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Knowing the intended end use of the product can help you choose the best biotin complex for your needs.
If you are looking for the best biotin product to improve hair and nail growth, then a product with a 30 to 70 mcg concentration of biotin will do the trick. Many concentrations of biotin are available as over-the-counter (OTC) nutritional supplements or vitamins. Most people get enough biotin in their diet, but a biotin deficiency can occur during pregnancy and as a result of malnutrition, rapid weight loss or mild depression. Biotin is defined as a colorless, crystallized vitamin that comprises part of the vitamin B complex. The first biotin product I purchased was a biotin complex with numerous other vitamins and herbs in it. However, vitamins are not a substitute for food, for they don’t have any calories without supplementary food and are not substitutes for protein, minerals, carbohydrates, fats or other nutrients.
In contrast, fat soluble vitamins are those which can be stored in the liver as well as the body’s fat tissues for up to six months and until the body has a need for them. Fat soluble vitamins are vitamins A, D, E and K. Vitamins also help to prevent disease states such as scurvy, beriberi, mal absorption, as well as results of deficiencies and excess of vitamins and minerals (for example vitamin A intoxication), while some can be used as drugs. Latest Blog PostsVitamins And Mineral Which Are Necessary For Healthy Skin Vitamins in Fruits Vitamin Overdose Symptoms Vitamins in Cranberry Juice Vitamins in Sweet Potatoes Vitamins for Good Skin Vitamins for Dry Skin The Best Vitamins For Energy For Women What Foods & Vitamins Can I Take To Lower Cholesterol What Happens To Expired Vitamins? I’m quite confident that you’ve heard your friends using biotin tablets; you might have used them as well. Biotin is available as tablets which are used to fight biotin deficiency which is generally associated with malnutrition, pregnancy, and rapid weight loss.
Most people in the western world do not suffer from biotin deficiency and receive enough biotin from their nutrition. It is known that a deficiency in biotin from the diet causes alopecia (hair loss), for example (Mock, 1991). So, should it mean that all the fuss about biotin helping in stopping hair loss and hair thinning is bogus? Although the scientific information does not support taking biotin tablets orally for hair growth, many users report that taking biotin pills at very high doses(10,000 micrograms), helped them grow long, healthy and strong hair, and even helped with their hair loss.
In addition, some people that took biotin for hair loss complain about other biotin side effects such as dry skin, dry eyes, heartburn, gas, weight gain and insomnia.
A word about biotin and acne – although there is no scientific publication that studied the connection between biotin and acne breakouts, some people experience acne breakouts while taking large doses of biotin. In our quest for immaculate locks, many women have been turning to the latest and greatest darling of the hair care world—vitamins—to strengthen their strands (in addition to their nails and skin). Since many of these “miracle worker” vitamins could be costing you a pretty penny, we here at BeautyStat wanted to make sure you’re getting the most out of your money, so we sought the opinions of industry hair experts and YOU to unveil the truth behind the burgeoning hair vitamin industry. Before we get to the fun part (products, obviously!), let’s just get some biology out of the way.
According to Leonard Golino, Master Stylist and Colorist at the Chris Mitchell Studio in NYC, hair—and its growth cycle—is a lot more complicated than you might think.
In fact, Golino says that cardiovascular exercise can enhance the effects of vitamins, helping the nutrients flow to the scalp where they get to work nourishing your hair. And nourish, they do, according to Laurentius Purnama, celebrity stylist and owner of Laurentius Salon in Philadelphia. Toni Love, licensed cosmetology and barber instructor and author of “The World of Wigs, Weaves, and Extensions,” agrees.
But even though hair vitamins don’t offer immediate gratification, some of them can do wonders for your mane, Love says. Whether you’re a vitamin lover or not, if you’re going to use them to help regrow or strengthen your hair, Toni Love says there’s one very important step many people skip over: the research phase.
I had the opportunity to go backstage with Aubrey Loots, lead hairstylist at Wella Professionals.
I have been wanting to take a hair supplement and after researching a bunch of different ones ( and reading comments and reviews) I decided on keratin vitamins from a company called Nourage. Biotin complex also has be used to treat diabetes and requires a much higher concentration to be effective — approximately 8 milligrams (mg) twice daily. Research has shown that the human body will completely absorb biotin, regardless of the form or source, though a liquid biotin complex may be absorbed by the body faster than a capsule formulation would be.

A recent study showed how biotin and chromium together can have a positive effect on the lives of diabetes sufferers.
The biotin complex can include multiple biotin molecules or a combination of biotin and other vitamins in a single compound.
Thus, one cannot desist from eating a varied diet, consume vitamins and expect to be healthy.
Some examples of what vitamins do for the body are the following: they energize and regulate the human metabolism, they help form blood clots when someone is bleeding, as well as enabling cell growth.
Some deficits can be treated by eating foodstuffs which contain the vitamins we need and yet others may lead to ailments and conditions which are not easy to treat. Water soluble vitamins are those which dissolve in water such as, for example, vitamins B and C.
It is the common opinion of most medical experts that vitamins should be obtained through ingested food. Biotin is a water soluble vitamin that belongs to the vitamin B complex group, sometimes also known as vitamin H. Hence, it is essential for the growth of cell, fatty acids production, fat, and amino acids metabolism. A lot of people, especially women are regularly taking biotin supplements and using biotin infused shampoos with the strong belief that biotin can help reduce the hair loss and promote hair growth.
Additionally, preliminary evidence has been found that biotin can reduce hair loss when taken orally along with zinc while a product containing clobetasol propionate is applied directly to the scalp (Camacho and Garcia-Hernandez, 1999). These magical little elixirs make many promises (think quicker hair growth, stronger strands, etc.) but as with all cosmetics, it can be pretty darn difficult to separate the fluff from the gems out there.
Read on lovelies, and decide for yourselves whether vitamins are worth the effort (and the cost)! Salon in Suburban Philadelphia, suggests using 2500 mg – 5000 mg of Biotin per day and Vitamin D3 2000. Like many people, Love and many of her clients have taken Biotin and have seen positive results. We asked you to sound off on Facebook about hair vitamins, and many of you said you’ve used Biotin successfully. In her quest to regrow her hair, Bacon has tried hair vitamins, Nioxin Follicle Booster and even a hair steroid injection into the affected regions of her hairline.
First off, there are side effects to every treatment, and there’s no one cure-all when it comes to hair growth.
My skin healed at least 50% faster after breakouts and I do believe my hair got shinier too! They are working pretty quickly- they are the ones Kyle Richards from The Real Housewives uses. A biotin complex is a vitamin that is found in hair and skin care products, and it can be taken orally as a nutritional supplement or medical treatment. Nursing mothers are encouraged to choose a biotin product that provides them with 6,000 mcg daily. For this reason, if quick absorption is what you need, then the best biotin complex is likely to be a liquid form of the vitamin. The combination of chromium and biotin has demonstrated an ability to improve control of blood glucose levels.
I know that biotin has no such effect, so it must have been one of the herb extracts that was in the supplement. I'm using another biotin complex now, with only biotin in it.
The human body cannot store these vitamins for long time periods, as they move through the body and are gotten rid of via the urine. If it should occur that someone believes they are not ingesting enough vitamins they need, they should consider taking a vitamin supplement. We tend to think that the problem will go away if we take medicines and in this process sometimes we forget to check if the medicine is really effective for our problem or not. Biotin deficiency is associated with malnutrition, and the symptoms of deficiency include hair loss, dry scaly skin, cracking in the corners of the mouth, dry eyes, appetite loss, fatigue, insomnia, and depression. Essentially, there is no study of the effect of topical application of biotin for hair loss. The problem is, oral supplementation with biotin is extremely effective for biotin deficiency, and one of the symptoms of biotin deficiency is thinning of the hair.

The effects are different for different individuals, and you should test for yourself, but taken together with the extreme low evidence that biotin is really efficacious for improving hair loss, I’d recommend avoiding the supplement if you suffer from acne as a result of the treatment. If you don’t have biotin deficiency then there is probably no need for you to take biotin supplements.
There is no reason to purchase a specifically formulated biotin containing shampoo, but there is also no reason to avoid shampoos that contain biotin.
Zinc aspartate, biotin, and clobetasol propionate in the treatment of alopecia areata in childhood. If you make a purchase on those sites, the owner of this site may get a commission at no additional cost to you.
I believe that hair vitamins are affective if taken with proper diet and exercise,” he says.
Both vitamins help reduce hair fall out and strengthen hair, offering noticeable results within 3 months of continued use. Jill Appenzeller considers herself lucky to have found an easy match in Biotin: “I take Biotin and it has been a miracle. While using certain vitamins or hair growth treatments, Bacon experienced certain side effects (breakouts with Biotin and dry hair with the Nioxin Follicle Booster). There is no known toxicity associated with taking biotin, though an adequate daily dose for an adult is between 30 and 70 micrograms (mcg) for an adult. As such, the best vitamin complex for you will vary depending on the target concentration for each daily dose.
Any reputable vitamin product should be sold with certification from a respected, industry-guiding agency.
This ability largely has been attributed to biotin’s role in mediating the metabolism of blood glucose. The biotin complex itself is a water-soluble vitamin that is found naturally in food sources such as egg yolk, peanuts, cauliflower and mushrooms.
For example, a developing fetus needs particular vitamins and minerals to exist at certain times.
It goes without saying, however, that a doctor needs to be consulted, as sometimes we are consuming the vitamins that we need but our body is unable to absorb them. This medicine-loving nature of ours creates “medicine trends” and one such trendy medicine is Biotin. Swiss chard, raw egg yolk, halibut, liver, onions, Saskatoon berries, cucumbers, and leafy green vegetables have high biotin content.
The effectiveness of biotin to stop hair loss is still to be established with strong scientific facts. Biotin is water soluble, and hence, it is likely that it can’t be absorbed into the hair follicle from a shampoo at all. However, if you get enough biotin from your diet, additional biotin will probably not help with your thinning hair, or hair loss. Keeping in mind that the dose considered adequate for adults is only 35 micrograms, these are very high quantities.
Their effect on hair loss is not very well supported scientifically, and there are some side effects that are better to avoid. There are some excellent hair loss shampoo contain biotin in addition to other beneficial ingredients, as described here. A child may develop a deficiency disease if there is a serious deficit in one or more of these nutrients.
The B-complex group consists of nine water soluble vitamins: vitamin B1, B2 or riboflavin, biotin, folate, niacin, vitamin B6, B12, pantothenic acid and Vitamin C.
Should this be the case, the doctor will help determine why the vitamins are being absorbed by the body. If you decide to use biotin pills or tablets, stay away from concentrations higher than 2500 micrograms a day.
A primary deficiency ensues when you get inadequate doses of a certain vitamin in the foodstuff ingested, while a secondary deficiency might occur owing to a causal disorder that prevents or limits the immersion or usage of the vitamin.

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