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Part-cutaway view of the Volkswagen Group 6-speed dual clutch transmission, the Direct-Shift Gearbox (DSG). A dual clutch transmission, commonly abbreviated to DCT[1] (sometimes informally referred to as a twin-clutch gearbox, double clutch transmission, or similar variations thereof), is a differing type of semi-automatic or automated manual automotive transmission. This type of transmission was invented by Frenchman Adolphe Kegresse just prior to World War II,[4] but he never developed a working model. As of 2009[update], the largest number of sales of DCTs in Western Europe are by various marques of the German Volkswagen Group,[9] though this is anticipated to lessen as other transmission makers and vehicle manufacturers make DCTs available in series production automobiles.[1][10] In 2010, on BMW Canada's website for the 3 Series Coupe, it is described both as a 7-speed double clutch transmission and as a 7-speed automatic transmission. The second implementation utilised two single-plate dry clutches which are side-by-side from the perpendicular view, but again sharing the centre line of the crankshaft. A latest variation uses two separate but identical sized clutches; these are arranged side-by-side when viewed head-on (along the length of the input shaft and crankshaft centre line), and also share the same plane when viewed perpendicularly. On 14 January 2009, BorgWarner announced the establishment a joint venture with the China Automobile Development United Investment Co., Ltd.
Fiat Powertrain Technologies has developed a dual clutch transmission with Magneti Marelli and BorgWarner. Need to include Audi, who both co-invented the production-worthy technology with Porsche, but also introduced the first volume-production units in 2003 in the VR6 TT, along with the similarly powered VW Golf mentioned. In January 2008, BMW introduced a dual clutch transmission for their M3 model, manufactured by GETRAG, embedding a DualTronic dual clutch module from BorgWarner, and dubbed M Dual Clutch Transmission (M DCT). Ford Motor Company has released a wet clutch "PowerShift"[1][4] transmission on the 2008 Ford Focus (international)[4][50] and Ford C-MAX. Lotus Cars has submitted a patent application for a lighter, simpler and more compact dual-clutch transmission system. McLaren Automotive introduced a seven speed dual clutch on MP4-12C made in Italy by Graziano. The Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation presented a world first with a double-clutch transmission for commercial vehicles. The Nissan GT-R's rear transaxle six-speed dual clutch transmission also contains the differential for the car's all-wheel drive (AWD) system. PSA has dual clutch transmission in Peugeot 4007 and Citroen C-Crosser CUVs, produced by Mitsubishi motors. Porsche AG offers a series production[39] of two new longitudinally installed, ZF Friedrichshafen AG designed and built with Porsche[40][43] '7DT' wet-clutch versions[39] of its previously race-only[5][43] Porsche Doppelkupplungsgetriebe[43] (PDK) transmission. A second variant of the Direct-Shift Gearbox went into series production in 2008[8] – the DQ200. Lamborghini, although owned by Volkswagen Group subsidiary Audi AG, does not use a dual clutch transmission; it has a robotised single clutch electrohydraulic manual transmission called "E gear", which is identical to the Audi R8 "R tronic" transmission.
You may not have heard of Zerode bikes before, but from the looks of things, you’ll be hearing a lot more from them in the future.
Marketed as an enduro bike, the Taniwha uses a more conventional frame and suspension layout than the Zerode downhill bike, and it features 160mm of travel. While 160mm travel enduro bikes are a dime-a-dozen these days, the Zerode Taniwha certainly offers a unique take on the genre.
As it stands, Zerode are running pre-orders for the Taniwha, with frames expected to be delivered in September 2016. A simple, effective and proven suspension platform combined with a fixed chain line optimises pedalling performance through the entire travel range. Maintenance and tuning of gears are almost nonexistent, sprocket and chain life are massively extended.
The tensioner is tucked up by the wheel and spring loaded so shouldn’t be too susceptible to damage. Since you can operate the selectable locker open, it does not add unneeded wear to components. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible.
The fact that VW updated and put into production a thirty year old design is fairly remarkable in itself.
The 181 sat on a Karman Ghia floor pan (wider than the Type 1), and used some heavier duty Transporter parts like the rear axle reduction gears, which of course got their start on the Kubelwagen. After 1973, the 181 switched to the newer (1968 and up) Transporter rear suspension, eliminating the reduction gears and swing axles. The Type 181 went on to be sold to European militaries until 1983, who loved its cheap purchase price  (probably a tiny fraction of a Humvee) and reliability.
Ironically, about 10 years later (when I was in law school and desperate for cash) I had the same thing happen to me. To shorten the long part of the story, I drove it home to a happy (but surprised) reception from my wife and amazement of my 4 year old daughter and 6 year old son. We used the Thing in many parades over the years to promote our business, and last summer it got a full restore of suspension front and rear, CV and fuel system. My grandson is 7, and we rehabbed an ’80s vintage go cart last summer with a $99 motor from Harbor Freight. I owned a 914 and a 68 VW beetle and really miss the burble of an air-cooled engine behind me but wonder if these being basically open cars if the rattle and banging of bumping body panels would drown out the engine.
Frankly the overpowering memories I have of these involves being stranded by the side of the road. I never imagined anyone paying 40K for one someday, I think she paid maybe 800 bucks for it in ’79 or so.
I always kinda liked these, they seem like the perfect vehicle to for a beach house, perfect for runs up and down the beach and for night time bonfires, you would never even have to put the top up.
My first full time job which I got after my auto shop teacher arranged an interview was at the local VW dealership.
The original military-spec cars had the fuel operated oven and two separate, high level exhaust systems for improved ground clearance. Ah yes, the vehicle that caused a major embarrassment for Georgia DMV when they issued one a “Hobby Antique” plate reading HA8 JWS. The only one I have ever seen in the metal was bright orange one parked near the CNN building in DC about 20 years ago. Fun little cars , there was a big problem with rollovers when driven diagonally on a slope . As I also ran a small Junkyard , I simply saved the earlier shifters and swapped them out , the Customers liked it , never complained about the additional $10 part cost . Sort of like how some Shops let vehicles out without doing a routine light check ~ bulbs are only $1 for chrissakes .
In typical German industry fashion, the T181’s replacement was also a Volkswagen, but not developed by Volkswagen. The reasons that they are so expensive is that only about 25,000 of them were ever imported and the crude body does rust, even on the West Coast.
With a top speed of 10 kilometres per hour, the Extreme X8 off-road 4×4 electric wheelchair combines rugged construction and high torque gear in line motors.
This wheelchair is compatible with our various seating options, including MPS seating and the various models in our Magic Rehab line. Articulating front frame with low pressure knobby tyres The Extreme X8 has an exceptionally smooth and jolt-free ride. Unbeatable kerb and step climbing ability The Extreme X8 eats kerbs and small steps for breakfast.
If you’re wanting more information about this particular wheelchair, please fill in your contact information below and we'll be in touch as soon as possible.
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As the name suggests, electric wheelchairs are powered by electricity and were designed by a well-known Canadian inventor by the name of George Klein.
It's always hard finding details about what wheelchairs to buy and where to get the best electric chairs.

If you own an Chevy S-10 Blazer or pickup with the ZR2 package or a GMC Highrider, you have a pretty cool, off-road-capable rig right out of the box.
When you add a suspension lift to the equation, the full-framed ZR2's off-highway capabilities improve by leaps and bounds. The information that follows will give you an overview of some of the major components of this 5-inch-lift kit. These are the components included with the BDS 5-inch-lift kit, including the optional front skidplate.
Before we installed the BDS Suspension 5-inch kit, the stock ZR2 traveled 48 inches up a 20-degree RTI ramp, earning a score of 391.
Here you can see the new front crossmember and the new main rear crossmember installed on the vehicle.
A new heavy-duty differential skidplate is included with the kit, and it bolts to the new front and rear crossmembers. The concentric multi-plate clutches have been sectioned, along with the mechatronics module.
The original design used a concentric arrangement, where both clutches shared the same plane when viewed perpendicularly from the transmission input shaft, along the same centre line as the engine crankshaft; when viewed head-on along the length of the input shaft, this makes one clutch noticeably larger than the other.
This latter clutch arrangement (unlike the other two variations) is driven via a gear from the engine crankshaft. This wet clutch[4] DCT was designed with gearbox specialist Getrag[4] under the GETRAG FORD Transmissions joint venture, founded in 2001,[51][52] and is expected to feature in other Ford and Volvo[50] models. The PowerShift gearbox will be introduced on the second generation Volvo S60,[53] and then on to the V50[50] and C30[50] models. The transmission alone will provide upward of 10 percent improvement in fuel economy over today’s conventional six-speed automatic transmissions. The teaser notes the date of reveal to be 10 January 2011, when it will be shown at the North American International Auto show.
The gearbox shown in the application is an eight-speed unit, with seven forward gears and reverse.
The new six-speed M038S6 "Duonic transmission" features wet clutches and incorporates the ability to creep in traffic for smoother operation.
This will initially be made available on the New Megane with the dCi 110 DPF engine.[77] The DCT system was built by Getrag. This consists of seven forward ratios,[8] but the notable difference over the original DQ250 is the change from wet- to dry-clutches.[1][8] This variant uses two single-plate dry clutches, arranged in a tandem design (instead of concentrically) and are therefore similar in size. The two clutches are placed one on the gearbox input shaft and the other on the gearbox output shaft. Like the G27.5 downhill bike, Zerode has built the Taniwha around an internal gearbox rather than relying on a traditional derailleur setup like 99% of mountain bikes on the market. That basically refers to how much weight is over the rear wheel, which with a conventional setup, includes the rear derailleur and cassette. Without the need to accommodate a full width cassette, the Tanwha’s standard 142x12mm thru-axle rear hub offers more balanced spoke tensions and a stiffer rear wheel build. Of course it comes appointed with all the necessary featuers of a modern enduro bike, including a rangy cockpit, a slack head angle and neat internal cable routing. UK importer Stif will be distributing Zerode locally, so get in touch with Stif if the Taniwha is floating your boat. The Zerode Taniwha could be seen as both of these. Fundamentally the Zerode Taniwha is about making the mountain biking experience better. Whether you are grinding up an epic backcountry single track or blasting down a high speed fire-road there is a gear to do the job. It is difficult to approach the elegance and performance of this layout with any virtual pivot design. I also think it’s quite impressive how compact the Pinion system is, at least from an aesthetic perspective anyway.
The terrain will be sold in configurations with two doors and four-door Unlimited (€ 42.300 starting price for this model).
If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. In German, undoubtedly; which may well have something to do with the affinity I feel with it. In response to the delays of the proposed Europa Jeep, an ambitious pan-European project to design an advanced amphibious four-wheel drive light military vehicle, the German Army was in desperate need of new wheels.
But by 1975 it was already gone from the US market for failing to meet new safety standards. And the Thing has developed a cult following, with prices running ever higher; over $40k for a restored Thing at a Barrett-Jackson auction. Leaving the housing addition off W Jefferson in Fort Wayne, I saw a white ’74 Thing in the front yard of a house we passed. Until she became a teacher, I had a fear that her childhood dream of being a taxi driver would come true. I had a theory that these only came in yellow, orange or green, but it seems that they came in more colors that that according to the ad in the article. The later civilian versions had a combined exhaust system with the large silencer in the bumper and heater boxes. The German Army had the DKW Munga and later the VW Iltis and Mercedes G for that type of usage, these cars being the true equivalents to the Jeep. He passed away a few years back, but right up until the very end he was using it as a daily driver and somehow managed to keep it in absolute perfect condition despite not having a garage. Maybe that was the original intent, but VW felt it would harsh their mellow flower child image too thoroughly in the U.S.? The VW Iltis was an Audi-designed development of the DKW Munga 4×4, using a more advanced AWD system that would also be adapted for road use in the Audi Quattro. Someone converted the transaxle to a HD late bus unit, with added noise from straight cut racing gears and solid, not rubber mounts.
The Magic Mobility Extreme X8 will be your partner to just about any destination; through sand or snow and up or down kerbs.
Articulated frame technology helps keep all four driving wheels on the ground as the 14” low pressure tyres give the traction required to overcome what some say is impossible.
Further, it can also fit aftermarket seating and we can also provide custom options for all body types. As colours can look different on different screens, please see your Magic Mobility dealer to obtain colour samples for a more accurate representation. The motors provide more than just speed, the high torque motors are extremely powerful, allowing users to confidently and quickly ascend a wide variety of difficult terrain.
This is due to the suspension that keep all four driving wheels on the ground and smooths the impact of small bumps and changes in the elevation of terrain. This is due to the four independent motors, all-terrain low pressure knobby tires and the articulating front suspension. In the center of this image you can see the new driver-side differential mount hanging down. Here you can see how the front of the driver-side A-arm attaches to the new front crossmember. The major components of the SOA conversion include new spring-perch brackets that double as shock mounts, spring plates, and U-bolts, a track-bar drop bracket, a brake-line drop bracket, and new shocks.
This also shows the additional power take-off unit for distributing torque to the rear axle for four-wheel drive applications. It can fundamentally be described as two separate manual transmissions (with their respective clutches) contained within one housing, and working as one unit.[1][3] They are usually operated in a fully automatic mode, and many also have the ability to allow the driver to manually shift gears,[2] albeit still carried out by the transmission's electro-hydraulics.
Ford has announced the US-market version of the Mark VI Ford Fiesta coming in 2011 will feature a dry clutch[4] PowerShift transmission.
The XC60 is expected to get this Ford PowerShift gearbox along with other new models to make more sporty cars. The co-developed transmission between GM and SAIC will feature dry, dual-clutch technology.

When a gearchange is to be made, both clutches are disengaged simultaneously and a brake is applied inside the gearbox. Zerode is using a 12-speed Pinion gearbox, which is mounted in the centre of the frame around the bottom bracket, which it claims offers several benefits. With Zerode’s setup, the gears are housed inside the Pinion gearbox in the centre of the frame, which takes the weight off the swingarm. The gearbox design also offers the benefit of having a straighter and smoother singlespeed chainline. Because of the single chainring and rear sprocket, the chainstay length can be built nice and short at 430mm without need to accommodate multiple external gears. In the meantime, check out the word on the new bike direct from owner and head designer, Rob Metz, who also put together this sweet 360-degree video of the Taniwha. An unexpected pinch climb will never be a problem again, changing gear is effortless and immediate. A significant reduction in unsprung weight ensures suspension performance that is undeniably better than any Enduro bike equipped with a rear derailleur. A sleek full carbon frame offers excellent stiffness, reduced weight and flawless beauty in a modern geometry. Nice geometry, very plush and the gearing felt great, easy to shift under 18stone (must do diet) of load and felt great to do a track stand and be able to change down a few gears. I’m going to try to not be too chauvinistic, but there is something intrinsically Germanic, brilliant and adaptable in the basic Volkswagen design, which facilitated more permutations than any other car ever. An updated Kubelwagen was the solution, and VW agreed.  Anyway, by the late sixties, VW based off-road buggies were a huge phenomena, and the Mexican market was crying for a simple rugged vehicle.
My son also (now, at 35) tells stories of his adventures with the Thing, but at the time he was really more into trail bikes. So want to go look at it, but then I might have to buy it, and this is the last kind of car I need right now! The 181 was meant to be a light despatch driver’s and command car, intended for use mainly on tarmac and gravel surfaced roads. Canada also used the Iltis, built under license by Bombardier and pretty easily available up here.
Four wheel independent suspension makes it a more comfortable ride on and off road, but it is noisy and breezy. The stock 1600cc 60hp (SAE) at least can climb steep grades and keep up with traffic up to about 55mph. If the great outdoors is where you want to be, the Magic Mobility Extreme X8 is waiting to take you there.
In addition, these motors are also highly efficient, maximising the battery life and real-world distance the Extreme X8 can cover. The low pressure knobby tyres provide a smooth ride and give the wheelchair increased grip and climbing ability. In the bottom right, you can see the passenger-side differential mount that bolts to the axletube. The ball joints need to be installed in the arms before the arms are installed using the OE cam bolts.
This purportedly increases rear suspension sensitivity, since there is less weight that needs to move up and over obstacles when you plough into them.
Symmetrical spoke angle ensures a very strong, light rear wheel that further improves suspension performance. Came away thinking if I had ?5k or so burning a hole i could see myself adding this to the stable.. It’s known as an ideal destination for those who love outdoor activities and off road adventures. The Type 181 was just the ticket for the times, military and civilian, and it required a minimum of development time and effort.
I remember teasing her that the avocado green exactly matched that of the refrigerator in her Mom’s kitchen. I remember there was for a while quite a bit of aftermarket accessories such as roll cages and fiberglass hardtops available for these.
You mostly saw them when army convoys went into manoeuvres and the Feldjager (German MP) used these cars to control civilian traffic.
I do recall the base plates were the same part number as earlier cars but if they were manufactured improperly it makes sense that would damage the transmission.
Check out our galleries if you are interested in seeing some of the creative wheelchair finishes our customers have chosen.
Look closely and you can see where items like the OE extended-stop support wing and part of the upper control arm pocket were removed using a plasma cutter. Since the small S-10 ball joints are prone to failure, it's always a good idea to install brand-new ball joints. Not visible are the new adjusting sleeve assemblies and relay rods for the steering system. The name stuck and the car was forever after known as the fridge, and it was appropriate in the winter.
The 2 problems I remember was even in Southern California the exhaust and heater boxes would quickly rust out, and the replacement parts from VW were very expensive and the replacements that came from Mexico would rot out in a couple of years. These cars are incredible rust traps and the canvas parts (aka most of the bodywork) are short lived. BDS recommends that a professional technician install this kit due to its labor-intensive nature as well as the requirement that some stock frame components be removed from the vehicle.
All total, there are approximately six OE items that need to be removed or modified to make room for the new suspension components. There would be a significant break in transmission so this system would be unsuitable for shunting locomotives. This model of the brand of the Fiat group is characterized by a new raised hood, hard top in body color, glass privacy and Black wheel color. 73 had a gas heater and no heater boxes, and had a weird separate left and right exhaust assembly and pipes that were rust prone and pricy. Lots of fun in the summer on beach runs though, when we’d somehow get 5 or 6 of us in there.
74 had heater boxes and a muffler that looked like a beetles, except the tailpipes bolted on to the ends of the muffler instead of the rear pipes like on a beetle so the car had better ground clearance. The ones you see today all seem to have low hanging aftermarket headers made for Beetles and also interfere with the rear bumper.
They had a weak reverse gear that would have to be replaced with upgraded parts along with the improved slider assembly.
Amazing what they are worth today, back in the day new they were not cheap and slow sellers.
Users also seemed highly impressed with the fact that it is highly maneuverable with most of them saying that it is great for indoor use.
Lucky for me it’s so far away, I always wanted one of these but they are now too spendy for what they are.
The scooters disassembly options also makes it quite easy to store almost anywhere with ease and also move around with. The customer care representatives at Pride Mobility are always ready and willing to answer any questions and deal with any problems that may occur when using the scooter. Another great aspect about the scooter is that it comes with a free 1 year in-home service meaning that if you experience a problem with the scooter during the first year of use, simply contact your authorized pride provider and have a technician come to your home for repair and diagnosis free of charge. Order it now and have it shipped to your location via UPS in 3-7 days depending on where you live.

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