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Panache began working with Audrey earlier this year following a restructure within the business. I have worked with Audrey whilst working for two separate Welfare to Work organisations over the past 8 years. We had the pleasure of training with Audrey in 2009 and, knowing how good she was, we decided to hire her again – we were not disappointed. Audrey has provided sales training for two teams that I have managed and I’ve not been let down or disappointed. All these products will be focused on helping you gain more sales and improve your confidence. Without monitoring your results the likelihood is that you will never know how well you are doing or what part of your presentation on the phone needs to be amended.
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Support our workOnline donations are routed via Tribal India Health Foundation, a registered 501(c) organization in the United States. Pails, drums and bulk tanker quantities, in any concentration, delivered anywhere in Canada or the U.S.
Two Jamaican companies are using the upcoming Food & Drink Expo, at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, from March 25 to 27, to power their way into the United Kingdom market. Natalie Grandison, Marketing Manager at Sunrite, said the event will be a good launching pad for its Gourmet Select line of preserves and condiments.

Sunrite is one of the leading Jamaican agro-processing manufacturers, and an exporter of canned, bottled and baked products.
The Food & Drink Expo is the UK’s largest food and drink trade exhibition, which brings together grocery, food service, wholesale, manufacturing and speciality retail traders. Jamrow is a manufacturer of sauces, syrups, wines and seasonings; as well as, an exporter of natural products such as quassia chip (bitter wood), kola nuts, ginger, sarsaparilla root and dog wood bark for the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and beverage industry.
Joy Walcott, Project Manager of the London 2012 Initiative, said the project has been fulfilling its mandate to provide access to suitable UK based events that can serve as platforms for Jamaican exporters.
We needed to re-energise and re-train specific staff to enhance their telephone capabilities. I found Audrey to be communicative, reliable and democratic even when dealing with 100 learners. Her training courses gave me first hand experience of how it should be done properly and ethically. She is an inspiration and delivers highly effective training and someone who is passionate about improving peoples skills and confidence. As we are a small business, Investing in training of the calibre delivered by Audrey was a big decision. Over the next few months we’ll be introducing many new products and services specifically for you. We have developed an excel spreadsheet for those individuals who would like to measure accurately how effective they are being.

We’ve also included some key questions for you to answer to help you focus your efforts.
Their participation in the international expo is being coordinated under the Meet Jamaica Initiative, a project of the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica and the Government of Jamaica through JAMPRO.
Miss Grandison said this is the second time that the company would be participating in the event.
The event which has been staged every other year for more than 20 years, will allow participating Jamaican businesses to interface with manufacturers and traders from across the UK and internationally. Ruddock, who is participating in the Expo for the first time, is seeking to identify a distributor for his products in the mainstream UK market, while also attracting Jamaican consumers. Walcott said, noting that JAMPRO had been actively encouraging companies to participate in the initiative. Walcott urged other Jamaican businesses to look out for future Meet Jamaica UK events that will be staged this summer. For instance it might highlight to you that the rejection you mght be getting with gatekeepers is far too high based on the average. All this is done with a touch of a button and makes the whole evaluation process effortless!

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