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Home About Live Cultures Live Cultures About Live Cultures Live Cultures What are Probiotics? Acidophilus is a microorganism (often called a 'probiotic') from the Lactobacillus family of natural bacteria. For every day EXTRA Strength contains 5 billion viable cells of the world's most researched strain of acidophilus. At the end of the day, we would always insist that each customer takes the live cultures supplement that is best for them.
We would always recommend you find the right supplement for you, as opposed to making a decision on other factors such as the amount of acidophilus in a capsule or sachet.
As mentioned above, For every day EXTRA Strength (For daily wellbeing EXTRA Strength) contains 5 billion viable cells of the world's most researched strain of acidophilus, L. For every day (For daily wellbeing) contains Lactobacillus acidophilus Rosell-52, which is a well-researched strain of acidophilus, found to have excellent adherence to the gut wall lining. One week flat (For a flat stomach) contains the same strain of acidophilus again, and is a short term course of natural bacteria especially designed for those who suffer from abdominal bloating.
For babies & children (For your child’s health) contains the same strain of acidophilus (Rosell-52), alongside two other species which are commonly found in the gut flora of healthy infants and children. For daily immunity is a combination of natural bacteria and polyphenols, including the antioxidant vitamin C. It is worth bearing in mind that acidophilus can come in varying strains (types) and strengths, and that different strains of acidophilus have different qualities. With more than 35 published human clinical trials, Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM® is probably the world's most researched strain of acidophilus. In addition to demonstrating health support in human clinical trials, this has been shown in-vitro (test tubes) to have excellent survival through the stomach acidity, as well as excellent ability to bind to the gut wall lining. Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM® has been used and tested for over 40 years in different foods, and as far we know, at OptiBac Probiotics we are the only company in England to provide this strain in a supplement.
To learn more about the importance of different species and strains, click here, or to find out more about our range, click here.
I have been treated with antibiotics for H pylori it has been recommended I take Advanced Acidophiles complex but for how long before I recover? I can't comment on the use of products from other brands, but will email you with some more useful information on natural alternatives to help support this condition. It's interesting that you're looking at Acidophilus to help with halitosis symptoms; there's some evidence to suggest that supplementing with live cultures may be helpful for sufferers of this condition.
We've written a couple of blogs that explain a little more about this - read 'Do probiotics help with bad breath?' and 'Probiotic gum can reduce the severity of bad breath'. I travel a lot, and would like to make yogurt wherever I am, by taking the appropriate probiotics with me, and using local milk. The short answer is that, although we do know that some of our customers use our products as starter cultures for fermented foods and report good results, we can only recommend taking them in the capsule or sachet form as this is the way it has been tested in clinical trials. Our products are all shelf stable and don't require refrigeration, so they're great for travel, though if you're visiting a very hot country then it's best to try and keep them as cool as possible. My son was diagnosed with C-diff after staying in the hospital for a week, the first week of October.
I have a few suggestions to make that you may find helpful, but may need a little more information from you so I'll contact you directly to discuss this further. You'll be glad to know that there's been quite a bit of research into the potential of probiotics to help support immune function.
Based on this research, I may also be able to make some helpful recommendations for yourself, and I'll contact you directly to discuss these.
I have been suffering with symptoms of tingling, burning sensations, numbness, muscle spasms and pain all over my body for a number of years. Thank you for your query, and I'm so sorry that you've been experiencing so many unpleasant symptoms over the past few years.
Developing research is linking gut health to so many different health issues so, unless you fall into a very small minority of people for whom probiotics may be unsuitable (see our FAQ 'When should I NOT take probiotics?'), then it's certainly worth trying them as part of your daily health care regime.
It's thought that antibiotics have the potential to significantly disrupt the delicate intestinal microbiota, so on that basis alone you may want to consider taking a probiotic supplement to help rebalance your gut flora. As you have a rather complex set of symptoms, then if you are keen to take a holistic approach to your health it may be best to do so with the guidance of a qualified health professional.
I have been suffering with yeast infections for a number of years, can acidophilus help to combat that problem? Hi, I have recently been told I have bad breath to my dismay; I called into the local health shop and the lady advised me to take Acidophilus, will this help? Halitosis, or 'bad breath', is something that can happen to most individuals at some point in their lives, and is far more common than you might imagine. To read more about what causes this condition, and how probiotics such as Lactobacillus acidophilus may be able to help, read Kathy's recent blog: Do probiotics help with bad breath? If bloating is an ongoing issue for you then pectin may or may not be helpful for you; whilst this substance is thought to be beneficial in the maintenance of good gastro-intestinal health and bowel regularity, depending on the cause of your bloating symptoms, it can also cause bloating in sensitive individuals. I'd always recommend that all ongoing bloating symptoms are checked out by your doctor in the first instance to rule out any underlying medical causes. Thank you for your query, and I'm sorry that you have been having such a challenging time of it health-wise.

It's difficult to make general recommendations regarding dosage and duration as this will depend on the strength and formulation of the probiotic supplement, and also the response of the individual to the product. It's good that you have recognised the importance of choosing the correct strain of probiotic when trying to support different health conditions. Hi Kerry, I'm on various tablets ( Aspirin 75mg one daily, Erythromycin 250mg one twice a day, Lansoprozole 30mg one daily and Pravastatin 40mg once at night ). I can only give advice regarding the safety and dosage of our own product range, but in general, probiotics are thought to be extremely safe supplements to take.
They are not known to be contraindicated with any other medications or supplements, except for those with an antibiotic, anti-bacterial, or anti-fungal effect, as these may damage the delicate live cultures. If you're taking long-term antibiotics and want to take a regular probiotic, then I'd recommend taking the probiotic an hour or two away from the antibiotic doses. If an imbalance in gut flora is contributing to constipation symptoms, then sometimes supplementing with a good broad-strain probiotic that contains some well-researched strains of L. I hope this information is of interest to you, and I'll write to you directly with some more helpful recommendations. As you know, the treatment for autoimmune conditions is the use of drugs which shut down the inappropriate immune responses.
With their doctor’s advice, we do have many customers with autoimmune conditions who take our probiotics as one part of a holistic treatment plan, to help keep their gut microflora as healthy as possible, with the aim of better managing the autoimmune condition.
Using xylanase in conjunction with phytase super-dosing resulted in a 4% improvement in broiler bodyweight gainWhilst the poultry feed industry is still getting its head around the concept of phytase ‘super-dosing’, AB Vista has come out with the results of a new study which advocates combining phytase super-dosing with a single-enzyme xylanase. Get FREE access to authoritative breaking news, videos, podcasts, webinars and white papers. Essential to animal metabolism, glucose is ingested in the form of starch, usually from cereal grains in the feed.
1ADM, Bungee, Cargill, Louis Dreyfus, Syngenta see some claims end in ongoing lawsuit2What? Your baby has spent the last 9 months getting comfortable with your voice and smell but after delivery will be the first time she’ll lay eyes on you. At OptiBac Probiotics we find that acidophilus works well when combined with other species of natural bacteria rather than on its own. So if you are looking for acidophilus, it's best to ask yourself why you want acidophilus, and then find the product that's right for you. The Lactobacillus acidophilus species can be found in 7 of our 11 products, and we use 3 different strains of acidophilus across the range. Click on the relevant section below to find out which strain you need and what product contains them. This supplement comes in sachets; the contents of which can be added to cold food or drink.
OptiBac Probiotics 'For daily immunity' contains a strain of acidophilus called Lactobacillus acidophilus UBLA-34. For example the strain Lactobacillus acidophilus Rosell-52 is registered in the prestigious 'Collection National de Culture de Microorganisms (CNCM)' at the Institut Pasteur in France, and has been shown to help break down lactose. It can be found in our product For every day EXTRA Strength (For daily wellbeing EXTRA Strength), which will provide at least 5 billion live cultures of L.
It's often undesirable bacteria, either present in the mouth or the intestines, that can contribute to unpleasant smelling breath, so introducing symbiotic bacteria has been shown in some studies to help.
If you have any other questions, it's worth checking out our very comprehensive FAQ page to see if we've covered the topic there.
In theory, you could try using any of the products though you might have to experiment to see which gives the best results. Our product 'For every day EXTRA Strength includes Acidophilus strains and contains 20 billion live cultures per capsule, and yes, you can take 1 or 2 per day. After 2 separate weeks in hospital, where I had intravenous antibiotics for the whole stay, I was on antibiotics for a further 10 days.
It's also worth remembering that there are many different strains in the Lactobacillus acidophilus species - see our other information page 'Our probiotic strains'. Acidophilus, and some may be more helpful in alleviating allergy symptoms than others, whereas some could potentially exacerbate symptoms.
Autoimmune conditions are not well understood but one of the theories is that the poor gut health may well be associated with the trigger and perpetuation of the autoimmune process. The problem with this approach is that it can result in a complex balancing act to avoid unwanted infections and other serious side effects while still using sufficient immunosuppressive treatment to control the autoimmune process.
As a result, it is not surprising that the use of the ingredient is almost universal in monogastric diets.Most pig and poultry producers feed phytases at a fixed rate of 500 FTU per kg.
Could my VP Baby Constipation Loss Appetite Inflammatory Disease Submission Journal shunt be malfunctioning? Researchers have been looking at the use of a low FODMAPs diet as a way to relieve IBS constipation in colitis patients las ibs show vegas symptoms. There have been rare reports of people having constipation and bloating with high doses of glutamine peptides.
If you eat a piece of hard candy smoke or chew gum during or after eating excess air might get into your digestive tract as well. Whole grain products can enhance your bad cholesterol level whilst keeping you sense fuller longer.

Scroll down to find out about our products containing acidophilus, or read on for more general information.
We work hard to develop well-researched live cultures supplements, and as of yet, we have not found any evidence or clear benefit from taking acidophilus on its own.
There's certainly no harm in taking your acidophilus alongside other species & strains of natural bacteria. This strain comes from one of the world's leading institutes of microbiology, the Institut Rosell, and it has been through numerous clinical trials.
This product is ideal for travellers; look at this supplement if you wish to support your body's natural defence against bad bacteria in the gut (which can cause diarrhoea), whilst travelling. This has been showed in-vitro to have good adherence capabilities to the gut wall lining, and excellent pathogen-inhibition abilities. On the other hand the strain Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM® is registered at the North Carolina State University and has been clinically trialled in a huge amount of studies, in areas including IBS, health in the elderly, and pollen allergies. The large amount of high quality and varied research really sets this strain apart from other types of acidophilus.
He had to stop taking probiotics because the docs said it was making his condition worse, is this common? I have seen Neurologists and other specialists, but after many tests and scans have not been diagnosed.
You may like to take a look at our Research on 'For every day EXTRA Strength' page, which gives details of one such clinical trial using one of our own L.
But in general, there is another species and strain of bacteria that has been found to be more useful in supporting bowel regularity: Bifidobacterium lactis BB-12. This is why we advise those who are very severely immuno-compromised not to take probiotics as it’s not always clear whether they will be able to mount an appropriate immune response. However, in an interview with this publication in June, AB Vista said that feeding at higher levels of 1,000 to 2,000 FTU per kg could bring about an improved feed conversion rate (FCR) in livestock.The method involves the addition of sufficient phytase to quickly destroy all phytate present in the diet. Help people by sharing experiences you’ve had with Constipation or Grape Juice Does Periactin cause constipation?
While physically there won’t be too many changes from week 26 mentally you might feel more constipation cause chest pain pediatric remedies anxious as the final trimester begins. What causes heart Baby Constipation Loss Appetite Inflammatory Disease Submission Journal attacks? Formula-fed babies constipation 5 weeks pregnant pain during abdominal pregnancy typically consume much more milk at each feeding irritable bowel home remedies rid take babies how long get does than eastfed babies but Baby Constipation Loss Appetite Inflammatory Disease Submission Journal they are also more likely to grow into overweight children and adults.
Although this supplement contains fewer billions of cells than the 'EXTRA Strength' version, it still provides more viable live cultures than the average yoghurt or supplement containing natural bacteria. These strains have been extremely well-researched, in numerous clinical trials where they have been taken alongside antibiotics, and still shown to survive to reach the gut alive. After all, when buying acidophilus it is essential to look at the quality of the strain, and not simply buy a 'generic' acidophilus supplement! I'm trying to figure out if there are any acidophilus products that he can take that will help him. A few years ago a friend suggested that the problems that I am suffering could be yeast related. This strain was recently featured in one of the largest probiotic clinical trials ever, and found to help improve stool transit time. For this reason, we’d usually recommend that you consult with your doctor who will be more well-informed about your general state of health. As phytate is an ‘anti-nutrient’, this will lead to performance improvements in the target animal greater than those expected from the simple release of nutrients due to added phytase.
Constipation and diarrhea are each classic symptoms of gluten intolerance or alternating between the two. It is naturally found in the gut, and is probably the microorganism most commonly found in natural bacteria (or 'live cultures') supplements on the market today.
Maintain gut health even during your course of antibiotics, with a live cultures supplement especially made for those taking antibiotics. Many people carry small amounts of the bacteria in their system to no ill-effect but lifestyle factors such as consumption of alcohol, coffee and smoking increase the risk of a H. I recovered to a certain extent but not fully from the first horrible attack of these symptoms but they have returned. I had six courses of antibiotics over a two month period for dental issues earlier this year.
Qigong for Breast Health shares with women key TCM techniques to help unleash a woman’s innate healing ability and create a free flow of energy through the Menstrual problems PMS mood swings east Chronic conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome. I would like to know how much acidophilus I can take daily to help build up my friendly bacteria.

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