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Controlling portion size of foods helps in eating less food, which prevents the problem of obesity.
Salty foods increase the problem of bloating, which makes the stomach look fat and puffed up.
Anxiety and stress leads to the production of cortisol hormone that increases the risk of obesity and belly fat. We are bringing you 8 belly flattening foods that will help you get rid of the belly fat preventing you from buttoning your super slim-fit pants. The bitter, yet simple truth is – you can basically forget all your gym efforts, all the cardio and abs exercises if you don’t take care of your eating. This magical oil contains monounsaturated fat, which helps in burning calories and fat and lowering cholesterol levels. Almonds are your super snack – they reduce cravings, boost your energy and help build muscles. Did you know that even the infamous gas giving beans classify as the belly flattening foods? Spinach is not only a super low-calorie vegetable, but it also keeps you full for a long period of time and provides you with a lot of calcium that helps your muscles to contract.
Avocado, full of fiber and monounsaturated fatty acids, scares the hunger away and burns the belly fat.
The calcium from yogurt helps in losing the fat from the midsection while the probiotic bacteria contained by most yogurts keeps your digestive system healthy, minimizing constipation, bloating and gas.

This probiotic bacteria is the root of your physical and mental health, and if compromised, can affect more than just your digestive function.
Yogurt and kefir have been known to promote health in many European and Tibetan cultures with their fermentation of goat and cow milk. You can order starter grains online from the Weston Price Association for raw goat or cow milk kefir. When I can’t get my ferments in on a given day, due to travelling or other challenges, I will use a probiotic capsule instead. These foods contain live bacteria that help in improving digestion and healing stomach disorders. Fiber is an important component of fruits, vegetables and grains that helps in fighting belly fat.
Clean eating based on the belly flattening foods is the only guaranteed formula to blast that annoying belly fat. Furthermore, they are full of protein, magnesium, fiber, and vitamin E – a very powerful antioxidant. Maintain or enhance your immunity – a double-blind clinical test involving patients in intensive care proved that viable (alive) probiotics prevented multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS), the number one cause of mortality among intensive care patients.
If you’re pregnant or thinking of conceiving, increase your probiotics for gut flora health and also to increase your milk supply. Probiotics can help with the healing of Crohn’s disease, inflammatory bowel issues, ulcerative colitis, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), while en route to the cause using Heilkunst principles.

When candida, yeast, ringworm, and thrush proliferate, much can be down with probiotics while we also address the underlying cause with Heilkunst principles. Probiotics are very helpful for maintaining intestinal health prior to surgery, childbirth, or when taking a direct hit in compromised flora health from radiation, due to CT scans or x-rays. For a nice mid-section, nutritionist and owner of Essential Nutrition For You Rania Batayneh says to reach for the kind that's plain flavored or Greek.
I’ve also had a patient provide me with a scoby when I started to ferment kombucha, a fizzy tea drink that can be traced back to the first travellers of the Silk Road in China. Natasha Campbell-McBride, is based on the gut and psychology syndrome connection between mental health and gut dysbiosis. If you have problem in quitting alcohol, reduce its intake slowly and take just one drink per day before you leave it fully. You need to take steps to control the abdominal fat that aim specifically at this region of body.

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