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Season your omelet mixture with kosher salt and white pepper right in the skillet as they begin to cook.
Holding the skillet handle in your left hand at a slight angle, tilt the pan away from you and gently begin coaxing your omelet into a roll. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Conde Nast. This foundational course teaches techniques including sauteing, roasting, stewing, and sauces. This foundational course teaches classic techniques including poaching, frying, grilling, and barbecuing. This essential course teaches you how to plan, prepare, and cook for a holiday meal and includes techniques for roasting, pie making, and carving a turkey.
Start stirring your eggs as soon as you add them to the pan to make sure nothing is sticking to the bottom. Exert one final push of patience and let your soon-to-be-omelet sit, off the heat, for one minute. Once you’ve made your first roll, add a pat of butter to the skillet to help loosen it up the rest of the way.

Our Technique Lessons offer a focused cooking experience for students with a specific passion or interest. Each of these unique Recipe Lessons explains how the recipe works, warns you about potential missteps, and shows the entire process—from the first prep step to serving!
Our In-Depth Courses are based on the professional classes offered to students at culinary schools. These introductory lessons are designed to teach you everything you need to know before you start cooking—from what to stock in your pantry to reading a recipe. With "More Principles of Good Cooking", this course will prepare a student for a lifetime of cooking. With "Principles of Good Cooking", this course will prepare a student for a lifetime of cooking. You will master fundamental Italian cooking techniques and learn to cook diverse Italian recipes. We put Petit Trois chef Ludo Lefebvre’s fine-tuned techniques to work to plate up the perfect, bright-yellow, butter-doused omelet.
Stirring also helps to prevent curds of cooked egg from forming faster than it takes the entire mixture to cook.

This will help the bottom of the omelet finish cooking (translation: easier rolling) without running the risk of overcooking the whole caboodle. To further ensure the eggs cook evenly, vigorously shake the pan in a circular motion as you stir. You’ll be rolling your omelet in such a way that the cheese will be perfectly in the center of each bite. Once the omelet is rolled and all the way at the other end of the pan, tip the pan over onto the center of a plate, using your spatula to help you get the omelet to sit seam side down.
Give your perfectly plated omelet a final rub with a pat of butter to give it a glossy sheen.

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