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That gives them more time to huddle under their makeshift shelter in a cold, days-long rain. I didn't look at each picture, but which one was that blond that Jerry though had a fungus problem when he discovered something in her medicine cabinet and it turned out to be for her cat?

Teri Hatcher.I also find it funny that the hottest woman Jerry went out with is one of the ones he never slept with.
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Even if you know nothing about it, care nothing about reality TV and really should be getting to bed, how can you possibly resist at least checking it out?
These two strangers, both versed in survival training, are sent into the dense Costa Rican jungle with a knife and a firestarter. Theya€™re surrounded by venomous snakes, nasty little biting ants and all manner of other fauna.

They camp by a river, so they have plenty of water, but as far as we can tell, days go by without their finding any food. Classic is Teri Hatcher, and another top is the chick that played Nicki that got Jerry out of the speeding ticket. She has been a fav of mine in a lot, but based purely on how they looked in Seinfeld - Teri Hatcher all the way.

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