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American Health? is one of todays leading manufacturers of exceptional quality probiotic formulas. Probiotics help stimulate the growth of OfriendlyO bacteria in the digestive tract and encourage proper nutrient absorption. Super potency milk-based liquid supplements offer approximately 20 billion OfriendlyO organisms per serving.** They contain a unique blend of specially selected strains of potent lactic bacteria cultures, including the famed Metchnikoff and Pasteur Institute forms, and are available in pleasant flavors.

For on-the-go support, you cant beat the naturally delicious fruit flavors of our milk-free yummy chewables. Easy-to-swallow capsules provide an alternate way to help maintain daily intestinal health.* Whatever you choose, you can count on our superb probiotics from American Health to deliver the essential nutritional support your body needs to support digestion, intestinal health an!

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