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Seen here are a rod-shaped, dividing, vegetative cell and an endospore-forming cell (bulbous shaped rod).
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Clostridium sporogenes is widely distributed in nature and also in the intestines of animals. Microscopy photographs (science images, electron microscope images, photomicrographs, microscopy photos, microscope photos, microscopic pictures) are available for use in editorial and commercial formats.
This bacterium frequently occurs in the intestines of humans and many domestic and feral animals. Image categories include Algae, Arachnids, Bacteria, Crystals, Fungi, Insects, Invertebrates, Medical, Miscellaneous, Plants, Protozoa, Vertebrates and Viruses.

No images or graphics on this site may be used without written permission of their respective owners. Clostridium sporogenes is the organism most frequently used for conducting inoculated pack studies in low acid foods.

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