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With the re-emergence of diseases like malaria and tuberculosis in the United States, the threat of disease outbreaks remains an ever-present concern.
Hoping to improve responses to such epidemics, UCLA has introduced a new Global Bio Lab, which is currently under construction on campus. The lab is currently preparing to analyze influenza samples, but retrofits are in the works to expand its capacities to other viruses, such as HIV. The facility will allow unprecedented volumes of samples to be analyzed at record speed and then stored by automated systems. As a result, the lab could serve as a useful tool to identify emerging diseases in a short amount of time, said Anne Rimoin, an assistant professor of epidemiology. Sample processing starts when infectious-disease field specimens from around the world are sent to the facility.
Upon arrival, the specimens will be divided into single-use tubes by an automated robotic arm in the same way that researchers manually divide samples.
After accessioning, or the process of dividing samples into test tubes, the Bio Lab’s genotyping systems will unravel the genetic sequence of each virus brought into the lab. If successful, this approach could revolutionize the way scientists analyze viruses and also reduce the time needed to develop appropriate vaccines, Godwin said. The facility is housed in the California NanoSystems Institute and represents a collaboration between the UCLA School of Public Health and Los Alamos National Laboratory.

An automated screening system, which detects the quantity of infectious agents in samples, is currently under construction, and an automated culturing system, which grows additional lines of viruses in human and animal cell lines, is also in planning stages.
Beyond research and emergency response, training is another key component of the Global Bio Lab’s mission.
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Last Monday, the California State Assembly passed a bill requiring all single-occupancy restrooms be open to people of any gender. Lawmakers should continue to advance the bill swiftly because of its clear benefits for the transgender community. This bill is unnecessary and businesses should be able to choose how they designate their bathrooms. The California State Assembly should do more to decrease discrimination against transgender people. But UCLA’s Global Bio Lab incorporates automated sample processing on a high-volume scale. Viruses are typically characterized based on their phenotypic response, which can be observed through their effect on cells.

The certification requires that all out-flowing air go through special filters, that lab access is restricted and that individuals wear special protective gowns, among other precautions.
There are many training opportunities for graduate and postdoctoral students, and even budding state laboratory directors, Godwin said. This committee will work to connect with the community to guide the facility’s future direction, he said. If you enjoy BlenderNation and you think it’s a valuable resource to the Blender community, please take a moment to read how you can support BlenderNation.
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