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If the thought of sauerkraut only brings to mind the thought of canned condiments on hot dogs, it is high time you tried making your own! Since the only place I could find it was Whole Foods – for a whopping $10-$20 per jar – I knew it was something I needed to get better at making!
This is a recipe for basic raw sauerkraut, just cabbage and salt, but once you have got this down, get creative! Tarashaun founded Blender Babes after discovering high power blenders (such as Blendtec and Vitamix) and realizing their massive potential to help people eat healthier AND heal their chronic illnesses through food. Just wondering how much of this wonderful raw sauerkraut you would recommend for a person to consume in a day . This week I wanted to highlight the Beauty Detox Transformation Story of Stephanie DiCesare.
Stephanie, How long have you been following the Beauty Detox philosophy? Was it easy to incorporate it into your lifestyle?
I like to start my lunch with something green, whether that’s a salad or more GGS and follow with some type of veggie dish.
Reading these stories every week is really are profoundly helpful to everyone in the community – the more positive, encouraging and uplifting things we can read the better!
My dentist just told me to stop drinking the warm lemon water every morning because it is ruining my enamel.
My dentist recently told me stop drinking the lemon water every morning due to my enamel eroding! I think it is ok as long as I drink the glass of warm water with my probiotic right away. Perhaps not surprisingly, Americans have also changed the way they’ve eaten in the past 20 years.
It seems more Americans than ever before are eating meals out of packages, boxes, jars, cans and bottles. How to fix it: Eat foods that increase metabolism and fortify your body with the right nutrients and vitamins.
The enormously powerful dairy industry has Americans convinced they need milk, cheese, and yogurt for calcium and as a source of cultured probiotics.
How to fix it: Seek calcium from vegetable sources like dark leafy greens and sesame seeds, and regularly eat Probiotic and Enzyme Salad for a healthy source of beneficial intestinal flora.
How to fix it: Drink water with a squeeze of lemon or lime, but remember to have it between meals rather than with them. The old adage, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” has led millions of Americans to overdo it. Flour, white rice, and similarly refined grains break down quickly in the body and have very little fiber or nutritional value.
Many foods contain soy, which the American population has been led to believe is a very healthy protein. Miso is okay occasionally but we should have probiotic and enzyme salad (which contains miso) everyday? Yes, you should have the P & E Salad salad every day, which has only a small amount of miso.
I read “Beauty Detox Solution” cover to cover and I just believe that everything you say is genius! As the young bean, it doesn’t have as potentially harmful properties as other, more processed forms of soy, like tofu and soy milk. Hemp protein powder doesn’t taste that good… Is it possible to mix it with a banana or something else to get a better tasting drink? Time, sure in this case banana wouldn’t be that bad, if it makes it better for you to drink. High in antioxidants, vitamins A and C, and fiber, pomegranate is a healthy way to satisfy your sweet tooth. This dark, leafy green is rich in vitamins, minerals, and enzymes including vitamins K, A, C, and E, as well as magnesium, fiber, calcium, and omega-3 fats.
Protect your immunity and enhance your beauty with my fermented cabbage, which is teeming with digestive probiotics and enzymes. Coconut oil used to get a bad rap, but studies have shown that it is one of the healthiest oils, especially for cooking. Raw, unpasteurized, unfiltered apple cider vinegar promotes digestion and is high in potassium, which promotes regularity and cellular cleansing. How to prepare: Try using it in your salad dressings instead of balsamic or other vinegars. How to prepare: Blend frozen berries with unsweetened almond milk, cacao, avocado, and stevia for a nutritious smoothie. Ditch the dairy and instead use almond milk, which is a good source of protein, vitamins, minerals, and beneficial fats.
How to prepare: Purchase organic, unsweetened almond milk from the health food store or make your own!
How to prepare: I like NuNaturals Stevia, which has a clean, sweet taste for smoothies and other desserts. Loved the GGS been drinking them for 4 months – making them at my job (senior center) the patrons are begging me to sell them daily! Personally not a big fan of the freeze dried powders- I like the frozen packets, which are flash pasteurized at the moment of ripeness.
It might not be a great idea to add it in while pregnant if you are new to it and were not taking it previously.
It’s not about only counting the grams of protein you see listed on the side of a box- it is about assimilation and the overall affect a food has in your body. Dairy is difficult for most everyone to digest (not just the lactose but they high amounts of casein, etc.), mucus-forming, acid-forming and completely unnatural for humans to consume. The advantage of raw dairy over pasteurized is the enzymes have not been fully destroyed- but it still contains all the aforementioned major health issues.
Coconut oil is a cholesterol-free fat made of medium chain fatty acids that digests very well in the body. Krisztina, I have had the same experience… Though the bottle says cramping is not supposed to happen, it does for me. Taking preventative measures like starting each day with a Glowing Green Smoothie will enrich your body in minerals and vitamins that are invaluable for proper bodily function. I recently decided that I needed to gain some weight and rather than go about it a healthy way, I just decided to eat everything in sight. Nutrition-wise, adding the Glowing Green Smoothie is also a great thing for you, because it will cleanse your body with it’s high content of fiber, phytonutrients AND enzymes, and at the same time give you a lot of nutrition and chlorophyll so your body has a lot of balanced nutrition at the beginning of each day.
Also, I’m planning on making Tomato Basil Bread and was wondering if using Shiloh Farms’ Sprouted Spring Wheat Flour is a better alternative than just using whole wheat flour?
Some food combining sites say garlic is an irritant and should be avoided, but I’ve always known it as a major health food.
I actually went back and answered all these questions later the next day on FB… but quickly, the BDS can be tailored for each dosha, if you want to adhere to it.
I’ve actually heard that from a few people, I’m going to try out a couple different brands and let you know. Of course, she's a puppy so she won't have dog breath for a long while, but raw fed, they should never have dog breath! The only parts of Duke that smell are his feet and his ears - and you have to get right up close to him to smell them! Sauerkraut is not only a delicious way to use your cabbage, the laundry list of heath benefits leave no wonder why fermented foods have been a staple of the human diet for thousands of years. Obviously, making your own fermented foods is much cheaper than store bought brands, and best of all, it’s kind of fun! I boil water in a huge pot and add my mason jars and lids 3 at a time or so – and boil them for 10 minutes. The salt will pull the water out of the cabbage (through osmosis), and this creates the brine in which the cabbage can ferment and sour without rotting. You can also try adding garlic, carrots, brussel sprouts, spices, caraway or fennel seeds, even seaweed. Her mission is to create a MOVEMENT: to encourage and teach people how to make inexpensive, fast and healthy meals and snacks at home, and to test, review and share an abundance of healthy living products, recommendations and GIVEAWAYS! I’ve heard that raw sauerkraut can last almost indefinitely in the fridge if sealed… It will definitely last for months in the fridge, so feel free to make a BIG batch! I think I overfilled my jars as when I went to go peak on them two days in I found they leaked through the very tight seal of the mason jar leaving me with purple liquid everywhere ( i used a mix of purple and white cabbage).
Stephanie is a wonderful part of our community and I am so happy to be able to share her story with you! I started researching ways to alkalize my body and that’s when I found Kimberly Snyder and her book The Beauty Detox Solution.

I knew I wanted a healthier lifestyle but I was so overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start or how to make it happen. I’d say the Glowing Green Smoothie because it is one easy, small change that has such a huge impact.
You mentioned in your books that fruit should be eaten on its own and that tomatoes are a fruit, you also explained that regular vegetables pair well with fruit but starchy ones don’t. Many of the foods Americans consume as part of their regular diet would not even be recognizable to their great grandparents as something edible.
Some form of sweetener, like HCFS, sugar, or artificial sweetener, is nearly ubiquitous in processed foods. If you crave something sweet, eat foods flavored with beneficial dessert ingredients like e cinnamon, vanilla, and stevia.
With high levels of lactose intolerance and issues efficiently processing casein in adults, however, dairy consumption contributes to a number of health problems. Cutting back on acid-forming foods like dairy and soda, help you keep your body’s supply of calcium intact, which is an alkaline mineral. A heavy breakfast can actually slow you down, especially if it contains animal proteins and other heavy ingredients. It is light and moves quickly through your digestive system, providing you with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and energy. Many fruits, vegetables, and grains are grown from seeds that have been genetically modified to bring out certain properties or better accept pesticides, and conventionally farmed foods are covered in chemicals to keep pests away. Many people eat the same few foods over and over again, or eat mostly white and brown foods. Soy, however, is a goitrogen and trypsinogen-blocker, which slows down thyroid function and can block our bodies’ full assimilation of proteins.
But it still contains citric acid added in as a preservative, and is carbonated, which can be bloating.
I’ve started to cut way back on meat and have been losing a ton of hair… and I don’t have much to lose! Milk, gluten, garlic… That time the reason for loosing hair was that the body was rebuilding with better stuff. I’m a little embarassed to ask this question, but I feel as though you would understand. Back way off the capsules for a while, and if you try them again in the future use less than you were. You may not notice as dramatic as a cleansing response, but the oxygen is still going to help loosen up old waste and be beneficial. Whether in the form of just the bean, defrosted from a frozen bag of then, or cooked, such as at a sushi restaurant?
What if I eat that as a substitute for the GGS because I am working out early in the morning? Blend them in a food processor with a little avocado, stevia, and water, as well as a pinch of Himalayan sea salt and eat as cereal. It doesn’t raise blood sugar, and has been shown to prevent tooth decay and actually stabilize blood glucose. That indescribable feeling that seizes your body and convinces you that you will go insane unless you put __________ (fill in the blank) into your body. Peppermint Essential Oils: Peppermint oil is a natural appetite suppressant, among other things extremely beneficial for the body.
ZZZ’s: Lack of sleep reduces the amount of leptin in your body, a hormone that regulates when to stop eating. Sweeten up the side dishes: Another option is to dress up your meals with a sweet side dish. Water, water, water: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, water is a natural appetite suppressant because it prevents dehydration. Chlorella “Craving-Reducing” Tablets: Chlorella stabilizes blood sugar levels and provides nutrition, effectively allowing you to gain nutritional value while losing the crave for empty calories. Glowing Green Smoothie (GGS): The best long term strategy to cut cravings is to deliver a high amount of nutrition on an ongoing basis.
I am now fighting (and usually losing the fight) for most cravings…I do not know that cutting meat out of my diet entirely is an option, but I do not usually have time to cook.
You don’t have to if you want to keep some in your diet, especially in the short-term.
But most people have lots of mucus and toxicity in their system, and garlic helps break it up. I have cravings at night after working out (cant workout in the am) and would love to have my ggs at night but I know fruits aren’t recommended as a food to have at night!
For example this morning I woke up hungry so I had a cup of hot water with lemon and I drank my glowing green smoothie at 8 this morning. So on my facebook page for my business I regularly post tips about training, health, and other stuff.
The salt will also help keep the cabbage crunchy, by inhibiting organisms and enzymes that soften it.
Lining your intestinal walls with friendly bacteria increases protective mucous production and decreases the chance for harmful bacteria to populate. Let us know how it works out for you though, there’s more than one way to make kraut! So I quickly took some of the cabbage out from each jar being careful to just skim off the top and not disturb what was in the rest of the jars.
Fermentation is a testing process and you WILL find your groove, however we are not experts in this! I shredded cabbage, massaged in salt(pink himilayan) and tamped it down into the jar, I poured filtered water to just the top of the shredded cabbage then placed the rolled cabbages on top, then if the water was pushed up i poured a little out just so the shredded cabbage was covered.
I had bronchitis seven time within a year and had such low energy that I would fall asleep at my work desk every day. I am very in tune with my body and am able to listen to what it needs to best care for it. I feel very blessed to be able to nurture my temple with high energy, living plant foods.
Pick one goal or principle and once you have easily incorporated it into your regular lifestyle move on to the next. In some of your instagram photos I see you eat salads with sweet potato and tomato, so I’m just wondering if this is a proper combination?
Clearly, something is occurring that has led to an alarming change in the health of many Americans in the course of a single generation. These tremendous changes to the diet have left Americans in a health lurch, and the best way to turn many of the country’s health crises around is to change the way we eat. Many manufacturers prefer HCFS because it is affordable and promotes browning in baked goods.
Your body needs these some healthy fats for glowing skin, strong cells and also to remain satiated.
It can even contribute to demineralization of bones and teeth, as well as creating acid in the body. It actually makes you more tired, which will inspire you to snack more and consume more caffeinated beverages.
If you’re hungry a few hours later, have a bowl of oatmeal, but make sure you are eating whole oats and not instant. GMO foods are often lower in minerals and other nutrients, and are grown on less than healthy soil, which results in foods that are less nutritious as well. The more colors of vegetables you select, the more likely you are getting the vitamins your body needs for vibrant health. Miso and tempeh, which are fermented soy products (which reduces some of its harmful properties) are okay occasionally. I don’t know if the two are related but I’ve read a lot on the web suggesting low protein and iron can cause hair loss.
What should your feces “look like” (color and other details) and how often should you go?
It’s important to pay attention to our gastrointestinal tract because it can give us so many clues as to what is going on in our bodies. Rinse well, then make an easy recipe like Veggie-Turmeric Quinoa or Quinoa Stuffed Peppers. The GGS not only starts your day with easily digestible vegetables, but it is loaded with fiber, vitamins, enzymes, and other nutrients.
It makes me have soft bowel movements some large to pencil thin after make 3rd bowel movement sometimes in one day. While over 70% of the population can resonate with this feeling, many don’t understand why they occur or how to best nip them in the bud so they don’t drive your dietary decisions and interfere with your health goals.
As an adult, changing this “comfort” behavior can be difficult as our synaptic pathways are stubborn.

If you have trouble stopping yourself while having a snack or sweet, plate it and put it away!
Starting and ending your day off with lemon juice and water is a sure-fire way to gently cleanse and sponge out the colon after a full 8 hours of natural bodily detoxing. When leptin is out of balance, the counter hormone, grehlin, sends signals to your body that it is hungry when it is not. When the body is imbalanced, it can send false signals of hunger and lead to a strong craving for something savory or sweet. If you were eating unhealthy foods to gain weight, then there is some level of toxicity, mucus buildup and clogging in your system.
Could you please let me know of any food-grade organic peppermint oil brands which you could recommend which I’ll then try to purchase online? You can use the sprouted chickpeas as well if you like, which are better than regular chickpeas.
So I wanted to do a post this week about Raw fed and raw vs kibble fed dogs, like before and after pictures if yall don't mind me posting them? Raw has not only been an amazing diet for my boxer but it has taken my Frenchie and allowed him to live comfortable.
Previous IBS issues would knock me out of commission for days at a time and in very serious pain.
You can buy cabbage fresh and chop it yourself, however I prefer to buy pre shredded cabbage if possible to save time, since I am eating it for the fermented benefits, not the nutritional value of the cabbage. With clean hands MASSAGE the salt into the cabbage to relese the natural moisture and aid in the brine process. Typically if you are going to eat a heavy meal (meat, cheese, etc.) you will want to eat some raw sauerkraut before eating the heavy meal. I resealed and put them back to ferment but I don’t know if it’s too late, if fully opening them messes with the fermentation process and spoils the whole jar? I lived on fountain soda and thought healthy was eating chocolate chip Quaker granola bars. The Beauty Detox lifestyle has infinitely raised my vibration and has touched all aspects of my life. Studies on HCFS have yielded some disturbing results that suggest the body may process it in such a way that it has a deleterious effect on the liver. The belief that all fats are bad has caused Americans to limit beneficial ingredients essential for good health. Many grains, such as wheat, may be especially difficult for the human body to process because they contain gluten.
I went to the doctor and my thyroid levels are normal, so now I’m trying to figure out on my own what could be causing this so I can make it stop! It isn’t uncommon while detoxing for your body to act a little funky (low energy, minor weight gain, holding on to water as acids get kicked up, etc).
Cravings stem from a variety of possible causes, ranging from psychological imbalances to physical deprivation. Many people feel obligated to eat something sweet after a meal, when they are not even hungry!
Along with it’s suppressant characteristic, peppermint oil has been found to increase focus and mental alertness by 30%. Walking once daily will fire up your lymphatic system and massage your intestines ensuring proper digestion. Sleeping enough each night (7-9 hours) is vital for reducing your cravings and balancing your body’s hormones. Try carrots or my sweet potatoes recipes- Like Ganesha’s Sweet Potatoes or Italian-Style Sweet Potatoes, found in The Beauty Detox Solution. When your body has the nutrition it needs, you will find that over time, your cravings nearly disappear and will definitely get much, much better. This can prevent you from optimally absorbing nutrients, even when you start eating healthy foods. Irregardless of dosha, our digestive systems function the same, and I recommend eating a plant and green-based diet, giving up dairy, cleansing on a regular basis, etc. His breath is odourless (for the mostpart) and his poops are teeny tiny and also virtually odourless! Lay them out to dry on some towels or paper towels and then get ready to stuff them (and I mean MASH DOWN!) with your cabbage mixture! When you removed some of it, did you replace the full cabbage leafs at the top to make sure the rest is still submerged under water? Having the knowledge of how my body processed certain foods was key in helping me get out of the diet mentality and make a lasting lifestyle change.
Physically I am easily able to maintain a healthy weight without counting numbers for everything I eat. Because these foods make up the bulk of many diets, Americans are getting a potentially toxic brew of fake foods and chemicals that the body doesn’t know what to do with. A large percentage of people are allergic to gluten, and even those who aren’t have difficulty digesting it.
When you free up matter “chili” may be what comes out, but eventually you want it to look like a soft “cow patty” or soft service ice cream, or formed logs which are soft.
Chemically, repeated behavior engrains synaptic pathways that make the action easier and more likely to occur in the future. Studies reveal that if a snack item is within arm’s reach, you will eat up to 30% more than if it was put away.
It is the most powerful straight on the tongue, and can also be enjoyed by putting a few drops in a half glass of water. Neither is better than the other, the benefit is in the chemical makeup of the lemons, which is very similar to the juices that you have in your saliva and stomach, called “anionic” molecules. If I’m craving something I go for a walk in the park or down the street, and often I forget what I was craving!
Be sure to drink between meals, and consider doing a water cleanse when feeling your body feels sluggish. You should definitely incorporate the probiotics and Probiotic & Enzyme Salad right away.
Not that you need to have digestive problems (see health benefits below) to benefit – eating raw sauerkraut will provide much needed probiotics for your gut as well as help PREVENT digestive issues.
Lactobacillus acidophilus is also a great benefit to your immune system, having shown benefits to patients with IBS, Chrons Disease, high cholesterol, lactose intolerance, Lyme disease, hives, and more!
We also do a lot of veggie burgers, because I can prep extra to freeze for later, with roasted veggies. My body is leaner and stronger, my hair is thicker and healthier, and my skin looks better than it has in decades. Likewise, artificial sweeteners like aspartame increase sugar cravings, and their long-term effects on the body remain virtually unknown. This type of craving is dangerous because it takes doing something different to kick the habit. Candida is also pretty common in women, so read that section of the book and see if it applies to you. Additionally the weather has gotten quite hot and humid where I am and I fear it’s gotten too warm for the fermentation to take place.
Snacks can also be small portions of nutritious meals, such as a mini Probiotic and Enzyme Salad.  If you have a sweet tooth, be sure to check out more BDS friendly dessert options. Squeeze a drop of peppermint oil on your tongue followed by a bite a dark chocolate for a rich and delicious treat!
It’s supposed to get cooler tomorrow and I am currently on day 4, has the heat spoiled them or will it just stop the fermentation temporarily until the temperature drops and can continue again? Try one of these craving cutting tricks below instead of your usual routine to say goodbye to your cravings for good! You might want to consider going on Blossoming Beauty for a while, if it applies to you, to really get things under control for the long-term. Currently my thermometer reads at 77 which is over the recommended temp (Kim suggests between 65-70). My mind is clear and positive. I have developed a deep love and appreciation for myself, which makes it easier for me to love and appreciate others. Place your jar in a relatively cool corner of your kitchen where you will not forget about it.

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