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LiquidPlanner, the Bellevue-based project management software company, this morning named a new CEO — Liz Pearce, 35, a marketing specialist who previously worked as the company’s chief operating officer and, before that, as its vice president of sales of marketing. In a blog post this morning, Seybold tells the story of how Pearce has made her mark on the company. Seybold notes that the company is in the midst of building the fourth generation of the LiquidPlanner product, and designing the fifth. “I love working with customers and engineering and want to focus more of my time on those things than the CEO role allows,” he writes. Todd Bishop is GeekWire's co-founder and editor, covering subjects including smartphones, tablets, PCs, video games, and tech giants such as Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Google.
EM-PRO Probiotic is an integral part of the CCWS™ Candida Cleanse treatment protocol, and included with our CCWS full and family size value packs in 250ml bottles (a years supply). EM-PRO Probiotics contains at least 1 million colony forming units (CFU) per ml (cc) of the above important micro-flora.

EM-PRO Probiotic works to detox the whole digestive system, helps to supply bio-available nutrients (naturally synthesized enzymes, vitamins, & other anti-oxidants) to the body plus supports the restoration of beneficial micro-flora in the human digestive tract that are responsible for removing toxins from our bodies naturally. Please note that customers in Canada will receive Pro-Daily Probiotic Support in place of Em-pro Probiotic due to restrictions on importing liquids. Subscribe now if you would like to receive the latest news, offers, coupon codes, competitions and new product information from CCWS™ and Candida Labs. This was that point where we ‘tech guys’ realized we should talk with someone who knew something about marketing BEFORE launching the product.
4-5, in Seattle, is one of the country’s premier technology conferences, bringing together more than 800 innovators, entrepreneurs, business executives and tech leaders to explore the future of the innovation economy.
As the beneficial micro-flora grow & develop, they consume this toxic nitrogenous waste, thus supporting healthier kidney function.

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