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Jun 02, 2013Probiotic ProductsProbiotic Products are plenty, you will be spoiled for choice. If you haven’t noticed the words “live and active cultures” or “probiotics” emblazoned across food packaging at the grocery store recently, you must be shopping with your eyes closed. These days one of the hottest marketing trends is adding probiotics to foods as a way to boost health. Many medical experts believe probiotics may increase the amount of beneficial bacteria in people’s intestinal tracts as well as aid digestion, boost the body’s natural defenses, and fight off harmful bacteria that can cause health problems.
Because the evidence is limited, there’s a lot of speculation about the benefits of probiotics, but Dr. Eczema and asthma are two conditions that doctors are hoping can be prevented with probiotics.
That said, registered dietitian, Alison Eastwood, thinks parents should incorporate foods that naturally contain probiotics into their kids’ diets. Of the several hundred probiotic-product lines on the market in North America, “15 to 20 have clinical studies behind them” Gregor Reid, a professor of microbiology at the University of Western Onatrio’s Lawson Research Institute, recently told The Wall Street Journal. Look for three names–in Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG, for example, the final two letters identify the strain. The best evidence is when the actual product–not just the bacterium–has been tested in humans.
Say, for example, you want information on the active bacteria in Activia, a probiotic-enhanced yogurt from Dannon Co. You can find additional consumer guidelines for choosing probiotics on the International Scientific Association for Probiotics Web site.
Bottom line: Incorporate some probiotic-containing foods such as yogurt into your child’s regular diet, but be sure to read the labels and do your research before filling your shopping cart. Culturelle for Kids contains Lactobacillus GG, one of the most clinically studied probiotic, or “good bacteria”, in the world. DISCLOSURE: I wrote this review while participating in a Mom Central Consulting blog tour on behalf of Culturelle.
I didnt know Probiotic meant for life…guess it does make sense when taking the word apart.
I originally took this because of my fibromyalgia and immune system weakness, but it has proven to be great for so many things.
I really dont notice alot of difference when taking the probiotics- maybe because I generally eat non processed foods?
I am really leery about giving anything like this to small children… so on this one would wait a bit to see more research. I have enough medically going on that it could be a benefit, but if someone is healthy, some additional supplements arent needed. September 3, 2014 by Lauren 3 Comments Our intestinal tract (gut) is filled with several pounds of bacteria. A 2013 study in Denmark demonstrated that people with low bacterial diversity suffered significantly more weight gain over 9 years, and had diminished insulin sensitivity plus high levels of inflammation compared to those who had high bacterial gut diversity. Studies in mice have shown that simply transplanting different bacteria can affect fat accumulation as much as 57% over 14 days! The gut is often called the “second brain.” Think about it – when you feel nervous, you may get “butterflies” in your stomach. Probiotic supplementation has also been linked to a reduction in acne, yeast infections, UTIs, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases (including arthritis, colitis and Crohn’s Disease), decreased risk of intestinal cancers, leaky gut syndrome, allergies…the list goes on and on.
Variety: The two main classes of bacteria to look for are “lactobacilli” that act in the small intestine and “bifidobacteria” that act in the large intestine.
Dose: Probiotics are sold in “colony forming units” (CFUs), the number of bacteria in each capsule.
Enteric Coating: Enteric coatings mean the capsule will survive the acidic stomach and make it to the intestines, where they can act. Temperature: Most high quality probiotics are sold refrigerated and should stay cold to maintain optimal bacterial activity. Perfect pass probiotic 30 caps – crohns, colitis, and ibs, Perfect pass probiotic ends the probiotic argument over which strains are best, how much do you need, do they survive digestion, do they colonize the intestinal tract. Share This:Children are exposed to daily challenges to their immune and digestive systems, and probiotic supplements for kids are a safe and gentle way to help replenish the balance of good bacteria in the digestive tract and support a growing child’s immune system.* We’ve created this SUPER infographic to highlight some of the key benefits of probiotics for kids—and we invite you to pass it along and share it on your site! Feel free to use the infographic above on your website; however, we ask that you follow proper protocol and attribute the work to ReNew Life by using the following embed code. Disclaimer: No content contained in this website is intended as, or should be construed as, medical advice.
The educational material presented in this blog is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. My own research and application of the Probiotics Supplement, Fermented Food Diet and Vitamins Protocol is specific to my own health condition.
Last year, 231 new probiotic-containing products hit grocery and pharmacy shelves, up from just 34 in 2005, according to market-research firm Datamonitor PLC. According to the World Health Organization, they’re “live microorganisms, which when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host.” This healthy bacteria is found in fermented food products such as yogurt, sour cream, sauerkraut, and buttermilk. Experts are conducting studies to determine if probiotics can be used to prevent and treat all sorts of conditions, many of them common in kids, including asthma, colds, colic, lactose intolerance, and dental cavities. Cabana says strong evidence shows that certain strains of probiotic bacteria can be used to treat children with infectious diarrhea and prevent the likelihood of antibiotic associated diarrhea and urogenital infections such as yeast infections.
While supplements of specific probiotic strains are generally considered safe for kids, Dr. Fermented foods contain healthful bacteria: Kombucha Tea, sour cream, buttermilk, sauerkraut, pickles, and many yogurts.

David Becker, assistant clinical professor in the Department of Pediatrics at UCSF, actually made some phone calls to yogurt companies to find out the concentration of probiotics in products.
Cabana says the key is to read the label–that’s the fine print–to make sure the product contains live cultures. The product label identifies the strain as Bifidus Regularis, but this is only a marketing name.
Also, talk to your pediatrician about supplements to treat conditions, especially if your child has diarrhea. Probiotics have become a hot topic, generating tons of buzz and puzzlement about the different types of bacteria found in our digestive systems and their impact when it comes to stomach pain, digestive relief and supporting overall immunity. The word literally means “for life.” And adding a probiotic like Culturelle to your daily diet can be a great way to achieve and maintain optimal core health – a healthy digestive and immune system. The good bacteria safely and naturally displace the bad bacteria, supporting kids’ natural defense systems, and reducing digestive upset. I received a Culturelle for Kids product sample and a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate. I know when going to a wellness center they really recommend this for kids who have WAY too much sugar and carbs in their diets and breaks the balance of bacteria in the body .
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The makeup of gut bacteria is determined throughout development, by the mother’s diet and her own microbiome, vaginal vs. Additional studies have demonstrated that bacterial composition is significantly different in obese vs. Granted, we aren’t mice, but clearly, the type of bacteria had a large effect on body composition.
Good bacteria improve the gut barrier, decrease inflammation levels, digest “bad” bacteria, and seem to “talk” to white blood cells to stimulate widespread immune action. In one of my clinical nutrition classes, we had to write an essay explaining the five different types of diarrhea (yup, not all the same). Bloating, cramping, and other bowel woes are signs that something isn’t quite right with digestion.
Just as I am typing this, I read a new study linking probiotics with kid’s concentration in school! The Westernized diet, lack of fiber, and “dirt phobia” that plague our society means that more often than not, people do not have enough of the beneficial bacteria they need to achieve optimal health.
Look for supplements with these two main strains, and at least six different sub-strains to get the widespread benefits. Some are self-stable, but make sure the label says that before buying ones at room temperature.
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For nearly two decades we have been formulating superior quality digestive care supplements to help people achieve optimal health from the inside out.* We proudly stand behind the quality, purity, and potency of every product we make. You are now exiting the blog and entering an area in which you can purchase nutritional products. The dizzying array of options includes Kashi Vive cereal, Attune granola bars, Kraft LiveActive cheese, and Dannon’s DanActive yogurt. Probiotics are also available as supplements; these formulations can be identical to the organisms that colonize the gut. Cabana says that the evidence is strongest for their use to treat or prevent a specific condition such as diarrhea. You want to look for products that list a specific strain of bacteria on their label or on their Web site. A product that simply uses the first two names may include a similar, but not identical, bacterium that doesn’t have the same science behind it. Otherwise, consumers can do an Internet search of the specific bacterial strain to see if there is credible evidence of a product’s health claims. The Activia Web site, under the tab “for health-care professionals,” links you to summaries of scientific papers that use the scientific name, Bifidobacterium animalis DN-173 010, which has been found to hasten digestion. Although two strains of bacteria, Firmicutes and Bacteroidetes, are most associated with weight, further research is required to determine exactly the amount and type that will improve weight. A 2013 study in New Zealand found that those taking a probiotic suffered 40% fewer colds over the course of a year. The “gut-brain,” or enteric nervous system, has 100 million nerve cells, more than in the spine and peripheral nervous system combined.
A recent 2014 study showed that 67% of patients taking probiotics experienced an improvement in symptoms vs. Our understanding is primitive at this point and I suspect the benefits of probiotics will only become more apparent.
I have heard though that you should switch up the brands you take to get different strains.
I’m Lauren, a twenty-something registered dietitian nutritionist creating a healthy life through good food and good fun in the wonderful city of Boston. Sign up for our emails to receive new product announcements, company news, and exclusive offers! As always, consult your physician prior to starting any nutritional supplement program or to make any other changes to your current health or medical regimen.
Many of these are kid foods and you have probably noticed some items cleverly designed to tempt children such as Lifeway ProBugs, organic whole-milk kefir in squishy plastic bottles decorated with silly illustrations of bugs.
Michael Cabana, chief of general pediatrics at UCSF Children’s Hospital, says there’s an abundance of studies exploring probiotics’ potential, but relative few studies in U.S. Cabana says you should check with your pediatrician about using a supplement; a doctor can help you determine which strain of bacteria and which dose to use.

He says that no studies have shown that probiotics can treat asthma, but there’s some potential for prevention. In general, high doses of 1 billion to 10 billion colony forming units are needed, depending on the strain you are using.
As a result, companies are fortifying foods with probiotics in an effort to re-introduce this bacteria.
For additional information, you can do an Internet search of that name and many of the scientific studies on the strain pop up.
However, have no doubt that these tiny little organisms have a huge impact on our health that modern-day science is only just beginning to recognize.
Knowing all the benefits of a healthy balance of gut bacteria, improving your own should be a top priority.
The thinking is that the type of bacteria in our gut affects the amount of calories and fat our bodies absorb. For now, it is safe to say that increasing “good” bacteria is another tool to help achieve a healthy weight. IBS is typically treated with a combination of diet, stress-relief, and medication, but probiotics may be an additional defense.
The concentrations of probiotics in food products are likely too low to do the trick, says Dr. It’s especially important for kids who are taking antibiotics for ear infections and such to eat foods with probiotics because every time they’re given an antibiotic it kills the healthy bacteria in their gut. These companies claim their products offer a range of health benefits, but only some of the claims are based on reputable science. They are currently renovating their entire home which was built in 1968 and looks like the Brady Bunch house. It has been known for some time that “good” types of bacteria keep “bad” bacteria in check, thus preventing infection. Two people may eat the same meal, but absorb vastly different calories from that meal, based solely on their bacterial makeup.
Granted, I rarely get sick and I’m a big believer in my green tea and spinach consumption’s role in my strong immune system, but research clearly backs up the germ-squashing properties of probiotics. Additional studies have shown significant improvements in bloating, abdominal pain, and bowel regularity with probiotics use. Also, parents should consider the full list of ingredients in these inoculated foods–for example, are they loaded with fructose syrup?
When I asked about general numbers, specifically saying that dosages studied and found effective were around 10 billion organisms per dose, the Stonyfield rep said that in a ‘serving’ of their yogurt had at least that many organisms. More recent work has shown that the bacteria that make up the collective “microbiome” affect everything from skin health to weight to mood. In fact, 95% of serotonin, the neurotransmitter target by many antidepressants, is produced in the gut! Renew Life does not receive compensation for studies referenced in articles on this site; products mentioned in the same article should not be considered an endorsement by the author of the study. Matthias Rath seeks to provide an alternative treatment route for those who have sought everything else but failed!Continue reading "Cure Protocols of Dr.
Cabana says, there were one or two published probiotic studies a year, while in 2005, over 350 studies were published. Studies have consistently demonstrated that participants who receive probiotics supplements report feeling less anxious and moody.
However, there are other contradictory studies from other countries, such as Australia and Germany. What do probiotics do for my health and immune systemKnowing what is probiotic may save lives. Hopefully, our study funded by the National Institutes of Health (not a pharmaceutical company) can shed some light on this issue.
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The study is a meta-analysis, meaning that it combines the results of several independent trials.

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