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Unlike some other yogurts for kids Chobani Kids have no preservatives, added colors, high fructose corn syrup, modified corn starch or other artificial ingredients.
As an added bonus because Chobani Kids is made with Greek yogurt it has twice the protein and 25% less sugar than the leading kids’ yogurt.
These would be perfect for those crazy work mornings when everyone is running late or for early morning travel. I attribute this to my husband eating regular yogurt when she was young, before Greek yogurt became his thing. That means Sissy gets the protein she needs for a busy day at preschool, alongside her banana, of course.
I love anything crafty, Disney, Gator football, chocolate, green living, flip-flops & family movie nights.Learn more about Jen! It seems that when my kids have friends over, there are non-stop trips to the pantry and fridge.

Chobani Kids® Greek Yogurt Pouches are a great option for snacks, school lunches and even breakfast on-the-go. My kids are always wanting me to buy them the cartoon character yogurts, but when I see all the bright colors and artificial colors, it turns me away from buying them. I was excited to find Chobani Kids® and Chobani Tots® Greek Yogurt Pouches have packaging that features Spider-Man, Doc McStuffins and Winnie the Pooh, created in partnership with The Walt Disney Company’s Magic of Healthy Living Initiative, but WITHOUT the artificial colors or flavors. They comes in dual-flavor 4 packs in three flavors my boys love. strawberry, vanilla + chocolate and grape.
They also provide 2 times the protein and 25% less sugar compared to the leading kids’ yogurt. Also, they all contain less than 5% lactose, are gluten-free…a great option for kids with allergies. Plus they have live and active cultures and probiotics, that are essential to digestive health.

When the older boys saw the younger boys enjoying the yogurt so very much they had to join in the fun as well. The tubes come in some great flavors as well, such as banana, strawberry and also joining the Chobani Kids® family is new Chobani Mixed Berry Tubes. I already struggle trying to find food that my kids will eats, so I am excited they like these so much.In addition the the Chobani Kids® Greek Yogurt pouches and tubes, there are also Chobani Tots® Greek Yogurt pouches, that are specially designed for babies beginning at six months.

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