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I recently wrote a guest post for Tim Leffel’s Cheapest Destinations Blog on how to travel on the cheap in Mexico City.
For those of you that read my previous post on Eating Vegan in Mexico City, my brain is now trained to look for vegan food, whether I am eating it or not. Every time I’m asked for a topic-specific list of suggestions for visitors coming into town I get inspired to write up a post. Even I need a break from writing about Mexico City some times and so for the past few weeks we road-tripped through Baja California, enjoying the clean desert air and fish tacos. Stella & Chewya€™s Meal Mixers are designed to be mixed with a small amount of water so it adds flavor and nutrition to your doga€™s entire food bowl.
Stella & Chewya€™s conducted an independent taste test study at the University of Wisconsin-Madison when Meal Mixers was first developed and 9 out of 10 dogs preferred their kibble when it was mixed with the product. It feels like virtually everyday a new brewhouse opens its door, beckoning you through the with hoppy IPAs, creamy stouts and honey-tinged browns.

I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Meal Mixers, but Lessons From A Paralyzed Dog only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers.
When I adopted Cody 10 years ago nobody was talking about the subject, but since adding Bailey to our family last Christmas Ia€™ve been noticing a lot of information about the benefits of going raw.
After I mixed the food I let Cody and Bailey get a whiff of what they were about to sample. I was pretty sure adding raw ingredients wouldna€™t be too hard for us because I already cook for my dogs in order to control Codya€™s Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Our family thanks you!August 24, 2015 By Lindsey Dietz 3 CommentsAfter five years, my family still aren’t fans of fermented foods.
Cooking leta€™s me keep the ingredients in Codya€™s food to the ones I know agree with his sensitive stomach, but I never took the leap to try a raw pet food diet until now when we had the opportunity to try Stella & Chewya€™sA® Meal Mixers. But they are fans of my homemade salsa, bean dip, and pesto — which are all lacto-fermented.

Put them to good use in this healthy, lacto-fermented green tomato salsa packed full of beneficial probiotics and enzymes.
Make this lacto-fermented salsa with vegetables from from the garden or found at the farmers market. Use this spread for breakfast, a snack, or to serve alongside a cheese plate at your next party. Sure, the grocery store flavors taste good — but these taste fabulous (and are healthier).

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