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Cette bacterie a la particularite de vivre dans le mucus qui recouvre et protege les cellules intestinales.
Selon les chercheurs, cette proximite laisse supposer que cette bacterie dialogue avec l’hote (notre organisme).
Depuis quelques annees, on sait que la composition du microbiote est impliquee dans le diabete et l’obesite.  Le microbiote des personnes en bonne sante est d’ailleurs different de celui des personnes obeses et diabetiques.
Des chercheurs de l’UCL, on decouvert qu’Akkermansia muciniphila joue un role tres important dans le maintien de la fonction de barriere de l’intestin et protege du developpement de l’obesite, du diabete de type II et de l’inflammation induite pas les graisses. L’epaisseur de la couche de mucus est plus fine chez les souris obeses et diabetique et contient 100 fois moins de Akkermansia muciniphila chez ses souris-la. Il existe egalement une relation inversement proportionnelle entre le nombre de bacteries Akkermansia muciniphila et le poids corporel chez l’homme. Akkermansia muciniphila entre en dialogue avec notre intestin via differentes substances : des substances de type endocannabinoides et une molecule antimicrobienne (Reg3g) produite par nos cellules.
Les chercheurs ont egalement decouvert que des prebiotiques (oligofructose) permet de restaurer Akkermansia muciniphila . Cette bacterie sera sans doute une piste interessante dans la prevention et le traitement du diabete de type II. Les fructo-oligosaccharides ou  FOS, prebiotiques adjuvants au regime Les FOS, fructo-oligosaccharides  sont des constituants de l’alimentation qui ne sont pas digeres et qui fermentent au niveau de l’intestin.
This news brief gives you facts that will help you decide if probiotics are the best strategy to help your dog’s digestive and immune system before you spend your money or cause your dog to suffer. Intestinal and Yeast Infections – Probiotics can help prevent urinary tract infections and allergic reactions in your dog’s body. Dog breath and gas odors – Probiotics may result in a reduction of your dog’s bad breath and sour smelling flatulence. Skin and Coat – Probiotics could have a positive effect on your dog’s skin and coat because of it’s anti-inflammatory qualities.
Dosage – Your dog needs to take probiotics with a meal to help with digestion, otherwise you should give your dog probiotics between meals with a liquid to help dilute your dog’s stomach acid. Note:  Check with your veterinarian before you give your dog supplements or probiotics for any reason. This news brief gives you the facts you need to know if you want to add probiotics to your dog’s diet as a supplement to improve his digestive and immune system so you don’t waste your money or cause harm to your dog’s health.
Share this article with your friends and family so they have the facts about dog probiotics for their dog.  You can always depend on the best dog health strategies from Dog Health News. By the way… claim your FREE “How NOT to Overpay to Keep Your Dog Well” video news.  Just go HERE now to get your Dog Health and Wellness Video News. Items ship out the same day or next business day and arrive in 2-3 business days after that. MONEY-BACK 30-DAY GUARANTEE - MASSIVE IMPROVEMENT in your dog's condition within 30 days or a COMPLETE REFUND! Other Ingredients: Calcium (as dicalcium phosphate), Liver (desiccated beef, undefatted), Stearic acid, Whey, Bacon flavor, Magnesium stearate and Silicon dioxide.
If your dog already has healthy digestion and joints, one tablet daily may be all you need to protect your dog and keep him or her happy and healthy! As your dog's condition improves, you can gradually reduce the dosage back to the one-a-day maintenance level.
But if you have any questions about how much to give your dog, or if you want advice on giving a larger dose, please let us know! Sign up to receive the latest news, promotions, special offers and other information from Costco, regarding Costco, its affiliates and selected partners. What is a Flexible Spending Account (FSA)?A FSA (Flexible Spending Account) allows use of the funds an individual has designated to be set aside pre-tax for medical expenses, typically with their employer, when selecting healthcare programs during the previous year.
Note: Although the IRS sets guidelines for FSA programs, individual employers have the final determination of which expenses are covered by their FSA programs. NEW!  Formerly Digestive Enzymes with Prebiotics and Probiotics - compare to expensive Viokase or Pancreazyme ! JAVA - Almost ended badly, is it pancreatitis, irritable bowel syndrome or error in diet and drugs?
Java, a 3 year old, 10.5 lb male Yorkie had a few licks of soft serve ice cream on May 9 and throw up undigested kibbles, foam and water on May 10.
Java is also a dog that gets nervous, stressed and scared easily, and yet he acts like an alpha dog in the household, bullying the cats and humans, and can get aggressive around other dogs.

In our view, the kibble diet, even the natural meat diet and lack of human pack leadership led Java to have a nervous stomach, oxalate stones, pancreatitis and chronic unsettled digestive tracts, which are ALL reversible.
On May 13, after 2 days of distant healing and Reiki sessions, to our surprise, Java became weak, lethargic again. By now, we realized that the medicated drugs are making Java's tummy even sicker, and no matter what therapy we do, it will be canceled out by these powerful chemical drugs. We understand that drugs are needed some times, and in our culture we want a pill for everything. So we offered to stop our natural healing, and explained to Java's human that at this point it is a waste of their money and our time to continue, UNLESS they (one of whom is a nurse) are willing to get Java off drugs for at least 24 hours, since Java is not going to survive in his present condition anyway, to give the body and the natural healing a chance to get through. On May 13 evening, the humans agreed to stop all vet medications except for the pain patch which was fine with us. Earlier, we advised Java's humans that the distant healing and reiki sessions helped Java survived the acute emergency episode of pancreatitis. We repeated to the humans that it will take the suggested supplements, remedies, diet change, human behaviour changes and implementing the action steps from the holistic consultation to complete Java's healing. Java was on a total of 7 days of Distant Pet Emergency Healing therapy, 4 Reiki distant sessions and 1 holistic consultation session. Both Pet Emergency Distant Healing and Reiki Energy Healing were suggested since this has been going on over a week with no vet treatment and Nikki has almost stopped eating. We suggested more therapeutic type therapy for Nikki to help her long term recovery in a couple weeks. Case: Dusty, a 6 yr old male dog, Wheaton Poodle mix, has been diagnosed with gastritis, pancreatitis and irritable bowel syndrome (IBD).
So we did a 3-Day Distant Pet Emergency Healing for Dusty to help him get out of this acute pain and danger. We were informed that Dusty has had vet exam, stool sample testing, biopsy of his stomach, nutritionist formulate a diet for him, lots of people helping with the diet but it does not seem to be working. Dusty was a puppy mill dog infested with parasites, hookworms, roundworms, coccidia, giardia and tapeworms and it took 2 long years to get him parasites free. We actually did a nutritional plan for Dusty, as well as his doggy friends Peanut, a 11 yr old chihuahua rat terrior, and Gabby, a 11 yr old maltese terrior. The human tried the new diet for a few weeks with good results, but one time they all had loose stools, so she abandoned the new diet completely and continued to search for a holistic diet on the market. About 9 months later, we heard from Dusty's person again, to find out that she re-adopted our diet plan because all other options continued to fail her and Dusty. We are glad that Dusty is finally getting the right food after 6 long years of loose stools.
Kurt's voice makes noises that sound kind of muffled, almost like something is stuck there. Kurt's fur is also not very nice, it is matted, lack lustre and has lots of knots which the person cannot get apart. Kurt also is underweight, fatigued, has minor loss of appetite, some diarrhea and cataracts.
Upon consultation, we informed the person that Kurt's gagging and choking are actually digestion related, and not a respiratory problem. Il contient des glycoproteines appelees mucine ainsi que des defensines, facteur de croissance, immunoglobulines, lysozyme etc. Le the vert, camelia sinensis, est repute pour ses nombreuses vertus dont celle de faire maigrir.
Lower and higher doses of dog probiotics may be a waste of money and might cause harm to you your dog.
Get the Only Total Health Dog Probiotic with Hip + Joint Support found in Cosequin, Nutri-Vet, NaturVet, Zuke's, Dinovite, and Missing Link. Java will drink a lot of water but throw it up almost immediately, moan softly and breathe heavily even when he dose off.
Clearly, Java thinks there is no pack leader, so he assumes the role even though he does not have the right personality to do the job and stay balanced at the same time.
However, this emergency case was complicated by vet prescription drugs which almost ended badly. We found out that Java growled at the human when he was given the nausea medicine and threw up foam 5 minutes after taking it.
It is like, you cannot successfully detox someone if the person keeps ingesting toxic food or drugs at the same time.

Also, we asked them to change the food and stop giving Java the vet prescribed dehydrated potatoes.
However, for long term digestion and overall health, the diet, lifestyle and human-canine relationship must change.
She has vomited yellow bile, the dog's stomach is upset, has lost weight 5-6 lbs and her stools are very loose. Peanut has excessive thirst and Gabby has excessive thirst, excessive urination, hot spots, tartar and bad breath. The human first thought he has a cold, some lung problems or infections but Kurt does not act sick.
Le mucus a plusieurs roles important : il lubrifie l’intestin, sert de barriere selective qui empeche des proteines de haut poids moleculaire de passer et il sert de nutriment aux cellules epitheliales. Le the vert ne subit pas de fermentation, contrairement au the noir, et est seche peu apres la cueillette, de sorte qu’il est plus riche en catechines benefiques pour la sante. Perfect Medicine Created Especially for Your Dog's Healthy Digestion and Joints, Healthy Skin + Coat, Anti-diarrhea. Your Dog Can Be Hot-Spot Free, Healthier, and Have a Shinier Coat with Reduced Itching and Shedding. He then developed digestive problems so the vet diagnosed him with pancreatitis and switched him to Royal Canin Digestive Lowfat kibbles plus lean chicken, turkey and beef. His stomach continues to rumble, passing gas, but he did eat a little potatoes and has not vomited or had diarrhea so far. Until the SOURCE of this acute problem is removed, Java will continue to vomit, not want to eat, get sicker and sicker. The dog guardian has done numerous tests at the vet, with no conclusive results and thus no treatment. These chews are scientifically formulated to encourage your dog’s natural chewing instinct, to help support healthy teeth and gums and reduce tartar. Eliminates Loose Bowel Movements, Stomach Bloating, Yeast Infection, and Reduces Bad Breath and Itching. Give 1 to 2 Tablets Daily for Dogs Under 40 lbs, 3 to 4 Up to 80 lbs, 5 to 6 Up to 120 lbs. One week into the diarrhea, vomiting and some blood in the stool for this dog, the animal guardian, in tears, asked for my help in the morning.
The vet has put Java on pain patch, nausea medicine, anti-diarrhea medicine, pepcid and dehydrated mashed potatoes.
A few hours later, Java threw up over a dozen times, with foam and any food previously ingested.
That’s important because tartar leads to tooth decay, which can lead to infections through the body affecting the heart and kidney and nobody wants that! Our Natural, Proprietary Custom Formulation Contains Live Acidophilus Probiotic and Digestive Enzymes for Dogs and the Miracle Joint Supplements Glucosamine, MSM, and Chondroitin. We did emergency long distance healing right away, sending the same remedies in the WildPets Blood in Stool Formula Plus. Java, for the last 1.5 yrs, always has a tummy that makes a lot of noise, rumbly, with bouts of gas and pasty stool with mucus. This is also the time we found out Java has been on antibiotics as well - even though there is no infection whatsoever.
Small, Safe, Gentle Everyday Chews for Dogs (and Cats) with Sensitive Tummies, and No Refrigeration Required.
All Ingredients Are in the Correct Dosages Just Right for Your Dog - Not Too Much, Not Too Little.
Perfect for Dogs that Have Been on Antibiotics and Steroids Due to Skin Staph Infections, or with Extreme Allergies. We Make It Right Here in the USA in Small Batches for Freshness in Our GMP Organic Certified Facility, and Every Batch Is Third-Party Tested for Purity! If You Don't See A MASSIVE Improvement In Your Dog's Health Within 28 Days Of Use As Directed, Then Simply Contact Us For an INSTANT, FULL REFUND!

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