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Our journey to living a healthy lifestyle has been a slow steady stream of learning about alternative forms of treating the most common childhood sickness. This was probably our first real good sickness where I had the opportunity to use more natural remedies compared to the traditional over the counter products I was used to using! 10 drops Thieves, 10 drops Lavender, 5 drops Purification, 5 drops Frankincense, fill with carrier oil. Sore Muscles and Pain : Copaiba Essential Oil 2 drops per tsp of coconut oil rubbed in to muscles as needed.
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We try to avoid processed food, eat more veggies, occasional fruit, more gluten free items, organic as much as possible, and grass fed beef and butter!
I grew up with an Aunt and Uncle who owned a health food store and have Naturopaths in the family, so to me its my first (and usually only) course of action. Ibudu who cured me from HIV, someone directed me to dr Ibudu she told me that dr Ibudu helped her cure her GENITAL HERPES but i did not believe at first time until i give a try, when I did the test and I was confirmed positive, I was so confused because my son is just too young and I need to be there for him, so I tried all means to make sure I will be there for him, I contacted Dr. My husband is on the complete opposite end of the spectrum since he never heard of any of it until meeting me, and most of the time he scratches his head and just lets me go about my business. Ibudu through his email and explained my problems to him, and he assured me of healing, he did what he has been doing for other people and I was cured also when he asked me to go for check-upa€¦ Ia€™m so happy for what Dr.
Yes, we still splurge on sweets and the kids love their spicy cheetos, but the bulk of our eating habits have improved sooo much!

We started using essential oil drops in our vick’s vaporizer instead of the liquid that you can buy, I only mix up something to slather on them if I have to.
BUT there is the amazing God given oils that have amazing anti-viral , anti- bacteria goodness?these have pumped up our immunity and shortened any sickness we get ?? our little fam has gone 2+ years without having to visit the Dr. He cast the spell and asked me to go for check-up after three days of casting the spell, Luckily for me were tested herpes negative, now I believe all these Testimonies about him on the internet, he is truly a great man, I am now free from herpes all thanks goes to Dr.

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    Health enhancement for anyone struggling to digest the meal you eat.
    Specific types and amounts of digestive enzymes in response supports the health of your immune system and digestive.