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Probiotics are healthy bacteria which should be incorporated into your diet, not just for your health but for your skin.
Not only can you obtain probiotics in the diet but you can apply probiotics topically with only specially formulated natural skincare products that contain a unique probiotic named Leucidal from Lactobacillus – one of the species of microorganisms used to produce fermented products such as sauerkraut and kimchi, from cabbage.
Probiotics can be found for consumption in foods and beverages like yogurt, kefir, saurkraut and  kimchi.   Simply incorporate probiotics into your regimen and start using high quality  natural probiotic beauty products such as Sevani and watch yourself be amazed by what observe in the mirror!
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In addition, maintaining healthy gut flora may help burn fat and reduce insulin resistance. Not just a toping for sausages, sauerkraut is an amazing food that has been used in history as a digestive aid and immune system booster. Considered a prebiotic, a food source for the beneficial bacteria in your digestive track, apple cider vinegar is a great drink to help keep your digestive system healthy. Use it as part of a salad dressing, marinade, or dilute it with water and honey and drink it. Packed with wonderful prebiotics, raw garlic is an excellent food to help improve gut health if you can stomach the flavor.
Try chopping a raw garlic clove into fine, small pieces and adding to pastas, meats and salads. The first question asked by many is, “How much do these standards really change the way we account for leases?”  This question has a surprisingly simple answer – the only place there is a dramatic change from the prior accounting standards is on the Balance Sheet for Operating Leases. Prior to ASC 842, leases were placed into one of two categories – Operating Leases or Capital Leases. As mentioned above, the most substantial changes under the new accounting pronouncements are with regard to the balance sheet presentation of operating leases. The original lease liability is measured as the present value of future minimum lease payments, using the rate implicit in the lease (if known) or the company’s borrowing rate from the bank. Although companies are required to include this lease asset and liability in their financial statements for reporting purposes, whether at quarter-end or year-end, there is no requirement from the companies to include these assets and liabilities in their general ledger and reduce them throughout the year. Either one of these methods is acceptable – it is up to the company to decide the best way for them to account for their future lease commitments. ASC 842 is effective for all public companies for fiscal years beginning after December 15, 2018.
With these changes, there are a number of additional items that are required to be disclosed in the notes to the financial statements. With the new requirement to record a right of use asset and a lease liability, there are key balance sheet measures and ratios that will change, potentially affecting debt covenants. Matt McWhirter is a senior audit associate at Green Hasson Janks and has been with the firm for almost two years. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Economics with a specialization in Computing from the University of California, Los Angeles. Many American food companies are incurring additional overhead costs to certify and label an estimated 40 percent of food products as kosher certified. Although the majority of kosher sales are attributed to strictly kosher Jewish households, many kosher food consumers are not Jewish.
It is important to note, however, that the majority of consumers purchase kosher foods due to the widespread belief that they are healthier and of higher quality than their non-kosher versions. With food companies constantly aiming to increase their market share, obtaining a kosher certificate is vital in order to reach this large consumer population. The cost burden associated with kosher certification varies depending on factors such as the manufacturing location, traceability, dedication of the production facility, contract manufacturing and the nature of the product itself. Elad joined Green Hasson Janks in 2014 after completing his bachelor’s degree in Economics and Accounting from the University of California, Santa Barbara. In an article entitled “How Positive Thinking Builds Your Skills, Boosts Your Health, and Improves Your Work,” author James Clear explains that everyone has had an adrenalin rush when they see danger approaching. James Clear explains that how we react to negative influences or triggers can be a choice if you let it. As managing partner at Green Hasson Janks, I’m committed to building an environment that understands and recognizes positivity in the workplace. For example, if you have a team of four people who bring positive energy and can-do attitudes to a project, your team will be productive and enjoy the work. In the field of positive psychology, studies have examined how working in a positive organizational culture can potentially enhance productivity and human capital.
There are steps we can all take to build positivity and happiness, both in and outside of the workplace.
Additionally, we also have formed a Great Places to Work Committee that addresses ways we can bring happiness and positivity into our work environment and finds ways to make sure our staff feels appreciated and enjoys coming to the office each day. In the end, positivity is a decision we must all make each morning and something we share with everyone we come in contact with – especially our employees.
Leon has over 30 years of experience in the areas of audit and accounting, tax planning and general business consulting. Leon is a member of the California Society of CPAs and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.
There may be hope for some as water restrictions may be lifted in Northern California due to substantial rainfall this rainy season with some places seeing up to 12 inches. There does seem to be a very large untapped source of water right in our backyard: the Pacific Ocean.
Desalination is an expensive endeavor, however, with the cost per acre-foot of water produced being $100 more than recycled water and $1,000 more than reservoir water. After all of these issues, the 50 million gallons produced per day provide only around 7 percent of San Diego County’s water usage.
Alexander Brown is a senior associate auditor at Green Hasson Janks and has been with the firm more than two years after serving as an intern during the summer of 2012.
You’ve heard it all before—fish is a great way to make sure you’re getting your omega-3s for beautiful skin and heart health, among other perks. The only problem with that is…with those omega-3s, you’re getting more toxins than ever these days. It’s funny because I went to a sushi restaurant a few days ago with friends (seaweed salad, veggie rolls for me) and forbade my friends from ordering their usual yellowfin sashimi.
Some of the popular seafood picks, including mahi-mahi, lobster, halibut, Alaskan cod, black and striped bass, and Atlantic and Pacific halibut, are considered “moderately” contaminated with mercury, and the NRDC recommends eating them no more than six times per month.
Mercury comes with a whole lot of nasty side effects if you get too much as an adult, a mom-to-be, or a child.
In children, there can be all kinds of delays in their development when exposure to mercury occurs.
A lot of what we hear in regard to the dangers of fish revolves around the presence of mercury in their fat and flesh. In adults, exposure to PCBs has been linked to memory problems, sexual and fertility issues, and cancer. A study involving people from the Great Lakes basin area, where fish consumption is higher than average, found that those men and women had heightened risks of cancer, immune and endocrine system troubles, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, diabetes, and liver disease after the reproductive years (the study did not find conclusive evidence that PCBs caused reproductive issues, but said that reproductive function “might” be disrupted and would require further study). As with the mercury, the bigger, fattier fish are the ones to watch out for when you’re worried about PCBs. Some of the farmed salmon carry disease all the way to the store, based on the samples biologist Alex Morton from British Columbia gathered—and they’re being sold as food in the supermarket when they have these diseases.
Instead of addressing the problem as if it were a real threat and allowing scientists to investigate, the Canadian government muzzled anyone who wanted to say the farmed salmon were infected and the cause for the decline in wild salmon. The unwillingness to do anything but cover up the issue puts the ecosystem—and um, our health—at risk, all for the sake of not interrupting trade (and cash flow). Obviously, you still need omega-3s in your diet, even when you’re consciously limiting your intake of fish. Walnuts are another option, since their omega-3 content is higher than any other type of nut. If you love Brussels sprouts (as I do), a cup and a half of them will meet your daily omega-3 requirement. When you do eat fish, make sure it’s baked or broiled so the fat (which contains most of the toxins) is drained away. You don’t have to give up anything you don’t want to; just be aware of the concerns so you can make educated decisions on the types of fish you consume and how often you eat it. If you are a fish-eater, eat lots of cleansing herbs, especially cilantro, which can help chelate (bind to and escort out) heavy metals out of your body. While I am not advocating people eat mercury laden fish or fish full of toxins, what people fail to realize is that fish contain a lot of selenium and selenium actually detoxifies, and rids heavy metals from the body. Hi, Kimberly, did you know that (at least in Europe) farm fishes can be grown with animal flavors like chicken amd pork?
I have cut meat almost completely out of my diet except for some occassional fish…but i read this article and was so grossed out!! Kim, if so, why do Japanese still eat fish and sushi (protein + carbs) and they are generally very healthy?
Always I was thinking wild fish better than farm raised fish because fish can get less unhealthy products.

I’m wondering if you have an article about fruits and veggies we should by organic, and in the same time which of them we can just wash with vinegar and backing soda or peel the skin off.
Introducing probiotics to your diet will not only flush out bodily toxins but repair the harmful damage caused by free radicals too. If you pair your diet with probiotics both topically and internally, your skin will make the most out of the nutrients from your food.
A combination of probiotics and proper diet and skin care products will zap blemishes in as fast as two weeks!
This unique topical probiotic encourages smoother skin, minimizes wrinkles, and kills the bacteria that contributes to acne making it most useful for all skin conditions as well as anti-aging!
Sunblock What You Need to Know to Decide!karissa on Get Acne-free and Glowing Skin with Luscious Beauty Smoothiesadmin on Acne Basics and Dr. It’s home to trillions of microorganisms that make up your gut flora (also called gut microbiota).
These range from reducing inflammation and risk factors of cancer and heart disease, as well as potentially reducing cognitive decline.
So by taking care of your digestive system and the microbes that help run it, you’ll be healthier and slimmer.
Though he loves his heavy squat and deadlift sessions, he believes that health and fitness extend well beyond the gym and that fitness should be a tool to promote mental health and lifestyle balance.
Ground mixes in 1 and 2 pound containers should be ordered in increments of 8, 12,24 and 48. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Lease expenses and payments on the Income Statement and Statement of Cash Flows, Financing Lease Accounting and Lessor Accounting remain substantially unchanged under the new standards. With the implementation of ASC 842, Capital Leases no longer exist and are instead referred to as “Financing Leases.” However, Financing Leases under ASC 842 are substantially similar to what was known as “Capital Leases” under the previous lease accounting standards. Under the new standards, companies are required to recognize a “lease liability” and a “right of use asset” on the balance sheet for all leases other than short-term leases, which are defined as leases that are less than 12 months in length.   Renewal or termination options that are reasonably certain of exercise by the lessee are required to be included in the lease term.
The original right of use asset is recorded at an amount equal to the lease liability but is subject to adjustments such as initial direct costs, prepaid lease payments, or lease incentives received.  The asset and liability are then reduced annually by using the effective interest method. Thus, at the end of each fiscal year (or quarter), the company is able to review their future lease commitments as of that date and compute the present value of the future minimum lease payments. For private companies, the standards are effective for fiscal years beginning after December 15, 2019 and for interim periods beginning after December 15, 2020.
It is important for each company to be supported by a firm that understands their financial covenant calculations in order to assess the potential impacts of these new accounting standards. Whether you are watching a Hebrew National hotdog commercial on TV or eating out at one of the many kosher restaurants in LA, you can’t help but notice the proud labeling displayed on the many kosher food options available.
Given that Jews approximate 2 percent of the total United States’ population and about 25 percent of them (roughly 1.5 million people) adhere to some form of kosher observance, I began to wonder why. Kosher food is sought after for a variety of reasons including health, veganism, vegetarianism, allergies and other religious restrictions such as the Islamic law of Halal. This stems from a distrust of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and some of its looser regulations involving additives, transference and transparency. According to the Kosher Advisory Service, kosher food sales have increased by an average of 10 percent per years since 2005. Essential undertakings of a kosher manufacturer include committing to an established list of kosher ingredients, following prescribed instructions involving the use of equipment and accepting intermittent inspections by an independent rabbinic field representative. He is part of the Firm’s Food and Beverage Practice and focuses on providing audit and accounting services to a wide variety of clients. A defining study of positivity was done by social psychologist Barbara Fredrickson at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill that applies science to positivity. Negative emotions like fear and anger are released and our minds focus immediately on the situation and the response.
If you get up in the morning and decide to face the day with a positive outlook, it will likely propel you forward throughout a positive day.
How people show up for work and interact with each other is a critical component of our success. These studies on Positive Organizational Behavior (POB) suggest that fostering traits such as confidence, optimism, hope and happiness offer very impressive behavioral outcomes and also lead to a happier and more productive workplace.
Daniel Sgroi from the Department of Economics at the University of Warwick even published a study in 2014 on happiness and productivity that showed how happiness made people 12 percent more productive.
For me, positivity and happiness comes from helping others, and I have made giving back to the community a large part of our culture at Green Hasson Janks. He advises his clients on matters related to strategic planning, profitability, mergers and acquisitions, and buying and selling businesses. On a global scale, Leon represents Green Hasson Janks in HLB International, a 100-country network of accounting firms. Most people think of their baths, showers and brown-green lawns when they talk about saving water and the restrictions. But it also costs around $100 less than importing water from outside of San Diego County, which might make it a much better solution than trucking in our water in the long run.
As the ocean water goes through the desalination process, half of the water is extracted as drinking water while the other half flushes away all of the salt and minerals that came in with the original ocean water. If desalination is the future, then it’s going to be costly and it’s going to require a lot of investment. Prior to officially joining the Firm in 2013, he worked as both a senior accountant and bookkeeper for various firms. It’s the sad truth of our polluted waterways and oceans, and our fish friends act as virtual underwater filters.
Since you can’t detect it on your own by smell or taste, it’s important to educate yourself on the types of fish it’s safest to eat and the ones you should avoid at all costs. The NRDC lists memory loss, blood pressure regulation, numbness in the toes and fingers, heart disease, vision loss, and tremors as effects mercury can have on adults. The Environmental Defense Fund has a chart that shows how often it’s safe to eat certain types of fish for men, women, older children, and younger children, and states whether the concern is mercury, PCBs, or both. The film, Salmon Confidential, discusses the effects that salmon farms may have had on wild salmon along the Fraser River in British Columbia.
Morton sent a salmon sample in for testing, straight from the supermarket, and it came back positive for piscene reovirus.
While studying the decline of wild salmon, scientist Kristi Miller’s research led her to the salmon farms.
So far, the viruses are reportedly not affecting humans, but who knows what the future could reveal?
The paler, fattier fish are the farm-raised ones, and they’re the most likely to have the infections. You can get omega-3s, however, from Beauty Food sources, like flaxseeds, hemp seeds, chia seeds. In a perfect, toxin-free (and virus-free) world, sushi and sashimi would be some of the healthiest ways to eat fish. Try to supplement your omega-3 fatty acid consumption with some of the options I listed above, and have fish only a few times a month or a couple of times per week. It seems the more I read about Oysters the healthier they seem for my body and the environment. I’ve learnt that flax seeds contain phytoestrogens which everyone is so afraid of in soy. I wish to state that this informative article is awesome, terrific authored and are available having approximately valuable infos. Even eating the same foods everyday including vegetables from contaminated soil would be potentially toxic-like drinking green smoothies every day. These are good guys that work best in disease prevention, digestion improvement, and cell repair – skin cells included! If you have been abusing your liver with unhealthy diet, you might want to call on probiotics’ help to filter the toxins from your liver. These little friends of ours help us digest food, produce energy, and a host of other bodily functions. Now before I dive into the accounting updates, I want to spend some time discussing how the new accounting standards affect the way we categorize leases. As was the case before, any lease that does not meet the standards listed below is classified as an operating lease.
Thus, a lease that is less than 12 months long but includes a renewal option that the lessee is reasonably certain to extend is not considered to be short term and must be included in the calculation of the lease liability and right of use asset. The liability is reduced by the difference between the cash paid during the year and the interest expense, whereas the right of use asset is reduced by the difference between the straight-line lease expense and the interest expense. This amount may be recorded at year-end for financial reporting purposes and subsequently reversed on the first day of the following fiscal year. Early adoption of the standards is permitted.  However, the standards must be adopted using a modified retrospective transition, requiring the new guidance to be applied to the earliest comparative period presented.
An additional goal of this new standard is to provide an increase in transparency and comparability for financial statement users by providing them with more information regarding the leasing activities of companies.

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Growing up in a kosher home, I was always told to check for the kosher label on a food product before placing it into the grocery cart. According to the Orthodox Union, the world’s largest kosher certification agency, there are approximately 200,000 kosher certified products available in the United States today. In addition to satisfying strict dietary laws, kosher standards also require more supervision during production, resulting in a higher number of health-conscience consumers preferring to shop kosher. Accordingly, more companies are obtaining kosher certification in order to tap into this profitable market and supply its demand.
Furthermore, before bearing the costs of going kosher, it is important to know the reputation of the contacted kosher agency in order to realize the greatest return on investment. The study found that the biggest benefit of positivity is an enhanced openness and ability to build skills and develop resources for use later in life. On the other hand, if you decide to be negative — and it is a decision — you’re likely to have a much less productive day, and you’ll also be a drag on others. It seems logical to say that that would leave you with three productive people, but unfortunately, it most often leaves you with zero productivity and sometimes less than zero.
This emphasis on volunteering helps our employees feel a part of something positive that is bigger than themselves. He serves clients in a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing distribution and retail. He is a member of the Board of Directors and chairs both the Audit and Finance Committees for PriceSmart, a publicly held company in San Diego.
However, as a member of the food and beverage niche at Green Hasson Janks, I can’t help but think about all of the manufacturing processes (food and otherwise) that require massive amounts of water for production and cleaning. According to Governor Brown’s office, several water-use restrictions will remain permanent for the foreseeable dry future, including practices deemed wasteful such as watering sidewalks. The process of doing this involves several methods, all of which require massive amounts of energy and a large infrastructure project to get them off the ground and running. Next, desalination plants like the one in Carlsbad utilize a next-door power plant to combine intake cooling water with the briny waste and lower its overall salt concentration before it exits the plant as seawater again.
He is a licensed CPA in the State of California and co-founder of the nonprofit MRSA Foundation. Mercury and PCBs abound in seafood (in some fish more than others), so you should certainly not pile on the seafood as a daily component of your diet, or fish oil capsules for that matter. It’s like saying, well, it’s okay to just eat a teeny bit of rat poison- but not too much! For pregnant women, the exposure could cause mental retardation, cerebral palsy, deafness, or blindness in the child. Because children’s brains develop so quickly and their bodies are growing and learning so much in the first six years of life, they are especially susceptible to the effects of mercury.
PCBs are chemicals that were released into the air, water, and soil by industries from the 1920s until they were banned in 1979. The wild salmon passing through the areas where salmon are farmed are potentially picking up deadly (to them) diseases—infectious salmon anemia (ISA), salmon alphavirus (which damages the salmon’s pancreas), and piscene reovirus, which weakens the heart (turns it to mush, actually), making it impossible for these once powerful fish to swim upstream.
She was forbidden to test the farmed salmon (or speak out at all about it—no interviews, no meetings, nothing).
What happens when a virus has been kept alive at cold temperatures on sushi and then you consume it? Just one or two tablespoons a day will give you what you need for healthy brain and nerve function. Be selective in the type of fish you eat (see the list above!), but still try not to eat it more than twice per week. But since you’re eating it raw, all of the nasty stuff that goes along with fish these days is still present. By the way, I have to tell you that I recently bought both The Beauty Detox Solution and The Beauty Detox Foods, and I am a huge fan of yours now. My problem is Im trying to lose 20 pounds and recently just became vegan 6 months ago, Ive been a vegetarian since i was 15. I read somewhere that those seafoods easily bind heavy metals (just like chlorella and spirulina). Grill for 3–4 min on each side until the turkey is cooked through, removing the bacon rashers once crisp.
Alternatively, the right of use asset can be derived from the lease liability as of the end of the year.
This process will continue annually and is a much less complex way of obtaining the lease liability and right of use asset each year.
This makes it more difficult for companies to “hide” their leasing activities off-balance sheet. Approximately 12 million American consumers seek out these products, allowing the kosher food industry to generate an estimated $13 billion dollars in annual revenue.
He is on the Board of Directors of the Jewish Federation and is the chairman of the Audit Committee. There is a desalination plant in Santa Barbara, which has been functioning on and off for several years and is planning on being retrofitted by October 2016 to provide over 3 million gallons of potable water per day. A study found lowered IQ levels and issues with language, attention, memory, motor skills, and visuospatial functioning in children whose mothers ate fish high in mercury during pregnancy.
Though they can be broken down in the environment (especially in sunlight, though it still isn’t easy) and they haven’t been used in decades, they’re still around and able to cause problems because they’re still hanging around in the fish we eat. I know we would all like to believe that what we buy in the supermarket is always safe, but it is sadly, not so.
The government allows farms to keep disease information confidential from the public and scientists. I’d like to point out that dark leafy green vegetables contain omega 3 fats as well- especially when ingested in large amounts, such as blended into a GGS. I have to eat something in restaurants, you may be somewhat annoyingly muttering to yourself.
If sushi’s your favorite food and you don’t want to give it up, try trading in your tuna and salmon, some of the most common fish used in sushi, for others from the list that are less contaminated. Though I’ve always been into health and nutrition, my digestion has been out of whack for a while, and I honestly feel like The Beauty Detox Solution is THE solution for me. My diet has always been lo cal, lo fat full of veggies but light on fruits .I eat healthy and exercise 5 days a week, I lift weights and had low body fat until 6 months ago when I got a hormone imbalance. If they bind heavy metals in your body, that would be great, but what if they are already polluted? We charge you the UPS shipping charge plus a cooler charge (which is refundable if the cooler is returned). The most important task for companies to complete is establishing a process to appropriately gather information and report on their leases to ensure that the inventory of leases is accurate and complete. The problem is that we often have this same response in our daily lives in our modern world. There is also the $1-billion project in Carlsbad, CA, called the Claude “Bud” Lewis Carlsbad Desalination Plant, which has been producing upwards of 50 million gallons of potable water per day since it opened in December 2015. Also, please read to the end of this blog, and you’ll see tips for those that want to keep fish in their diet, to maximize health and safety.
There are safer ways to get omega-3s and protein for moms-to-be (and everyone else, too!), and they don’t even involve supplements! The big fish eat the little fish that have PCBs in them, then the even bigger fish eat those, and the PCBs just accumulate over time, working their way up the food chain. You’re awesome, and I can’t wait to start making some of the recipes in The Beauty Detox Foods! Once cool enough to handle, use a sharp knife to carve the turkey escalope horizontally, at a slight angle, into 4 thin slices. This will be more challenging for larger companies with numerous leases, but these companies have time before these accounting standards take effect!
Outsized responses to negative thoughts alter our mood and our day, plus they negatively affect those around us. I feel as if all my muscle is gone now and I feel very soft, I cant lose any weight and I dont understand why. If you truly love eating fish and don’t want to give it up, there are a few things you can do to lower your exposure to the toxins. My go to meal at our favorite Mexican restaurant is a guacamole taco salad, hold the fried flour shell!!

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