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Some research exists to suggest that probiotics can help with weight management – but how does that work, and how sound is the research? In 2006 a seminal study[1] published in the well-respected journal, Nature, showed a clear difference in the gut bacteria of obese people as opposed to their lean counterparts.
Since then, smaller studies continue to support the theory that gut bacteria could influence weight. Stimulating the body’s production of natural substances associated with decreased body fat.
In 2010 scientists inIrelandfound another Lactobacillus probiotic to influence the fat composition of the host, via production of the fatty acid t10, c12 CLA; a molecule previously associated with decreased body fat. InEnglandour rates of obesity have doubled over the last 25 years, with 60% of adults overweight or obese [9].

Lactobacillus kimchii, and check out Lactobacillus kimchii on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet. Lactobacillus kimchii is a bacteriocin-producing lactic acid bacterium of the genus Lactobacillus.
Lactobacillus kimchiiLactobacillus kimchii Lactobacillus kimchii is a bacteriocin-producing lactic acid bacterium of the genus Lactobacillus. What’s more, when obese participants later lost weight, their gut bacteria reverted back to those observed in lean participants. In 2009 a trial[2] found that women who took Lactobacillus & Bifidobacterium probiotics during pregnancy and breastfeeding were less likely to be obese 6 months following birth.
Any natural support in tackling this obesity epidemic could therefore play a fundamental role in the future.

25% of the women who had received dietary advice alongside probiotic supplementation had excess abdominal fat, as opposed to in 43% of women who had received dietary advice with a placebo.
Recommending a high quality probiotic supplement could certainly be a good idea, whether it encourages weight loss for your customers, or simply supports digestive health in those who may be changing their diet and lifestyle in order to lose weight.

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