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I have apple cider vinegar every morning in water to help with appetite and proper digestion, but it’s always a treat to make this vinegar with left-over pineapple scraps. It should be no surprise that pineapple vinegar has all of the same fantastic health benefits of eating fresh pineapple, after all it’s made from pineapple flesh (and rind). While it’s extremely easy to make, be sure to always thoroughly wash and clean the rind of your pineapple with a vegetable brush before you start cutting it up for any pineapple recipes. After two – three weeks of fermentation you can taste you vinegar for tartness, then strain out the leftover pineapple and pour your finished product in bottles. I always worry about harbouring (growing!) bacteria with fermented products, which tends to put me off. Pineapples are one of those rough skinned fruits that most definitely need a scrub before you use the skin, as small flies and fruit flies oven lay their eggs on the skin of ripe fruit. You need to use something with a tighter weave than cheesecloth as fruitflies can get through it.
Thanks for the recommendation Julie, I had meant to mention that a few layers of cheesecloth would be needed for the perfect cover and I have updated the post to reflect this.
Sorry for the late reply to your message also, I’ve been away from blogging for a little while lately. Using it as a salad dressing sounds wonderful Alison, I would love to hear what recipe you come up with ?? Please forgive me for the late reply, I’ve been AWOL from blogging lately and replying back to everyone today.
Btw letting a vinegar ferment up untill 6 months should be very nice if u start without lil ol mumsy. Having made this, I am surprised that nobody else has pointed out that the scraps of one pineapple plus three cups of water almost perfectly fill a 2L jar for fermentation (with enough room for foaming). Even so, it’s a good recipe and huge applause for getting people to appreciate this wonderful vinegar. My pleasure Caroline, I can’t wait to hear how your batch of pineapple vinegar goes – glad I could help you out with the cleaning tip for the skin too!
If this doesn’t turn out, I already have some frozen pineapple skins to try this recipe again.
This all natural concentrate of pure, fresh cranberries helps block bacteria and maintain urinary tract health. Made with the highest potency cranberry concentrate, all-natural AZO Cranberry contains vitamin C and a probiotic to further promote a healthy, bacteria-free urinary tract. Another cleanse that seems to fall under the radar, the juices included in the Urban Remedy system top the charts in terms of taste. BluePrint’s Juice Cleanse is easy to incorporate into your everyday life — and will leave you feeling great. Probiotics are very popular nowadays and have been added to all kinds of foods from granola bars and frozen yogurt to juice and cookies. Probiotics are living microscopic organisms naturally found in the body, mostly in the intestines.
Although foods enriched with probiotics have some benefits, they are not the most natural sources. Before you rush to buy the latest sweet and fruity yogurt concoction from the supermarket, consider this: some of the yogurt on the shelves has gone through heat treatment after the fermentation process which kills all the live cultures. While yogurt has many health promoting benefits, Ayurveda recommends consuming it in the form of lassi. There are innumerable variations of lassi and you can make your own version based on your preference.

Paul Kervick will be in our store with samples of Vita Biosa, a powerful probiotic herbal tonic.
Pineapple is rich in bromelain, well known for it’s anti-inflammatory actions and protein digestion-promoting effects and when fermented as pineapple vinegar adds a wallop of probiotic superpowers too. Instead affix some thin material or paper towel over the top of the jar with a rubber band. You might even be lucky and be rewarded with your own pineapple vinegar mother (similar to a kombucha scoby) that can be used as a starter for a new batch of vinegar. I have also added your suggestions for other materials to use on top of what I had already posted.
Would love to hear how the salad dressing goes too, and sorry for the late reply to your comment, I’ve been away from blogging for a little while. But if there is no mother aka proper bacteria culture in the raw vinegar it is not vinegar .
Usually for super sweets like apples, mangos and pineapples a 2 to 4 week fermentation is needed to create the hard cider. After that further ripening can take place at own risk and pref at a dark cool place, 5 to 14 degrees C.
For best results I keep mine in the fridge once I’m happy with the stage of fermentation so it stops being more sour.
I have amended the instructions to include adding the pineapple scraps to the 1L jar until there is 2cm headroom.
Get the benefits of a glass of cranberry juice in convenient tablets without the tart taste and extra sugar.
The line of juices is popular, especially the cashew milk that comes at the end of the day, but even the green juice goes down easy. However, most people’s beneficial flora is under attack from the environment in the form of antibiotics (which kill good and bad bacteria), stress, and the modern diet rich in refined carbohydrates and sugar (which feed the yeast growing in the gut).
Of all foods containing probiotics, yogurt is the most commonly known and widely available in the Western world. Vita Biosa, taken in small doses daily, has been shown to balance the gastrointestinal tract which in turn benefits the entire body. Drink one teaspoon of pineapple vinegar in water daily (or thirty minutes before meals) for the digestive and anti-inflammatory benefits or you can also use it instead of other types of vinegar in salad dressings or other recipes (try this Chilli-Lime Corn Relish and an Anti-inflammatory Kiwi Juice Tonic!). Also make sure to wash and sterilise your jars and utensils before you get started with this recipe. This allow the friendly bacteria on your pineapple rind and natural air-borne yeasts to breathe and work harder to make you the most flavourful vinegar you’ll ever taste. As I was cutting up a pineapple this morning I thought why could I not make pineapple vinegar with the trimmings?
Unlike many other juice regimens of its type, Love Grace offers variety throughout the entire process.
The questions are: do we need to add probiotics to our diet and whether these products are the best way to do it. So our little gut warriors are overwhelmed and can use some help in the form of probiotic foods. Even better, make your own fresh yogurt with one of the many yogurt starters available on the market. Thinning yogurt with water and blending it changes its molecular structure making it easier to assimilate.

Stop by for a sample and all the information you could ask for about this terrific product! We don’t want any unwanted bacteria to start growing in our pineapple vinegar – just the good stuff! Theis light cover will also keep bugs out – my pineapple vinegar ferment tends to draw ants… ick! You can an example of pineapple vinegar mother sitting at the bottom of my fermenting jar above (top photo).
Add pineapple scraps and rind until jar has 1cm headroom and secure covering material over mouth of jar with rubber band. Temp is important 29 degrees C seems to be mother top choice above 30 is less wanted and below 15 is no go. Third, I didn’t just include the pineapple skins, I also put in pieces of the pineapple meat that was already starting to ferment.
The company ships the juices anywhere in the USA, but lucky for us New Yorkers, we can pick up the items up at three different BluePrint locations across the city — or at over 200 venues in NYC, including Whole Foods. Probiotics have a very short shelf life and are easily destroyed by acidic environments and heat.
Rose and cardamom are two of the classic flavorings for lassi: just add a splash of rosewater or a few pinches of cardamom. Stirring the jar gently everyday for 2-3 weeks will help to further aerate the mixture and encourage healthy fermentation. Place in a dark cupboard or pantry at and allow to ferment for 2-3 weeks, opening container to stir contents daily for aeration. For 50 years, 1010 WINS has been a news and information utility for the New York metropolitan area. While some juice cleanses can be tough to complete, we breezed through Urban Remedy’s delicious drinks. Dairy foods also have a short shelf life and buffer stomach acid and bile keeping the probiotics alive while they reach their destination in the intestines.
For now though, let’s dive into making our first batch of homemade pineapple vinegar!
After fermenting time has elapsed, strain contents through a nut milk bag or cheesecloth into sterilised bottles and seal. And if u have a mother to add to your hard cidef things will lean towards 2 weeks rather than 12.
Dairy foods and probiotics also have a synergy: lactobacilli feeds on the dairy which keeps it alive.
You have made a delicious, refreshing, probiotic drink that will aid your digestion and help maintain a healthy intestinal flora. Vinegar is ready for consumption now, or may be fermented for another week or so or until to desired taste.

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