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Sometimes referred to as a “newly discovered organ”, the bacteria in your intestines weighs about 1.5-2kg, which if collected together would be approximately the same weight as your liver. So, now that I have your attention, let’s go over some key terms and definitions related to bacteria and human health.
1)      Microbiota (formerly known as flora): the collection of microorganisms that reside in a previously established environment. 2)      Probiotics: Live microorganisms which, when administered in adequate amounts, give health benefit to the host. It acts as a barrier to infectious microorganisms and also combats pathogenic toxins (like those from Clostridium difficile). It balances and drives correct development of the immune system, influencing the formation of white blood cells & cytokines in the gut to prevent allergies and autoimmunity.
Since these factors relate to all of us daily, it is imperative to introduce probiotics to maintain health.
So, in my opinion, daily probiotic supplementation can be a component of a healthy diet throughout your lifetime.
If you’re unfamiliar with prebiotics and probiotics, these are substances found within the digestive system which, when kept in proper balance, will ensure its continuing health. Probiotics are healthy bacteria that are naturally present in the system, helping control the growth of unhealthy bacteria that (if present in excess) can cause the system to function poorly. The two vegetarian-friendly recipes below contain prebiotic-rich ingredients which, when consumed, will assist you in improving (or maintaining the good health of) your digestive system.
Two simple changes give this lasagna a delicious new flavour—the vegetables are grilled first and tofu is used as a layer with the cheese, making it rich in calcium. Banish the blahs with this robust combination of fruits, vegetables and a nutritious whole grain seasoned with ginger, orange and a hint of cinnamon. Advertisements Summit Outpatient offers customized treatment programs designed to bring counseling and healing to those struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Text available under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, unless otherwise noted. Nature’s Way Daily Probotic Vita Gummies support and maintain a healthy digestive  and immune system.
Support and maintain a healthy digestive system and immune health with delicious Nature’s Way Probiotic Vita Gummies for Adults.
This shelf stable probiotic gummy needs no refrigeration and each serve contains 1 billion good bacteria (Bacillus Coagulans). This multi-function probiotic has a protective coating so it can survive stomach acid and reach your intestinal system to help support your natural digestive balance, gut health and help support immunity.

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This formula can replenish your vital probiotic armies, ensuring healthy, comfortable digestion and elimination, support a powerful immune system and keep you protected and energized every day! These are some of the images that we found within the public domain for your "Belly Ache Stories" keyword. We have provided the original source link for you to also credit the image(s) owner as we have done here.
There is actually 10 times the amount of microbial cells in your digestive tract than cells in your entire body.
These bacteria take up residence from the day we are born (or earlier), and remain with us all our lives.
For us, this means we have microbiota in and on our skin, lungs, digestive tract, urinary & vaginal tracks. It ensures proper digestive function and even assists in the production of some vitamins (B and K). As the newborn baby enters the world, it is quickly colonized by the microorganisms from the mother and external environment. There are many probiotics on the market so it’s important to use strains that have been studied. Human strains of probiotics will naturally adhere to your digestive tract more readily than animal strains.
Poor functioning of the digestive system, in turn, will contribute to other health problems. Prebiotics are commonly found in vegetables, grains, and roots, and making these foods part of your diet will tend to be more interesting than just popping a supplement.
Cover and cook on Low for six hours or on High for three hours, until vegetables are tender. Maitreyi Raman is a gastroenterologist and physician nutritionist specialist at the University of Calgary. The Mindful Word invites you to reprint, copy, distribute, and alter CC-licensed text as long as you provide a clickable link back to The Mindful Word and share-alike. Intestinal health depends, to a large extent, on having an ample supply of these beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract. The term “flora” has been used as a term for microbiota, but it relates to plant life instead of live microorganisms, so is technically incorrect.
Probiotics are naturally occurring in fermented foods such as yogurt, miso, kimchi, sauerkraut, and kefir.

For therapeutic probiotics, I generally recommend a minimum of 10 billion CFUs and increase the dose depending on the condition being treated.
Strains used in the probiotics are important for therapeutic use and are studied continually. Add garlic, ginger, cumin, orange zest, cinnamon stick, turmeric, salt and peppercorns and cook, stirring, for one minute.
A combination of a poor diet, medications, stress, environmental toxins and chemicals wreak havoc on our digestive tracts.
Testimonials from enthusiastic drinkers and news articles are for informational purposes only. Each of us has an individual collection of species of bacteria (there are at least 1000 species known) so your microbiota is like an internal fingerprint (since the majority live in your gut). C-section birth will influence a baby’s microbiota development (more on this in another post). If you’re looking just to maintain your health, including fermented foods in your diet daily may be all that you need.
Also, please consult a Naturopathic Doctor for treatment as we are experts in probiotics and optimizing your microbiota. Many believe that our bodies thrive with a constant influx of probiotics to replenish the gut and counteract these negative effects. Lactobacilli and bifidobacteria are two probiotics that are most widely studied, and are both included in Probiotic Complex (lactobacillus acidophilis and bifidobacterium longum). Similarly, the term microbiome is used interchangeably with microbiota, but refers to the combined genetic material of microorganisms in a particular environment (this “second genome” actually makes up 99% of our genetic information).
From the third day of life, the composition of intestinal microbiota is directly related to how the infant is fed. However, if you’re looking to improve or therapeutically treat a condition, I would suggest consulting a Naturopathic Doctor and supplementing with a good quality probiotic.
If you have any questions or medical concerns, please consult with your healthcare or medical professional.

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