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Plus, kraut is an affordable way to lower cholesterol and can have its sodium reduced with simple rinsing.
Sauerkraut is prepared by fermenting cabbage.Sauekraut has many health benefits as it has high levels of dietary fibers and contains Vitamin A,Vitamin C,. Sauerkraut is chopped raw fermented cabbage(pickled cabbage).It is a German Cuisine which is largely eaten in Germany and other parts of the world.
More than one billion, yes more than one billion sauerkraut is served every year in different forms like Raw Sauerkraut, Canned Sauerkraut, Sauerkraut  Salad, Sauerkraut Soup, Sauerkraut  Juice, Sauerkraut Cake and Sauerkraut dishes across the world.
It’s a powerful remedy for a disease named scurvy caused due to deficiency of vitamin C because it is a rich source of Vitamin C. It also helps in reducing ulcers and acnes because it contains Vitamin U which helps in healing ulcers and acnes. It contains Fiber which helps in maintaining cholesterol level in the body which in turns reduces the chance of heart attacks, strokes, and other cardiovascular issues.
It also helps in weight losing as it is a low-calorie food, you can include it in your weight loss diet plan. As Sauerkraut is a rich source of Vitamin C, which is one of the important element of our immune system, it boosts our immune system. It contains high levels of iron which is very beneficial for the body in a variety of ways. It also helps Cancer Patients suffering from Prostate, Bladder and Breast cancer in fighting with cancer, according to research because it contains high levels of glucosinolates which are anti-cancer compound.
After some time take cabbage out of the jar and squeeze it with your hands to release the water out of it. Now put Cabbage back into the jar, cover the jar with towel and put the jar into a cool place for 4-6 weeks for natural fermentation. Now after 4-6 weeks, take out the jar and see your healthy sour crispy sauerkraut is ready to eat. As Raw Sauerkraut takes a long time to get fermented, here is a shorter way to take advantages of health benefits of Sauerkraut in the form of Sauerkraut Juice which takes a shorter time to get prepared as compared to Raw Sauerkraut.
Now you came to know about Sauerkraut and its health benefits and how to make it at your home? As Sauerkraut is a rich source of Vitamin C, Vitamin K and minerals like iron, manganese, copper, sodium and calcium so my advice is to take one cup of Sauerkraut daily. All content on this website is for informational purposes only and should not be considered to be a specific diagnosis or treatment plan for any individual situation. As sauerkraut is derived from fermentation of cabbage, it is a good source of friendly bacteria, which makes it good for digestion. Did You Know?A few tablespoons of sauerkraut everyday is all you need to reap its health benefits.
As sauerkraut is obtained through the fermentation process, it contains a great deal of friendly bacteria that help in digestion. The amount of 'beneficial' bacteria present in sauerkraut is also higher than those found in yogurt. Overgrowth of harmful microbes has often been attributed to low acidity in the stomach and intestine. As cabbage is an important constituent of sauerkraut, it naturally contains flavonoids that exhibit cholesterol-lowering properties. A study reported in the 2002 edition of Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry showed that when fermented, cabbage releases isothiocyanates such as sulforaphane. Making sauerkraut at home is very easy, but if you are looking for commercially prepared sauerkraut, you need to choose the right one. Chances are, at some point in your existence, you'll come across the wonders of sauerkraut - whether that's at the German Christmas market or perhaps in the world foods section of your local supermarket. While eating fermented cabbage might not sound that appetising, this sour-tasting veggie dish can be surprisingly good for you - with health benefits ranging from improved digestion to stimulating your immune system.
Sauerkraut is finely chopped cabbage, which has been fermented and is yellow-beige in colour. Sauerkraut is a popular side dish (or even condiment in some cultures) for foods such as hot dogs and sausages.

Despite common associations of the cabbage dish with Germany, sauerkraut reportedly stems from China.
It's important to note that heat kills the live bacteria, so if you cook or buy pasteurised sauerkraut, you won't benefit from its probiotics. As well as busting cancer and providing fiber, sauerkraut is rich in vitamins C and K, both of which are needed for building strong bones. Additionally, fermented cabbage is packed with plenty of iron meaning it can help boost energy levels and your immune system. In a lecture called Optimum Nutrition, Susun Weed speaks of how each nutrient needs a specific micro-organism to transport it to the cells in the body where it will be used, so it is vitally important to our health that we maintain a healthy population of these micro-organisms. Well, you will need for this sauerkraut recipe is a large bowl or plastic bucket, a glass jar or crock, some kind of pounder, a wood or plastic follower (a plastic lid that fits inside your crock or jar), a weight (could simply be a jar of water or rocks), cabbage, and kosher salt. Sandor Katz recommends 3 Tablespoons of salt for 5 pounds of cabbage, but also says that he uses more salt in the summer and less in the winter.
Place the cut cabbage in the bowl or bucket, adding salt as you go so that the salt is layered with the cabbage. Pound the cabbage with a your pounder (I used the plunger for my Vitamix – be creative here, a clean baseball bat can work…) to bruise the cabbage and draw out the juice.
I added salt as I pounded, continually tasting the cabbage until it tasted strongly of salt, perhaps adding 6 teaspoons for my one head of cabbage.
After 24 hours, if there is not enough brine to cover the cabbage by 1 inch, (This will protect the kraut from airborne bacteria) make a brine solution by dissolving 1 tablespoon of salt in 1 quart of boiling water and pour over the cabbage.
Replace the cabbage leaves, follower, weight and dishtowel and let sit another 2 to 6 days. Seaweed recipe: kelp energy bars Stinging Nettles the Super Food?
The answer is because of it’s high nutritional value and unique sour delicious taste. It contains all essential vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin K, Vitamin C, Vitamin B and minerals like iron, manganese, copper, sodium and calcium. It is a very useful remedy for people suffering from constipation, bloating and excessive gas problems.
Special Four day Sauerkraut diet to lose 6 pounds of weight is given at the end of the article.
Vitamin C stimulates the production of white blood cells and increases cellular regeneration and repair, while also playing a key role in the formation of collagen, a foundational component for almost every part of our body, including organs, blood vessels, skin, hair, muscles, and bones. First of all, iron helps to contribute to energy production, as it increases the body’s metabolism and also boosts circulation, which increases oxygenation of organs and cells.
High iron levels help prevent anemia (iron deficiency) and the side effects associated with that condition (headaches, fatigue, cognitive impairment). Taking too much of sauerkraut leads to ingestion, and dietary imbalance so takes it as a part of balanced diet. Manaan Gandhi is the one of the young dynamic Ayurveda doctor.He started off by presenting a research paper in a national conference in Mumbai. Use of this website and the information contained herein does not create a doctor-patient relationship.
With vitamin C, folate, iron, and manganese present in sauerkraut, one can definitely say that sauerkraut has the goodness of nutrition.
The fermentation process is carried out by various strains of lactic acid bacteria, that impart it a sour flavor. However, what sets sauerkraut apart from other vegetables is that it contains naturally occurring probiotics. In fact, these beneficial bacteria that reside in the colon are absolutely necessary for digestion. Also, you may not have to take probiotic supplements or drinks if sauerkraut is an integral part of your diet.
This fermented cabbage is an excellent source of vitamin C, known to strengthen the immune system. Thus, this fermented product may contribute in preventing drastic fluctuations in blood sugar, as well as control and reduce the risk of chronic ailments like diabetes and hypoglycemia.

Apart from regulating the wake-sleep cycle, acetylcholine can also aid in improving memory and reducing blood pressure.
Thus, sauerkraut in the diet will promote healthy cholesterol levels, helping to keep the heart function normal.
Finnish researchers observed that isothiocyanates were able to shun the growth of cancerous tumors in laboratory animals.
So, people with high blood pressure (HBP) should exercise caution when it comes to having sauerkraut. The fermenting process makes sauerkraut is high in sodium - meaning you should definitely limit the amount you eat (especially if you suffer from any cardiovascular or renal diseases). Not only do I enjoy the taste of the finished product, I love the health benefits of eating such a delicious fermented food and I truly enjoy the process of making the sauerkraut. It also contains a high level of Dietary fibers, a moderate amount of Protein and Antioxidant Cancer-Fighting Compounds. Always consult with your own doctor in connection with any questions or issues you may have regarding your own health or the health of others. It is also high in antioxidants that protect the body against free radicals, which are toxic molecules that can trigger extensive cellular damage. This is because fermented cabbage is a good source of lactic acid, that supports healthy intestinal acidity, thereby making it difficult for pathogens to survive.
The heating process that forms an integral part of pasteurization robs sauerkraut of its enzymes and other essential nutrients. Just a cup of sauerkraut provides a whopping 939 mg of sodium, which accounts for 63% of daily salt consumption for HBP patients. This will stop the fermentation process, and the sauerkraut will last for months in your refigerator.
A generous amount of salt is mixed with shredded cabbage, which is then stored in an air-tight jar. These naturally occurring compounds can also help to relieve an upset stomach that often occurs due to indigestion.
Hence, people suffering from candidiasis (yeast infection) are often recommended to eat sauerkraut regularly.
So, one should always choose the unpasteurized version as it is full of digestive enzymes that support pancreatic function and improve digestion. Also, too much intake of sauerkraut can cause excessive growth of 'good' bacteria, which may lead to bloating, abdominal cramps, and gas. Pound the cabbage until it becomes somewhat translucent and there is plenty of cabbage juice at the bottom of the bowl. The salty environment leads to the growth of friendly bacteria that ferment the grated cabbage.
Moreover, adequate presence of 'good' bacteria in the intestine prevents proliferation of harmful bacteria that cause infection.
Fresh cabbage contains vitamin B5 in miniscule amounts, but sauerkraut is found to be an excellent source of this nutrient.
Although it is not yet clear whether these compounds will produce the same effect on humans, animal studies show promising results and further research may confirm its anti-cancer properties. People with pancreatitis and gastric ulcers are also advised to restrict intake of sauerkraut. As salt is a preservative, sauerkraut remains fresh and does not spoil with age or from harmful pathogens. So, adding sauerkraut to your diet will not only help to improve your digestion, but also improve your immunity against infection. However, the National Cancer Institute does advocate intake of foods containing isothiocyanates to prevent cancer.

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