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Vacuoles A.A membrane-bound sac that plays roles in intracellular digestion and the release of cellular waste products.
Extracellular Matrix (ECM) A.Mesh of macromolecules outside plasma membrane of animal cells. Chloroplasts A.Specialized organelles found in algae and higher plants that capture energy through photosynthesis. Chapter 4: Cell Structure & Function (Outline) ? Cell Theory ? Cell Size ? Prokaryotic Cells ? Eukaryotic Cells Organelles ? Nucleus ? Endomembrane System.

Claim: because extant organisms share processes and structures it indicates that they evolved from a common ancestor (similarity implies ancestry). The Cell-Chapter 6 and 7 Key Questions: What are the structures and functions of cellular organelles?
B.Capture the energy available in sunlight and convert it to chemical bond energy via photosynthesis. 3.There are several types of chlorophyll, but the predominant form in plants is chlorophyll a.

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