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In order to be healthy and to prevent the colonization of harmful bacteria, our GI tracts must contain sufficient numbers of the health promoting beneficial bacteria. Probiotic consumption has been shown to down-regulate overactive immune responses in subjects with autoimmune disorders (such as inflammatory bowel disease, allergies, asthma and atopic dermatitis) and to enhance specific aspects of immune function in healthy subjects. An inverse relationship has also been shown between the consumption of probiotics and the incidence of colon and breast cancer. Unless you have never taken an antibiotic or ingested alcohol, consume large amounts of raw fruits and vegetables and virtually no grains or sugars, and have a source of probiotics in your diet, it is virtually a certainty that you are deficient in probiotics. Clinical data also indicates that probiotic lactobacilli and bifidobacteria administered in food and in capsular form are safe for human use. This is really a positive sign that the intestine is being cleansed of these toxin releasing and illness-promoting bacteria and fungi but it can be uncomfortable for a few days.This can often be avoided by starting with one capsule per day for the first two weeks. Having the proper probiotic bacteria in your digestive system is essential for your health and well-being and being deficient can lead to severe health problems.
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Consumption of probiotics has also been reported to normalize total and LDL cholesterol levels. In fact, without the probiotic strains of healthy bacteria, you are more likely to get ill from the pathogenic or illness causing bacteria. For this reason they need to be kept in a moisture-free environment and away from higher temperatures and humidity. Storing in the freezer maximizes shelf life but refrigerator storage is sufficient to meet the shelf life stamped on your bottle. Heat and humidity may reduce the full potency of the product but it will not make it unsafe. Capsules can be taken as is or broken, emptied into a drink and then consumed at the end of a meal.
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The ingestion of probiotics has been shown to normalize immune functions, reduce the incidence of pathogenic infections, and suppress allergic diseases in human subjects.
The gut microflora of a baby begins to develop at birth and breast-feeding continues this development. When solid foods are introduced, you can begin to include probiotic supplementation after the meal. As is the case for adults, any stressor such as antibiotics or illness can seriously alter this balance.

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