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Intro: Make a Vacuum Former Box $30This Instructables will show you how to make a very cool Vacuum Former box for just about $30! Step 6: Molding!Take what ever object you want to mold and place it in the center of the pegboard box. Step 8: Things to NoteSay you molded something but it didn't come out just right and you want to try again. There now you have all the pieces required.Then take the shop vac hose and push it into the hole and secure it.

Take the plastic and cut out a square that is the size of the 2x2 frame then staple it on nice and tight. While your waiting for it to heat up move your pegboard box as close as you can to the oven being quick is key the plastic cools fast so the quicker the better. Once the oven is hot place your 2x4 frame with the plastic into the oven make sure to wear oven mitts as it gets hot.
Take out the 2x2 and place it over the mold turn on the shop vac and hold the frame for a minute.

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