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Probiotics offer health conscious individuals a whole food base option for increased digestive health. Private label Probiotic Gummies is a definite necessity to add to your storefront nutrition line which will provide your customers with increased intestinal health and improved immune systems. Garcinia Ultra Lean is a brand new diet pill that uses Garcinia Cambogia as its active ingredient. Garcinia Ultra Lean is a diet pill that makes bold promises about its weight loss benefits.
That all sounds good – although Garcinia Ultra Lean has rarely demonstrated these benefits in major studies performed by reputable academic organizations. In fact, the only effect that Garcinia cambogia has demonstrated is that it can reduce your appetite when taken 30 minutes before eating a meal. Garcinia Ultra Lean does claim to contain 1000mg of Garcinia cambogia extract with 60% HCA per serving. There’s no ingredients label on Garcinia Ultra Lean, so we don’t know if that’s the only ingredient (but it’s the only ingredient mentioned by the manufacturer).

Garcinia Ultra Lean, like many shady diet pills sold online today, is sold through a free trial. That trial is priced at $4.95, so it’s not really free (you just pay for “shipping and handling”). If you want to save a couple dollars off your order, then just hit the “Back” button when you’re on the sales page for Garcinia Ultra Lean. Meanwhile, you will continue being billed $89.95 for the rest of your life unless you specifically call Garcinia Ultra Lean to cancel. Ultimately, good diet pill manufacturers don’t need to resort to pricing scams like this to sell their products. For all of these reasons, you’re unlikely to experience any positive results when using Garcinia Ultra Lean to lose weight. This formula of probiotics offers seven important, active bacteria strains to maximize the healthy environment of the gut. This product provides healthy microorganisms (Lactobacillus Acidophilus & Bifido Longum) in a whole food formulation without added chemicals to maximize “gut health,” which is a plus for your health conscious customers. It’s exclusively available to order online through a trial offer (where you only pay shipping and handling for the first 14 days before being charged $89.95 on the 15th day).
Garcinia cambogia extract comes with the active ingredient hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which is an acid that may block fat formation in the body. Oz calls Garcinia cambogia a “miracle weight loss cure”, there’s little evidence that it will have a significant impact on your weight. However, you can eat just about anything 30 minutes before a meal and it will reduce your appetite.

That’s the dose you like to see for a Garcinia cambogia supplement – and you don’t typically see doses any higher than this.
That’s a bit worrying, because we’ve seen some supplements that will advertise high levels of Garcinia cambogia, only to fill their formula up with caffeine and other stimulants.
But without an ingredients label and without any independent studies on the supplement, the manufacturer doesn’t prove that it contains pure Garcinia cambogia.
You’ll be asked if you want to apply a 70% off coupon, which reduces the price to $2.95 for shipping and handling (don’t ask me where that math comes from). It’s also in small, light grey text against a white background – so the manufacturer has clearly taken steps to try to hide this information while still legally covering themselves. Not only is Garcinia Ultra Lean absurdly expensive, but it tries to trick users into thinking the price is only $3 or $5. It also doesn’t list where the supplement is manufactured – whether it’s manufactured in a registered facility in America or if it’s created in some developing country. Without this information listed anywhere on Garcinia Ultra Lean’s packaging or sales page, we’re led to assume it’s made outside of the country in an unregistered facility. This private label option is also designed to increase support for immune system function in individuals.

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