter the BIOS setup. Finally, if none of the above suggestions allow access to your CMOS setup, you can create a stuck key error, causing the CMOS setup prompt to appear until you press a key to continue. See the CMOS and BIOS definitions for further information and related links on each of these terms. The same situation was faced by me recently when I tried to change boot device priority on my Acer Laptop to make it boot from CD-ROM, the BIOS instructed to use "+" and "-" keys for changing the booting device priority but my laptop did not had such dedicated keys (Use of Fn key was required for + and - to work making them obsolete in BIOS).
Below is a listing of most of these methods, as well as other recommendations for entering the BIOS setup.
The EFI provides better integration between hardware and software for Apple computers, virtually eliminating the need for a BIOS. Your CMOS setup may look a little different, depending on the manufacturer, but should still have most of the same options in the menu on the left or along the bottom of the screen.
You may use the arrow keys along with the Enter key to select categories and change their values. If F10 does not work, look at the bottom or top of the screen for the key that is used to save the settings.

Below is a listing of key sequences to press as the computer is booting to enter the BIOS setup.
While continuing to hold the F10 key, you should hear two beeps indicating that the settings are restored. To do this, press and hold any key on the keyboard and do not let go (you may get several beeps as you are doing this). Some older computers may also display a flashing block to indicate when to press the F1 or F2 keys. AMI BIOS Older AMI BIOS could be restored back to bootable settings by pressing and holding the Insert key as the computer is booting. Keep pressing the key until the computer stops booting and you have the option to enter setup.
I created a bootable usb on my laptop and whenever I put it in the Acer it will not boot, Bios is set to boot from the usb.
BIOS or CMOS diskettes Early 486, 386, and 286 computers required a floppy disk to enter the BIOS setup. Because these diskettes are unique to your computer manufacturer, you must obtain the diskettes from them. Good workyou the best, keep up the good work tankx alotany comments on the drivers' support?

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