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News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services. The Ache: Dogs and cats suffer from the same array of gastrointestinal complaints as humans, including chronic digestive issues and short-term discomfort brought on by stress, veterinarians say. When I first gave tripe to MP, I thought I wasn’t so sure if she was waaaaaay into it any more than she is waaaaaay into other foods.
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She’s having her tripe that really did stink up the kitchen while it waited for the late-as-usual kabocha on the counter.
Stinkus usually make me angry, because I imagine the little molecules of the Stink Entity being ingested and becoming part of me via absorption, which is a thoroughly disturbing thought. She doesn’t blow her mind or anything, but she emits a very quiet but constant GIMME vibe that is a little different from when she anticipates other yummies. Raison, harmful or good bacteria - such as those found in dogs - are harder to come by in our modern, medically advanced age.

Raison is of the theory that human contact with dogs could help restore our exposure to good bacteria and, thereby, recover our weakened immunity."We essentially want to find out, is a dog acting like yogurt in having a probiotic effect?" explained Kim Kelly, a doctoral student of anthropology at UA.

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