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Nutriforté Lactoghurt uses a unique and revolutionary dual-coating technology to protect against gastric juices and bile acids. Nutriforte Lactoghurt is developed by Cell Biotech, a Danish-Korean bio-venture enterprise which specializes in fermentation and microbial coating technology for Lactic acid bacteria.
As a world-class manufacturer of probiotics with globally competitive technology, Cell Biotech devotes itself in this specialty through ongoing research and development in the field of biotechnology and probiotics. All Cell Biotech manufacturing sites are FDA approved, ISO-9001 Certified (BM TRADA, UK), HACCP Certified (SGS, SWISS), GMP approved and all products are certified Halal, GMO-free and Kosher (Ko-Kosher, USA).
Bifidobacterial strains have the ability to produce B vitamins and contain the enzymes; digestive, casein phosphatase and lysozyme. Designer probiotic bacteria have the potential to alter brain fatty acid composition according to new research published in the prestigious American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Bacteria are classified under a distinct kingdom because of its peculiar cellular and morphological characteristics that makes it different and distinct from all other kingdoms like fungi, animal and virus. This article will discuss some major characteristics that are helpful in the determination of different types of bacteria. Streptococcus Pyogenes is the causative agent of mild sore throat and skin infections that may worsen in certain situations to lead to life threatening infections like toxic shock syndrome and septicemia (when bacteria gain access to the blood stream).
E- Coli is a gram negative bacillis as discussed previously and is considered as a causative agent of travelera€™s diarrhea; however some pathogenic strains can also lead to bloody diarrhea and circulatory shock.
Vibrio cholerae is the causative agent of cholera and is associated with intake of improperly cooked food or poor sanitary conditions. The most common causative agent of food poisoning throughout the world is Enteritis salmonella and can lead to serious and life threatening food poisoning, diarrhea, circulatory shock and dehydration in children. Lactobacillus acidophilus exists in different parts of human body like intestine, vagina and oral cavity. Due to its beneficial properties, it is used in a variety of dietary products like tempeh, yogurt, miso and probiotics supplements. Bacillus subtilis occurs independently in the environment around us and was first used by Nazi army to manage diarrheal illness.
Bifidobacterium animalis is found in the intestine of animals and humans as a normal commensal that aid in digestive process. Streptococcus thermophilus is classified under coccus and it has the ability to withstand a temperature of about 212 degrees Fahrenheit.
Lactobacillus reuteri is one of the probiotics agents that are present in maternal breast milk and becomes a permanent part of gut flora. Since bacterial organisms are so minute, it is impossible to view the organisms without compound microscope. Gram staining is a special method that involves dying the outer covering of the bacterial cell wall that prevents it from physical and environmental trauma. There are a number of structural and functional variations in the bacteria of one group that helps in adapting these bacterial agents to survive in one environment where other bacteria cannot.
Rickettsia is considered unique bacteria since it is incapable of surviving outside living organisms.

All bacteria are characterized by a cell wall outside cell-membrane; however, mycoplasma is unique as it lacks a cell wall that is also considered a protective mechanism that makes it easier for bacteria to evade antibiotic therapies.
A fraction of ingested probiotics are able to interact with intestinal epithelial cells (IECs) and dendritic cells (DCs), depending on the presence of a dynamic mucus layer. Het transport van waterstof kan gevaarlijk zijn, aangezien het erg brandbaar is en in combinatie met zuurstof zelfs explosief (een mengsel van waterstof en zuurstof heeft ook wel de bijnaam knalgas).
Een team van wetenschappers van de Texas A&M University heeft nu door middel van genetische manipulatie een E. Meld je aan voor de nieuwsbrief en ontvang iedere week een overzicht van de nieuwe artikelen. The transition period in stomach which can take up to 2 hours, often kill more than 90% of the live bacteria, unless the bacteria is protected.
This 4th generation probiotics called DuolacTM is patented in the EU, US, Japan and Korea and has been recognized globally for its good acid and bile acid tolerance and adhesion to the intestines.
The company has developed and obtained several patents for its unique dual coating technology, Duolac ®, which increases the viability of the live bacteria during processing, shelf life and ingestion.
Bacteria are microscopic, unicellular (single celled) ancient organisms that are responsible for a number of lethal diseases. Vibrio Cholerae is linked to hundreds and thousands of deaths worldwide (mostly in under- developed countries) due to cholera outbreak. Infection can be controlled by timely intake of proper antibiotics and circulatory support.
It is associated with a high mortality rate after initial infection and characterized by blood diarrhea, vomiting, dehydration, fever and may lead to death if proper treatment is not instituted at the right time.
Our body is loaded with hundreds and thousands of bacteria that serve to colonize our body in order to prevent overgrowth of pathogenic elements. It is responsible for slightly acidic pH of vagina that is helpful in preventing overgrowth of other microorganisms.
In addition it can also be consumed in supplemental doses to improve the symptoms of constipation or irritable bowel syndrome. In order to visualize the cellular components and to differentiate bacteria from other microbial agents, staining techniques are used by scientists to categorize different bacteria. On the basis of gram staining, bacteria are widely classified as gram positive (bacteria with the cell wall) and gram negative (bacteria without cell- wall).
These occurs abundantely in the environment and also as normal commensal on the human body (in nostrils, skin, oral cavity and genitals). Most popular species are salmonella (the causative agent of typhoid) and E- Col (causative agent for hemorrhagic diarrhea). Due to unstable morphological features, it is transmitted by different vector sources like ticks, fleas and mites to cause life threatening infectious diseases like Rocky mountain spotted fever and typhus.
It is causative agent for life threatening pulmonary infections and some strains may cause pelvic disease. Probiotics can occasionally encounter DCs through two routes: DCs residing in the lamina propria sample luminal bacterial antigens by passing their dendrites between IECs into the gut lumen118, and DCs can also interact directly with bacteria that have gained access to the dome region of the gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT) through specialized epithelial cells, termed microfold or M cells119.

Bij reforming worden fossiele brandstoffen en stoom onder hoge druk en bij hoge temperatuur omgezet in onder andere waterstof en CO2.
Waterstof is dus ook eigenlijk geen energiebron maar slechts een drager van energie, zoals elektriciteit dat ook is. Marc is druk bezig met het afronden van zijn proefschrift, maar eigenlijk schrijft hij liever leesbare wetenschappelijke teksten. They may also provide an inhibitory response towards some types of cancer, stimulate the immune response against unwanted intestinal micro-organisms including viruses, and may help control serum cholesterol levels. FOS improves overall digestive health by supporting the growth of friendly bacteria in the large intestine. There are different types of bacteria that shares classic morphological characteristics of the kingdom but are classified differently in 5 major groups on the basis of their habitat, laboratory characteristics, staining methods, requirement of certain nutrients for the generation of energy and presence of certain cytoplasmic extensions like flagella or cilia (that are helpful in the motility of bacteria). Gram negative as well as gram positive bacilli are well known causative agents for gastroenterological, pulmonary and cutaneous infections. The interaction of the host cells with microorganism-associated molecular patterns (MAMPs) that are present on the surface macromolecules of probiotic bacteria will induce a certain molecular response. Bij elektrolyse wordt met behulp van elektriciteit water (H2O) gesplitst in waterstof (H2) en zuurstof (O2).
Het zou onze huizen, auto’s en zelfs draagbare elektrische apparatuur van schone, duurzame energie kunnen voorzien. Door de bacterien hun werk te laten doen op de plaats waar de energie nodig is, wordt het dure en gevaarlijke transport van waterstof overbodig.
It’s efficacy for immune related diseases such as atopic dermatitis and asthma, is under investigation. The host pattern recognition receptors (PRRs) that can perceive probiotic signals include Toll-like receptors (TLRs) and the C type lectin DC-specific intercellular adhesion molecule 3-grabbing non-integrin (DC-SIGN). Deze waterstof zou in de toekomst gebruikt kunnen worden als een schone, duurzame energiebron. Elektrolyse is alleen schoon en duurzaam wanneer er stroom wordt gebruikt afkomstig van bijvoorbeeld windmolens of zonne-energie. Dit proces heeft al langer de aandacht van wetenschappers, maar de waterstofproductie is te laag om er bruikbare hoeveelheden energie uit te winnen. Door 6 genen uit te schakelen hebben ze de bacterien veranderd in efficiente waterstoffabriekjes met suikers als voornaamste grondstof. Omdat waterstof als gas uit de bacterien ontsnapt, zijn er ook geen dure technieken nodig om de energiedrager uit de bioreactoren te winnen.
Some molecular responses of IECs depend on the subtype of cell, for example, Paneth cells produce defensins and goblet cells produce mucus. Important responses of DCs against probiotics include the production of cytokines, major histocompatibility complex molecules for antigen presentation, and co-stimulatory molecules that polarize T cells into T helper or CD4+CD25+ regulatory T cells in the mesenteric lymph nodes (MLNs) or subepithelial dome of the GALT.

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