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ProbioPure is a natural digestive health supplement that provides complete probiotic support for your gut. ProbioPure works by providing the essential friendly bacteria that provide a natural defense against various digestive complaints. Supplementing your body with right ingredients can provide benefits in disorders in which digestion is compromised. I thought why not and gave probiopure a whirl after his nice little endorsement and review of the product. Loses a bit of points for lower active culture numbers, but perhaps thats why its so well tolerated. Been using renewlife, now, jarrow formulas and a couple of the more popular brands for a long time. Just a great overal pro-biotic and seems to work better than the brands that are 100x more known, pushed and expensive. L-theanine is an amino acid that can purportedly provide anti-stress and anti-anxiety effects (“anxiolytic”). L-theanine is not common in a standard diet – which is why most of us get our L-Theanine content from supplements and our diet (it’s fond in green tea, for example). Because L-theanine is thought to weaken the negative side effects of caffeine, it’s often used as part of a stack.
Although L-theanine isn’t backed by overwhelming scientific evidence, it is popular within the nootropics community for its ability to induce a relaxed state of mind without unwanted drowsiness.
Tea is the most widely-consumed beverage in the world – and it’s been that way for centuries (possibly even millennia).
Although L-theanine is primarily derived from green tea, it is also found in smaller amounts in black tea. These effects have been demonstrated in three major studies thus far, including this 2004 study that measured the acute effects of L-theanine in comparison with a popular conventional relaxant (alprazolam).
In a 2011 study, researchers sought to determine L-theanine’s effect on attention and reaction time.
In a 2003 study performed at St Mary’s Hospital in Seoul, South Korea, researchers examined the effects of L-theanine on 20 healthy male volunteers between ages 18 and 30. The final linked study, the 2003 study, provides the best evidence for the relaxation-inducing effects of L-theanine. Ultimately, L-theanine has repeatedly demonstrated scientific evidence for inducing relaxation. L-theanine hasn’t demonstrated the same scientific evidence at boosting mood and concentration. This study illustrated two things: L-theanine has relaxation effects similar to a popular anxiolytic.
So the main catch of this study is that all participants that demonstrated better focus already had high anxiety.

It’s also important to note that the study involved just 18 people separated into two groups, with half of each group taking a placebo and the other half taking L-theanine. However, those who stack L-theanine with caffeine instead of taking it by itself often take a lower dose: say, 50 to 100mg of caffeine with 100 to 200mg of L-theanine.
You can create your own natural caffeine plus L-theanine stack by drinking green tea – although you’ll need to drink a significant amount of green tea to reach the same levels as a standard caffeine + L-theanine stack. Green tea can have anywhere from lows of 5mg of L-theanine in each cup to as much as 46mg per cup (Gyokuro and Matcha green tea, for example, are particularly popular for their high L-theanine content).
Both black tea and green tea have the same approximate caffeine ranges, with amounts ranging from 14 to 61mg per cup.
L-theanine isn’t backed by overwhelming scientific evidence – but the same can be said about most nootropics. The important thing to note is that L-theanine has demonstrated anti-anxiety effects in three major scientific studies to date. The biggest problem with L-theanine studies to date is that they rarely study the effects of stacking L-theanine with caffeine – which is what most people do with L-theanine. 80 % of your immune system is located in your digestive tract , making a healthy gut a major focal point if you want to achieve optimal health . Our digestive system is designed to break down foods, assimilate the useful nutrients so that we have greater access to nutrition. ProbioPure consists of a specific strain of healthy bacteria to promote overall digestive health.
Apart from supporting a healthy digestive system, probiotics also enhance immune system, which in turns prevent various infectious diseases.
I would recommend a couple bottles at this level of colony forming units though, the more expensive brands get upwards of 4x as much in a single bottle.
Saw nexgen supplement reviews on a forum and came to look at dermalift an beauty product and figured I’d try this Probio Pure prebiotic as well because really its my problems related to leaky gut and such that gives me bad skin in the first place. Very impressed with both ProbioPure and dermalift and will be trying other items in their beauty catalog and probably some of the diet stuff after my usual holiday binges! Often stacked with caffeine, L-theanine is popular with everyone from students to entrepreneurs.
It inspires a feeling of relaxation without the sleepiness typically associated with relaxation-inducing drugs.
The study concluded that participants experienced better attention and reaction time, but that “no significant differences were noticed among subjects with a minimal anxiety propensity.” At first read, this doesn’t sound like a good study for L-theanine fans. The second linked study, the 2011 study, showed that L-theanine did not have a significant difference from a traditional anxiolytic. Three major studies have demonstrated these effects, although more studies with more subjects are required to make these results definitive.
The only major scientific study on L-theanine’s effect on mood and concentration is this study from 2011, which was also linked above under the “relaxation” section.

The students were separated into two groups: one group was deemed to be prone to high anxiety, while the other group was deemed to be a low anxiety risk. It’s unknown if participants without pre-existing high anxiety would enjoy the same boost to attention performance and reaction time. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter that is naturally released by the body when it wants us to feel relaxed: like when we’re having sex, eating, or just relaxing. Those who take L-theanine demonstrate effects within 30 minutes of ingestion and these effects last for up to 5 hours after administration. It has also been shown to boost mood and concentration – although the one study that exhibited these benefits was small in scale.
For that reason, your best evidence for L-theanine comes from anecdotal evidence online – and this obviously isn’t the most scientific way to assess the effects of L-theanine. However, today’s fast food culture and hectic lifestyle is taking a toll on our digestive health, and constipation, upset digestion and acidity are some of the common problems affecting almost every individual.
The unmatched formulation comprises of Morinaga BB536, a proprietary strain of Bifidobacterium longum, which promotes healthy digestion and assimilation. It also works as a cleansing agent, by decreasing levels of ammonia and other toxic agents in the body. I was actually turned onto this by a guy I was flirting with on eHarmony whom I was having a hilarious yet weird conversation about gastrointenstinal issues and he said he swore by nexgen products. By 1964, Japan had approved the “unlimited” use of L-theanine in foods like chocolates, soft drinks, and herbal teas. However, this study shows that L-theanine had similar effects to a popular anxiolytic – there just weren’t any significantly different effects between the two. And the first linked study showed that L-theanine has relaxing effects under some conditions. Participants received L-theanine or a placebo in a double blind repeated measurement design protocol study.
If you are one of those who suffer from episodic digestion upset, supplementing your body with a great probiotic supplement is a good idea. The large quantities of this friendly flora facilitate healthy digestion, and promote efficient absorption of nutrients.
Certain factors like overuse of antibiotics, unhealthy diet, stress and medical conditions can affect the growth of these healthy bacteria in our body, causing various digestive symptoms. Visual attention tasks and auto response tests were performed 15 to 60 minutes after ingestion. When added to foods and beverages, L-theanine is thought to provide a unique brothy or savory taste and flavor.

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