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Read about Greens of the Stone Age’s press features and mentions in both print and online media content. I discussed the health benefits of ditching meat and opting for a more vegan way of living with Nick Ahad on BBC Radio Leeds. Pick up your copy of Free-From Heaven at Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Tesco Extra, Waitrose, M&S, WHSmith and Easons, or order online direct from Free-from Heaven. You’ll find my feature article ‘Understanding Probiotics’ in the May issue of Free-From Heaven, wherein I look at the healing benefits of probiotics and the important role both prebiotics and probiotics play within the body. You’ll find the recipes for my; Paleo and Vegan Skillet Cookie, Chocolate Orange Cricket Flour Brownies, Coconut, Lemon, and Turmeric Chia Pudding, and Orange and Cayenne Chocolate Avocado Mousse all featured in the May issue of Free-From Heaven. The Funky Raw Magazine is a quarterly publication covering raw food, nutrition, raw recipes, wild foods, consciousness, poetry, permaculture, and lots more. The issue is also packed full of 101 seasonal and healthy recipes to kick-start a nutritious free-from 2016 and focusing particularly around Easter.
Why not pick up your very own copy here, alternatively head on over to the Free-From Heaven website to read the article in full.

A festive special from Free-From Heaven, featuring 101 seasonal recipes that will see your Christmas full to the brim with magical dishes for friends, family and loved ones alike.
I had the opportunity to interview Suzie Walker the founder of The Primal Pantry on the perils of Paleo and motherhood and business development. In this exclusive interview with Pete Evans for Primal Eye Magazine, Pete and I talk parenting, Paleo, and the infamous Bone Broth recipe for his book Bubba Yum Yum.
Greens of the Stone Age encourages modern men and women to take a more holistic approach to their lifestyle, ditching their old toxic ways. You’ll also find the recipe for my Passion Fruit Ceviche which turns the traditionally sour ceviche on its head, giving it a sweet taste and modern feel, creating a perfectly vibrant and refreshing summer dish. We also talked about the Paleo diet and lifestyle, how it has improved the symptoms of my autoimmune disease, and how the Paleo diet fits in with my 3 children. We talked about what the Paleo diet is, the benefits of a high fat diet, the common misconceptions of the Paleo diet, and Primal Eye Magazine. From Christmas bakes and puddings to family treats and lunchtime specials, there is something for everyone. My Paleo Lebkuchen, Raw No-bake Boozy Christmas Cheesecake, and Paleo Frangipane Star-Topped Mince Pies were all featured in this fabulous Christmas issue.

Read the interview in full at Primal Eye Magazine, the UK’s 1st online Paleo lifestyle mag.
I'm Georgie, a health and wellness freelance writer, fitness fanatic, recipe developer, and founder and editor of Primal Eye Magazine - the UK's 1st online Paleo magazine.
This issue has a great selection of recipes including my Raw Paleo Carrot Cake Squares, plus news, reviews and events listings. Plus a great selection of recipes including my Raw Vegan Christmas Puddings and a feature on raw breakfast recipes ideas.

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