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The health benefits of pickling have long been known and it is reported that men including Aristotle, Cleopatra, Julius Caesar and Napoleon praised pickling. Pickles foods became a staple in English cuisine throughout the early modern period, with Elizabeth I reportedly liking them and William Shakespeare mentioning them in his plays.
In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in particular, vegetables came to be considered unfit for upper class circles; they were seen as something for the poor, while meat was for the rich. Vegetables made their way back into public affection with the help of John Evelyn (mentioned before in a previous post), who published Acetaria: A Discourse of Sallets in 1699. Pickles were taken to the new world by Christopher Columbus, who grew and pickled cucumbers on Haiti.

On a hot day in Virginia, I know nothing more comforting than a fine spiced pickle, brought up trout-like from the sparkling depths of the aromatic jar below the stairs of Aunt Sally’s cellar. Pickled foods became very common in British cuisine in the nineteenth century and to this day, pickled eggs and pickled onions are associated with pubs and fish and chip shops.
As with anything that old, it is impossible to know much detail about how pickling was invented.
England’s seafaring culture encouraged the development of many preserved foods and left us with unusual ideas such as pickled oysters and hardtack biscuits and well-loved classics such as corned beef and clotted cream. This unhealthy idea may have set back the development of pickled vegetables in this period, however other preservation methods for meat and fruit flourished, particularly with the introduction of sugar from the new world. The book contained many recipes for pickled vegetables including this for pickled cucumbers. By the 17th century, pickles were being produced in Virginia and New York by Dutch settlers. The term also refers to other condiments such as Piccalilli, chutneys and most of all Branston Pickle, which was invented in 1922 in Branston, Burton upon Trent, and is primarily used in a Ploughman’s Lunch and in cheese and pickle sandwiches! And like many British favourites, it derives from the need to preserve food in days before refrigeration and for long voyages.

It seems likely that it originated in many areas of the world as a result of attempts to preserve vegetables. Brine-based pickles contain probiotic microbes, developed through fermentation and B vitamins produced by bacteria.
It probably coincided with the development of longer-lasting foods such as salt-persevered and dried meats, smoked fish, alcohol and or course cheese. Probiotic Miracle was formulated specifically for the needs of your pet and contains the following stable strains of bacteria: L. In fact, it is best known for its ability to move un-disrupted through the stomach and into the intestines where it eats away at disease causing bacteria.
It is known for reducing the occurrence of constipation and diarrhea, increasing nutrient uptake (especially calcium), preventing food poisoning and alleviating dermatitis and other skin and coat conditions.

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