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A Review Of QBiotics From QSciences-The Best Probiotic Supplement For Acidophilus Benefits Period!
With thousands of different probiotic supplements crowding store shelves and available online, how do you know which probiotics are the best probiotics and which ones will give you the best acidophilus benefits? With people becoming more health conscious these days many are turning to an all natural probiotic culture grown from milk called kefir. Quintessential Biosciences (Q Sciences) is a health and wellness network marketing company that was started in Lehi, Utah in January 2013.
In addition to the Qbiotics featured in this probiotics review, Qsciences also produces the EMPowerplus Q96 mood optimizer and the Qssentials pillow pack which includes the Qbiotics, Q10, Qvitallize and Q96.
PRODUCT DETAILS Relief from occasional: * Gas & bloating * Constipation * Lactose intolerance Get the goodness of yogurt without the fat, the calories or the spoon! Information on this site is provided for informational purposes only and is not meant to substitute for the advice provided by your own physician or other medical professional.
Revised What are the most effective medications for treating bacterial vaginosis and for restoring the normal vaginal bacterial ecology? New Why yogurts and also probiotics, as adjuctive therapies for bacteria vaginosis, may NOT have failed you after all?
New What are 4 recent reasons why your doctor would do well to avoid prescribing a clindamycin-based product, including the new single-dose vaginal cream Clindesse?
What clues might I be able to use on my own to help me conclude that I simply have a "yeast infection" and not bacterial vaginosis or some other kind of vaginal infection? When might it be okay to try an over-the-counter vaginal anti-fungal product, such as Monistat and Gyne-Lotrimin, if I think that I might have a vaginal "yeast infection"?
Lactobacillus species are classified as aerobic bacteria, or bacteria whose growth is favored by aerated, oxygen-rich microenvironments.
The abnormal condition of bacterial vaginosis is brought about when the normal, healthy bacterial inhabitants of the vagina are supplanted by mixed populations of predominantly anaerobic bacteria. When this characteristic mixed population of anaerobic bacteria has replaced the lactic acid producing Lactobacillus species are the predominant bacterial type inhabiting the vagina, the acidity of the vaginal secretions will become significantly neutralized. While it is understood that bacterial vaginosis is not an infection, the question of whether bacterial vaginosis is or is not a sexually-transmitted disease is currently unsettled. Although some of the bacteria which are most commonly associated with bacterial vaginosis (such as Gardnerella vaginalis) can be also isolated from the male genital tract, antibiotic treatment of the male partner of a female with recurring vaginosis does not seem to prevent the woman from continuing to have recurrences. It also does not appear that a woman who has never had bacterial vaginosis can acquire vaginosis by "seeding" the woman's vagina with a pure inoculum of Gardnerella vaginalis harvested from another woman who has vaginosis. There have been innumerable anecdotal reports of women developing prominent new symptoms of bacterial vaginosis following beginning vaginal sexual relations without condoms with a new male sexual partner.
One possible synthesis theory is that there is some as-yet-unidentified factor (possibly not even bacterial) whose transmission in semen, in menstrual blood flow, or possibly even in saliva, initiates some alteration in the vaginal micro-environment which subsequently favors the growth of the vaginosis-associated bacteria.
Even more startling has been has been the medical research from the past decade which suggests that women with more severe cases of bacterial vaginosis are more easily infected by the AIDS virus, during unprotected vaginal sexual intercourse. It is critical to appreciate that most women have not a clue that they are affected by this condition, and here we are referring to millions and millions of women. The classic discharge associated with the common Candida "yeast infection" is thicker, white, and curd-like in appearance and is usually associated with vaginal itchiness. A vaginal trichomonas infection can be easily mistaken for bacterial vaginosis because both of these vaginal conditions are associated with discharges with a pungent fishy odor and furthermore because upon diagnostic testing in a doctor's office, both conditions are characterized by elevated vaginal pH readings.
This is why it is so important for women to educate themselves as to the true facts regarding bacterial vaginosis. Numerous past epidemiologic studies have shown that women who douche are more likely to have bacterial vaginosis.
Of course, it must also be acknowledged that there are a variety of different brands and types of vaginal douches and perfume products.
Given the very private and often embaressing nature of bacterial vaginosis, a commercially-marketed home diagnostic kit has been for a long time a needed option. Home vaginal pH testing will not mean that a woman will be able to forgo going to a doctor as obviously, even when the test strips strongly suggest vaginosis is present, the woman will still need some sort of confirmation from her doctor's office and of course some prescribed therapy. To make a diagnosis of bacterial vaginosis, a doctor must keep in her or his office a functioning microscope and a set of diagnostic cards or strips designed to measure the acidity of the vaginal secretions or discharge. Metronidazole and clindamycin are the most commonly prescribed antibiotics for treating vaginosis.
The antibiotics metronidazole and clindamycin are the most often employed approach to ridding the vagina of the group of anaerobic bacteria that cause bacterial vaginosis. Clindamycin is available under the brand name Cleocin, both as a 7-day vaginal cream and as a 3-night vaginal suppository (Cleocin vaginal ovules) which has been approved as an equivalent treatment to the 7-day cream. Virtually all patients today being handed prescriptions for metronidazole are cautioned that they may experience severe nausea and vomiting if they attempt to consume alcohol while taking this prescription. The topical vaginal preparations with either clindamycin or metronidazole avoid these problems. The antibiotic amoxicillin and the Triple Sulfa vaginal cream product are among other antibiotic treatments still being prescribed by many physicians for their patients with bacterial vaginosis. Prescriptions for oral metronidazole are a popular thing in this age of tight management of prescription drug costs. It is a bit perplexing to me professionally how any physician could be either unknowing or so uncaring as to prescribe to a patient-- without so much as a warning-- so unpalatable a pill as metronidazole should be well-known to be.
My wish is that women patients, by virtue of the knowledge base provided by this web site, can feel more confidant and more comfortable about broaching with their doctors the possibility that they might have bacterial vaginosis.
A vaginosis treatment flow chart is presented at the end of this section which highlights several key points about antibiotic management of this condition. Treatment for bacterial vaginosis should be initiated on each new occasion only after this diagnosis has been confirmed both by vaginal pH testing and by a wet-mount examination of vaginal secretions to rule-out co-existing vaginal infections.
Once treatment is begun, the woman patient should be strongly encouraged to require any current or reason sexual partner to faithfully weara condom during vaginal intercourse.

A metronidazole gel product-- either Metrogel-vaginal or the newer Vandazole gel-- should be prescribed as first-line therapy for any first diagnosis of bacterial vaginosis.
Clindesse should not be prescibed for this condition, nor should any other clindamycin-based products, while the important scientific questions concerning clindamycin's true effectiveness and this drug's potential for harmful ecological after-effects are better settled. Based on the recent groundbreaking research that Gardnerella vaginalis not just coats, but appears tightly adherent to the vaginal surface epithelial cell in the manner of a biofilm7, oral metronidazole considered for longer than the standard 7-day course, may be appropriate for some women patients who initially responded to metronidazole gel and then relapsed after a few months.
Alternative medical therapies, in particular probiotic products, should be considered to aid in restoring the normal healthy Lactobacillus species within the vagina.
Polymerase Chain Reaction (or PCR) testing for trichomonas should be performed for women who immediately recur following treatment with metronidazole gel. The final recommendation is to not give up searching until you find that informed, concerned, and open-minded doctor, physician assistant, nurse practitioner who is willing and able to work patiently with you to manage chronic resistent disease. Please click the link to the below to download the flow chart containing my BV treatment recommendations. Why yogurts and also probiotics, as adjunctive therapies for bacterial vaginosis, may NOT have failed you after all?
The obvious point of which doctors, other health care professionals, and knowledgeable patients need to be aware is that all yogurts are not created equal.
What are 4 new reasons why your doctor would do well to avoid prescribing a clindamycin-based product, including the new single-dose vaginal cream Clindesse?
The problem comes when Clindesse and other clindamycin-based products have been compared with metronidazole-based products in recent studies. Based on the results of a number of clinical studies which looked at clindamycin cream products, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has stated that the vaginal clindamycin cream appears less efficacious than the metronidazole regimens10.
Unlike what occurs with treatment with metronidazole, treatment of bacterial vaginosis with clindamycin appears to be associated with the subsequent emergence of multiple-antibiotic resistance among vaginal anaerobic bacteria12. Clindamycin resistance in vaginal anaerobic bacteria also to have a very important spill-over effect on intrapartum antibiotic prophylaxis of Group B Streptococcus, a threatening bacteria in late pregnancy13. As previously discussed, clindamycin, again unlike metronidazole, has antibiotic activity not just against the anaerobic bacteria associated with bacterial vaginosis, but also against any subsisting healthy Lactobacillus species which, were it not for the clindamycin, could have been on its way to regaining its position of dominance within the vaginal flora.
This table highlights the findings of five medical studies of alternative treatment approaches to vaginosis. Ten ml of a Lactobacillus-concentrated yogurt product was used as a daily douche for 7 days; then following waiting for a week, a repeat 7-day treatment was given. Daily douching with a 3% hydrogen peroxide + 15% NaCl + 10% providone iodine mixture for 10 day, each douching followed by a thorough cleansing of vaginal wall with a small gauze.
Study participants were instructed to apply the Aci-Jel product intra-vaginally nightly for 3 nights following a recognized triggering event (such as a period ending or simply renewing vaginal sex). Few of the 17 study participants reported resolution of their vaginal odor or discharge complaints at the end of week 4 of the study.
What clues might I be able to use on my own to help me conclude that I simply have a "yeast infection", and not bacterial vaginosis or some other kind of vaginal infection?? A number of clinical studies into this question have concluded that there is no distinctive set of physical symptoms or signs the average woman can use to reliably and accurately self-diagnose that she is having a vaginal yeast infection versus some other kind of vaginal infection or disturbance. When might it be okay to just try an over-the-counter vaginal anti-fungal product, such as Monistat and Gyne-Lotrimin, if I think I might have a vaginal "yeast infection"? One clinical study has concluded that women with definite documented Candidal vaginal infections tend as a whole to be college-aged or younger, to employ condoms rather than other contraceptive methods during vaginal intercourse, or to have completed treatment with an oral antibiotic within the previous 15 to 30 days20.
What this patient may be unaware of is that he or she may well have in fact a drug-induced (iatrogenic) case of psoriasis.
In some situations it can be tricky for psoriasis patients to take pharmaceutical drugs for other unrelated conditions, such as high blood pressure. Certain drugs, particularly those for bipolar disorder, high blood pressure, and hepatitis, can provoke psoriasis for reasons doctors don’t yet “fully understand”, according to a leading medical website I just viewed. What doctors believe is that certain medications trigger or worsen psoriasis outbreaks in those who are genetically predisposed. Exacerbation of pre-existing psoriatic lesions or the development of new psoriatic lesions in previously uninvolved skin, such as nails or scalp.
Sometimes a psoriasis patient may develop nail or scalp psoriasis after commencing a drug, or other psoriatic symptoms she may not have previously experienced. NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) such as aspirin, paracetamol, ibuprofen, etc. Good advice is to use as little of the medicine as you can get away with preferably, or ask your doctor if you can try an alternative drug. Eric's approach to beating psoriasis involves the Psoriasis Diet, as well as lifestyle changes including a natural skin-care regime. In this website you can find comprehensive information about constipation, intestinal flora & the brand Duphalac. That's right, you do exactly what you're doing now and read probiotic reviews from the experts.
More people are learning about the benefits of good bacteria like acidophilus and incorporating it into their diet via probiotic supplements, yogurt and even a milk product known as "kefir".
If you've not heard much about kefir in the past you will in the future as it gains in popularity. They specialize in health and wellness products that utilize the latest technologies and produce products that are second to none. Stephen Kimberley senior editor at WebMD explains the different products, their benefits and what you can expect. You should not use the information contained herein for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease, or prescribing any medication. Customers only.Items listed on these website is just the listing and should not be considered as an advertisement or promotion of the products. James Christian, an internal medicine physician who has long studied and reported developments in the fields of bacterial vaginosis and vaginitis.

It is most unfortunate that some people who actually have pre existing psoriasis may face a Catch-22 situation, when a drug they take for another condition may cause their red, scaly or itchy rashes to get far worse, or may even bring on a case of psoriasis for the very first time.
There are several drugs described in the literature that have been associated with the initiation, exacerbation, and aggravation of psoriasis.
These are drugs commonly prescribed for high blood pressure and have been extensively studied, and have been found to exacerbate psoriasis patients in a quarter to a third of patients who take them.
Lithium is a drug used to control psychiatric illnesses like bipolar, also commonly termed manic depression.
Drugs such as tetracycline, minocycline and amoxicillinand various other antibiotic drugs are known to cause skin reactions, ranging from mild to most severe, even anaphylactic skin reactions.Some antibiotics are known to cause photosensitization, which may result in predisposed patients with psoriasis to experience exacerbation through the “Koebner phenomenon” secondary to sun exposure. These drugs are used not only to treat malaria, but are also commonly prescribed in auto-immune conditions such as psoriasis, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.
There is little point remaining on any drug that cases strong or uncomfortable side effects. He writes regular posts on the causes, symptoms and treatment of psoriasis, and has helped thousands of psoriasis sufferers recover from their condition.
To discover images and hq pictures, type your search terms into our powerful search engine box or browse our different categories. These two (2) products are formulated to completely support the maintenance and development of healthy bones. Kimberley has developed over 30 years of study, his Q10+ antioxidant formula, and Q96, the most researched micronutrient product in history for improving mood, the Qssentials pillow packs offer the complete daily supplement we all have been waiting for.
While many people swear by it and have seen some pretty amazing results, kefir and it's maintenance requirements may not be for everyone.
The tragedy I have found is that a patient can sometimes experience many of the typical signs and symptoms of psoriasis, like itchy, dry, or cracked skin. Understanding the pathophysiology can provide clues to treatment and management of drug-induced and drug-aggravated psoriasis, which may be indistinguishable from idiopathicpsoriasis.
I have seen many patients over the years that have come into my clinic complaining of psoriasis, who have previously not had psoriasis – until they started taking a NSAID drug regularly.
If you are unsure if your anti-hypertensive drugs are Beta-blockers, go to Google and do an online search. In one study, investigators reported that 4 percent of patients experienced exacerbation of psoriasis as a consequence of antibiotic use. Many have been known to cause acute flare-ups in those with psoriasis in as little as a few weeks after commencement of the drug. Be sure to consult with your doctor or specialist before you reduce or consider discontinuation of any drug, it is the right and responsible thing to do. Multi-supplement prescribing is no longer necessary to effectively support your patients bone metabolism. I am very proud to be part of such a forward thinking company, and happier that I am able to take these products myself. For instance, did you know that some probiotics can lower cholesterol, reduce anxiety and even enhance weight loss? But for those willing to put forth the effort, kefir might be a great alternative to popping another pill. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, promptly contact your health care provider. Whenever a patient cleans up his or her diet and lifestyle, and undertakes a good detoxification program, their psoriasis almost disappears. The clinical manifestations of drug-associated psoriasis can range from plaque-type psoriasis to severe erythroderma, thus warranting astute and sustained clinical observation”. Bearing this in mind, many patients with psoriasis can be on multi-drug regimens; therefore a careful analysis of the various medications that can interact with each other as well as exacerbate psoriasis is very prudent. Psoriatic lesions or eruptions will appear in those susceptible from 1 to 18 months after the initiation of Beta blocker therapy, and they have even been implicated in those who have never had psoriasis before. An interesting study conducted in 2003 revealed that when patients were given omega-3 at the same time, this reaction was diminished.
It has also been suggested that tetracyclines should be avoided in patients with clinical evidence of psoriasis, as well as in healthy individuals with a genetic predisposition forpsoriasis. Information and statements regarding dietary supplements and many other health conditions on this site have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease and may be for commercial.
Lactobacillus bacteria are also responsible for vaginal micro-quantities of hydrogen peroxide, a compound that also appears to play a prominent role in protecting vaginal lining cells from some kinds of infection. Martens and Monif were among the first physicians to challenge the notion that douching might be a risk to women's health. This “mystery illness” may even lead the patient down the road of taking an over the counter drug; they may visit a doctor or chemist and buy a cream, ointment or a tablet on the advice of the pharmacist in the belief that they have developed a new illness, one that affects their skin and looks and behaves a lot like psoriasis. Many different kinds of skin rashes have been implicated with this class of drug, so check it out carefully. Beta-blocker provoked psoriasis improves upon discontinuation of medication, but usually does not completely resolve. Mary Ellen Sanders, President of the International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics, had criticized the conclusion of the Consumer Reports article that the recommended products actually contained the one billion probiotic units which are felt to be the minimum counts that are required for produce positive results, particularly intestinally. Sanders' approval, based on the knowledge available to her by sitting on the scientific advisory board on this product's maker.

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